The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Family Surveillance – Spying On Chelsea and Connor!

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Family Surveillance - Spying On Chelsea and Connor!

The Young and the Restless fans have been so distracted with Tyler’s ex Mariah posing as Cassie Newman’s ghost and Victoria Newman’s pregnancy, that we have all nearly forgotten that Adam Newman is very much alive and we have yet to see the character since he staged his own death. According to our CDL exclusive The Young and the Restless spoilers source, on Wednesday May 14th Adam Newman will finally reappear on the CBS soap opera.

We have predicted for weeks that Adam Newman would appear on the same episode of his memorial, we hopes he would attend the actual memorial service for himself (how ironic would that be), but it turns out he actually does a little recon during the memorial service instead. While Chelsea, Victor, and some of the other residents of Genoa City are paying their respects at the service, Adam Newman is actually lying low and paying a contractor to set up cameras inside his wife Chelsea’s house.

A “mold inspector” arrives at Chelsea’s house while she is at the service, and Chelsea’s Mom lets him inside. He heads upstairs for a bit and then leaves the premises, once he is outside he makes a mysterious phone call and tells whoever hired him that he completed his task. It turns out instead of inspecting the house for mold, he was setting up secret cameras inside Adam’s son Connor’s nursery. A man, presumably Adam Newman, sits in a dark room watching Connor via the camera feed.

So, Adam Newman is still very much alive and is clearly concerned about his family. Unfortunately, Adam Newman’s face still hasn’t been revealed. Michael Muhney, the actor that played the role of Adam Newman was fired by TPTB at The Young and the Restless almost six months ago. Jill Farren Phelps has been searching for a replacement and was reportedly interviewing potential cast members in April. So, it is literally only a matter of episodes before we see all of Adam Newman (not just his hands), and finally learn who has been selected to fill Michael Muhney’s shoes.

So Y&R fans, what do you think of the latest developments in the Adam Newman storyline? Who do you hope to see replace Michael Muhney? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

Fans were quick to jump on this news at Soap Opera Spy:

We want The real Adam back!!!!

Should b interesting finally!!! lately its been soooo boring. MM wish it was gonna b u but I knw it aint so im gonna stay sad hahaha..

YES ….Bring back the REAL ADAM!!! 

Are they gonna fool us and its mm and they all agreed to whatever why would they even use MM pic for this

Will he have a burned face and bandages?

I wish it were Michael… that show needs to be shaken up! It’s so boring and dull. I barely watch anymore.

I wouldn’t bank on the ‘real’ Adam, Michael Muhney coming back anytime soon to Y&R – but the new Adam will of course have had plastic surgery for his burns, thus explaining the fact that he looks different.

And more on the topic:

So handsome, talented and MISSED!

He was fired for sexual harassment, unless they got it settled. Guess he was a jerk to most everyone. I like him, as well as the old Billy.

NO one knows that at all …. there was no proof…

Is it true that Adam will now be played by Trevor St John? Although I really grew fond of MM.

We will have a new post up on the recasting of Adam Newman up in a few hours and discuss the possibility of Michael actually returning to Y&R

  • Lisa

    Michael Muhney is the only Adam Newman I want to see sorry he’s just the Best!!!

  • Oingo Boingo

    Michael Muhney. Period.

  • Mbest38

    Ideally Michael Muhney would return but since that won’t be happening then I’d pick Trevor St. John as his replacement. The next actor that should be considered is Jams Scott.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Bring back the real Adam Newman or find someone who could be 6’0 with blue eyes and brown hair. Shorter guys needs to go. Shorter guys doesn’t have it what it takes to be Adam Newman.

    • amy

      I agree. Show has been boring. I really enjoyed MM and especially the compassion that he brought back to the character Adam Newman.

      • Racquel Garnette

        I agree with you. The writers has turned this show into some kind of boringfest. Michael Muhney was the best Adam Newman on there. If he returns on the show i would be so happy.

  • Pamela Winn

    If it’s not Michael Muhney the show will finally tank! Haven’t watched since he left & will NEVER watch again unless MM returns!

  • RedRiver38

    What would CDL do without pictures of Michael Muhney? Practically every story about Y&R has a photo of him attached to it and he hasn’t been on the show for months. Obviously, CDL knows the fans of the show want Muhney back on Y&R. It has become awful to watch now. Boring stories about characters no one cares about.

    • Lisa Jones

      Everyone wants him back and that’s why the only one person on here that don’t want him back has to post as Jane Doe!!

  • anthea

    Want the real Adam’ was that bad that they had to let him go. I somehow don’t think so.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Me too. I started to watch General Hospital again. The show is so nice over there. Nobody can take Michael Muhney place. If Michael Muhney was coming back then that will be a good thing.

  • Lisa Jones

    I am afraid not!!! I doubt very seriously that he would have to resort to such behavior!! The only thing MILLIONS of us know is the fact that Ms. Jill wanted him off the show and that story was made up to get the job done. I am afraid you are out there in a boat all by yourself!!

  • Lisa Jones

    I agree…..They all should apologize to him and his family for concocting such a bizarre reason for letting him go just so HER friends can attempt to act on the show…How pitiful. CBS should consider firing someone, just not Michael. He deserves apologies from all those jealous cast members.

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  • RedRiver38

    So what? The show stinks to high heaven. Go back to the writers and get them straightened out Jill. We know it’s you. Jane Doe, what a laugh.

  • RedRiver38

    His mother flatly denied he did anything wrong on twitter yesterday. End of story.

  • Rose

    Please bring michael back the show is getting to be a bit boring, oh yeah Phyllis also, I think someone there is dragging there feet

  • Lady Sam

    Remember the new Billy was the old Billy. So he just came back!!!

  • Lady Sam

    Let’s make this short & simple, bring back MM!

  • Lisa Jones

    I definitely would feel this way if it were my daughter or not if SHE waited one whole year to bring it to the light. PLEASE!!!!! And let me ask you this,,,,,,if it were your son, would you want everyone to think he was guilty until proven innocent??? I think NOT!!!! And if I were a cast member, I doubt very seriously my name would be LISA JONES. I just know MM is a good actor and Hunter King needs to join the cartoon world……

  • John Waldenberger

    jane doe hiding behind anonymity, you know there is this thing called being innocent until proven guilty. there has been no proof that he did anything wrong, it is all allegations, there have been no legal charges, etc.

  • RedRiver38

    People have a right to say what ever they want. It’s a free country. Stuff it.

  • RedRiver38

    Oh and you know? Haters like you don’t know crap. It’s been published that he didn’t do it and people like you don’t want to believe it. Keep on hating lady. Hope people spread lies about you and see how you like it. Disgusting.

  • mom chez

    I don’t watch but enjoy reading the messages on the boards, even yours. Ha.

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