The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Billy Abbott Lose Chelsea When Adam Newman Returns – Is Billy Victoria’s Baby Father?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Billy Abbott Lose Chelsea When Adam Newman Returns - Is Billy Victoria's Baby Father?

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease two major storylines coming up on the CBS soap for the character of Billy Abbott. Billy’s ex-wife Victoria Newman finally gave birth to her daughter, and it is only a matter of time before we learn whether the child is Billy’s or Stitch’s. And, in other The Young and the Restless news, Adam Newman is headed back to Genoa city. Not only does Billy blame Adam for the death of his daughter Delia, but he also has fallen in love with Adam’s wife Chelsea and moved in with her. In just a few short months Billy Abbott could lose everything, the daughter he hopes is his that Victoria just gave birth to, and the woman he has fallen in love with, Chelsea.

There have been 10 different actors to play Billy Abbott over the years. Katrin & Margret Ingimarsdottir July-August 1993, Brett Sherman August-November 1993, Shane Silver Dec. 1993-August 1995, Blake Pontello 1994-1995, Josh Michael Rose July 1995-June 1996, Scotty Leavenworth 1996-1998, David Tom June 1999-August 2002, Ryan Brown Dec. 2002-July 2003, Scott Seymour August 2006-November 2006, Billy Miller August 2008-January 31, 2014, David Tom (again) February 2014-June2014, Burgess Jenkins June 2014-Current.

Billy Abbott was born July 1993 to John and Jill Abbott. Billy has an older brother Jack, and two older sisters, Ashley and Traci. His also has a half-brother Philip Chancellor.

Billy was a privileged child and spent most of his school years away from Genoa City and his parents at boarding schools. He returned to GC in 1999 and enrolled at Walnut Grove Academy. Billy had no problem making friends of the opposite sex. He hooked up with Brittany Hodges, a real party girl. Billy of course, joined in and started to drink a lot. He passed out in the snow from alcohol poisoning. While he recovered at the hospital, Mackenzie Browning sat by his bedside.

Even though Billy continued to date Brittany, he and Mac had real feeling for each other. During their junior year of high school, Billy and Mac were crowned King and Queen of the prom. Mackenzie was granddaughter of Katherine Chancellor, Billy mother’s nemesis at the time. The two decided to keep their love affair secret. They did not want Jill causing problems for Mac who had a issued past.

Billy and Mac both joined the Glow By Jabot Kids Summer Production. Billy wanted to take things to the next level, but Mac wasn’t ready so the two split up. Billy became aware that Mac was molested by her step father years ago. When her step father came back into town, he tried to rape Mackenzie. Billy stepped in and hit him with a shovel to save Mac.

After they graduated from high school, the love birds went their separate ways. Billy to build homes for the less fortunate and Mac to college. They both came back to GC on Christmas break. They then realized they did not to be apart. They decided to move in together. They engaged and married. On their wedding day, it was discovered that Billy’s mother Jill was Katherine Chancellor’s long lost daughter she gave up years ago. This would mean that Billy and Mac were blood relatives. They were completely devastated the marriage was annulled and both left Genoa City.

Billy returned to GC in 2006 after the death of his father John. His family wanted him to partake in the family business Jabot and Chancellor Enterprises. Billy started in the mail room and took classes at a local college. All along, Billy was keeping a secret from his family. He had a gambling addiction. It was so bad that Billy pawned an antique from his Grandmother Katherine‘s mansion. Jack also discovered a huge debt that Billy owed to people in Miami. Jack paid off Billy’s debts. Billy was then shipped off to Hong Kong to work for the House of Kim.

Billy traveled and partied all over the world during that time. While he was in New York at Daniel Romalotti’s art show, his niece Colleen Carlton found him with Amber Moore. She convinced Billy to come home to Genoa City.

Billy came back to work at Jabot. He also met his half-brother Cane Ashby. Another friend from New York also was back in Geona City, Chloe Mitchell. They dated briefly in New York City. At this time, Chloe was pregnant and just married to Cane. Billy dated Lily Winters, Cane’s ex for a while. When Chloe finally named Billy as the real daddy of her baby girl Delia, Billy tried to do the right thing. He married Chloe at the Chancellor mansion. Just as the two said “I do” Mackenzie walked through the door. At that time, it was also revealed that Jill was not Katherine’s daughter. So this meant, Mac and Billy were never really related.

Billy and Chloe’s marriage was forced and did not last long. They both were very dedicated to raising their daughter. Billy and Mac tried to rekindle their lost love, but too much time had passed by. Both decided to go their separate ways.

Billy started his partying and one nights stands again. Hooking up with Heather Stevens before he fell for Victoria Newman. She saved Billy on New Year’s Eve from a drunken stupor. They went to Jamaica on a trip and married while they were both drunk. When they came back, they learned the wedding was not legal. The news made Victor Newman very happy. He did not want his daughter married to Billy Boy Abbott.

Victoria soon learned she was pregnant with Billy’s baby. The two purchased a house and got married for real. Victor was angry with Victoria, he had her arrested on her wedding day! After a emotional day and an argument with her father, Victoria suffered a miscarriage. She also learned she would not be able to have any more children. She was crushed! Billy saw how upset Victoria was, tried to buy a baby on the black market.

They had baby Lucy for a short while, when Lucy’s real father came forth to claim her as his own. Billy and Victoria handed her over to her father. Again, Victoria was extremely heartbroken.

Victoria blamed Billy for his part in the buying of the baby. The two split. Billy started gambling and parting again. He ended up leaving the country by forceful intervention. When word got to Billy that his daughter Delia was sick with leukemia, Victor arranged to have his bone marrow matched. When he found out he was a match, Victor still did not want him to return to GC. But Billy did return and secretly paid visits to Delia at the hospital.

Billy finally came out of hiding with the help of Kevin and Cane. He told Victoria it was Victor who had him taken out of the country. Victoria forgave him and the two remarried. When they came home from their honeymoon, a pregnant Chelsea Lawson showed up on their door steps. Victoria did not know who she was, but Billy did. While he was away in Myanmar, he was drunk and had sex with her. Now pregnant with Billy’s baby, Chelsea was looking for money. Billy and Victoria also discovered that Chelsea was paid by Victor to seduce Billy.

Victoria forgave Billy again, and let Chelsea live with them until the baby was born. After Chelsea realized how much in love they were and also longed for their own child, she decided to give up her parental rights to the baby. She was going to let Billy and Victoria raise the child. Billy and Victoria named their little boy Johnny after Billy’s father.

Billy purchased Restless Style and also created Restless Style TV. When Victor when missing, Billy found him in LA, but decided not to tell anyone. He wanted to keep Victor out of his life. But later took part in Victor’s return.

After his magazine and TV show fell through, Victoria told Billy to go back and work for Jabot. While Victoria was doing a business deal in Miami, she was kidnapped by Billy’s former gambling buddies. He owed them a great deal of money. Billy and Nick rescued her, but Victor was extremely irate. He told Victoria Billy knew he was in LA. Victoria again forgave Billy. This time he cut a wire on a bomb that was about to explode at Nikki and Victor’s wedding reception.

Even though Victoria was told she could never have any more children, Billy and Victoria decided to try again. This meant fertility treatments for Victoria. She did not handle it well along with the added stress of working at Newman Enterprises. The stressful living conditions had Billy go gamble again. This time he won a restaurant called The Boulevard. The gambling was out of hand and Victoria and Johnny left Billy for a while. Billy promised to get treatment for his addiction. Again, Victoria forgave him.

Time was moving along and Billy’s daughter Delia was getting bigger. He’s unconditional love for his children was his only constant. Delia was starring in her first school play. Billy was so excited! He had the video camera rolling and took lots of pictures. At home, Victoria was planning a surprise party for her. She told Billy to pick up ice cream on the way home. When he stopped at the store, he left Delia in the car with her dog. When the dog had to go to the bathroom, Delia opened the door. The dog ran out of the car. Delia chased after him. She didn’t see the car that was coming her way. She was struck and hit by a car. When Billy came out of the store, he panicked when he saw the door opened and Delia gone. He raced around the road and found her lying on the side. She wasn’t moving. She was hurt really bad. He called 911 and an ambulance finally arrived. When they got to the hospital, it was too late. Delia died from the injuries she sustained in the hit and run.

Billy was sick and heart broken. He blamed himself. He couldn’t function. He couldn’t eat or sleep. He just wanted his little girl back. Victoria tried to reach out to him. There was nothing she could say or do to help Billy in anyway. After a lot of persuasion, Billy finally got himself into a grief counseling class for parents that lost children. This is the only place he felt any comfort. He also met up with another woman who had lost her son, Sam. Kelly Andrews was so easy to talk to. She understood exactly what Billy was going through. She was able to relate to Billy like no one could, not even Victoria. Their friendship took a sudden turn one day, when Kelly was having a really bad day. The two went back to her place. Billy and Kelly ended up having sex. It was a onetime deal.

Shortly after Billy realized it was Adam Newman who was the hit and run driver that killed his little girl Delia and left her on the side of the road. He lures Adam to Delia’s memorial site. At gunpoint, Billy made Adam admit that he killed Delia. Adam tried to explain it was an accident and he didn’t see her. Billy didn’t want to hear any of Adam’s excuses. He made Adam drive on a snow covered road. Billy still had the gun at Adam, which went off the road after they hit a patch of ice and slide down a ravine. The car exploded and Adam’s body was never found. Billy made it home a few days later. Adam was presumed dead. There was no love lost on Billy’s part.

Billy finally realized how much he loved Victoria and they she had been there for him all long. The two started to really reconnect. Billy was finally getting back on track. They went out one evening and when Billy was hurt from a head injury, he told Victoria all about his one night stand with Kelly.

This was way to much for Victoria to overcome. During the lowest point in his life, Billy turned to another woman. Victoria kicked him out and filed for a formal separation. Victoria herself, had a one night stand with Kelly’s brother Stitch. Victoria soon learns she is pregnant. After all the trying to conceive, she’s finally pregnant. But who is the baby’s father. Is it her estranged husband Billy’s. Or could it be from her one night with Stitch. Victoria decides to wait until after the baby is born to name the father. She goes on and officially divorces Billy.

Billy and Chelsea starting up a friendship again. She was grieving from losing Adam and he from losing Victoria. The two also have a marked past. But they do share a child Johnny. They decide to give their relationship ago. Billy tells Chelsea he loves her and she asked him to move in. Little that they know, Adam is still ALIVE. Adam has a nanny spy camera planted in Connor’s room so he can watch his son. When a recovering Adam discovers that Billy moved in to his penthouse, he in raged with anger.

This is where we find Billy now. He is currently living with Chelsea and Connor, but unbeknownst to him Adam Newman is still very much alive and on his way back to Genoa City to reclaim his family. And, Billy just lost a daughter – he desperately wants the baby girl that Victoria just gave birth to, to be his daughter. What do you think Y&R fans? Will Billy lose Chelsea when Adam Newman arrives? Do you think Victoria’s baby-father is Stitch or Billy? If Billy loses Chelsea and the chance at a second daughter – do you think he will go over the deep end? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers and news.