Dancing With the Stars 2015 Recap – Chaka Khan Sent Home: Season 21 Episode 2 “Hometown Glory”

Dancing With the Stars 2015 Recap - Chaka Khan Sent Home: Season 21 Episode 2 "Hometown Glory"

Tonight on ABC Dancing With The Stars 2015 airs with an all new Monday September 21, season 21 episode 2 and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, we see the second week of performances.  There will be two nights, two dances and two eliminations.

On the last episode, a recap of dances from the first episode of the season. Also: interviews and rehearsal footage; a preview of the second week of performances. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Dancing with the Stars” is back with a two-night event. The couples are gearing up for one of the toughest weeks of the competition this season with two live shows and a double elimination. In “Hometown Glory” night, each couple will dance two new dance styles to songs that remind the celebrity and pro dancer of the places that shaped who they are today.”

Tune in tonight at 8 PM EST on ABC to watch the stars all hit the ballroom. We’ll be recapping it for you live right here. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us who you are rooting for?

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Tonight’s episode of Dancing With The Stars kicks off with Nick Carter and his partner Sharna Burgess, for his hometown dance he has decided to do a jive to “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” because it reminds him of his very first dance teacher back home in Tampa Florida, Sandy Karl. Nick says if it wasn’t for Sandy Karl, he never would have been Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. (VIDEO HERE)

Julianne: “Okay, for those of you who didn’t see it – he threw his shoes off because he did sleep. It was a little bit messy, maybe not as strong s last week but still a great way to start the night.” Bruno: “That woke me up, I feel like I had a double espresso, I was buzzing. You were buzzing too much, you forgot the steps sometimes. You didn’t let it bring you down though, you carried through and sold it. It was a bit rough but points for the performance value.” Carrie Ann: “It was rough, I felt like the moment you got up you were struggling with your pajamas and it threw you off. I saw it last week too, you get a bit heady. Stop that, there is no need, you’re a Backstreet Boy.”   Score: 21/30

Up next is celebrity chef Paula Deen and her pro partner Louis, for her hometown dance Paula wanted to honor her hometown of Savannah, Georgia – that’s where she opened her first restaurant and she says her heart is always in the state of Georgia. Paula and Louis take the stage and rumba to the classic song “Midnight Train To Georgia.” (VIDEO HERE)

Bruno: “What a lovely journey my darling! You went off on time, but we went to Georgia baby! Be careful, the rumba is difficult, but much better my darling.” Julianne: “You were giving us some hometown glory a little something, something. You came back this week this incredible confidence. Your body looks amazing and you know how to work them angles! You do have to work however on your turns. Well done!” Carrie Ann: “You really showed your true self tonight, you were a little off on your turns but then you recovered and you were like I’m gonna drama this up. I got to commend you on your leg action though, you gotta straighten up a bit, but those are some really good legs.”  SCORE: 19/30

Hayes Grier hails from North Carolina, and he misses his friends and family back home. He chose to do the song “The Is How I Roll,” and he and his pro dance partner Emma Slater take the Dancing With The Stars stage and dance the foxtrot. Hayes runs in to the audience to hug his mother before they get their critiques from the judges.  (VIDEO HERE)

Carrie Ann: “I have to say, I didn’t really like the motorbike. Yu can dance, you don’t need that stuff. You have such an interpretive quality to your dancing, you are telling a story and we are listening!” Julianne: “I couldn’t stop smiling. The thing you guys have when you are dancing is like this, it’s so nice to watch. You go from one move and you really hit it – and then you drop. Be very consistent from the very beginning until the very end.”  Bruno: “Watching you reminds me of a young Tom Cruise in risky business. And your arms, you have the arms of a ballet dancer. Don’t lean forward, don’t stick your bum out. Try to put a bit of rise and flow, if you get it right in one then you can translate it in to the others. Learn from Emma, she is very good.”  SCORE: 22/30

The Queen of Funk Chaka Khan and her partner Keo take the DWTS stage to perform the foxtrot. Chaka Khan is hailing from Chicago, for her hometown dance she decided to dance to the song “Chicago” by Frank Sinatra. She gushes that it reminds of her dad, because he looked and sang like Frank Sinatra. (VIDEO HERE)

Julianne: “You were on an upward gradient! It took a minute to get there. It was a very nice improvement. You stretched those lines, you filled the space and we feel that. That’s what we all want – to feel something.” Bruno: “One you got going it was like cruising along the Lake, majestic! You didn’t think, and that is important my darling. It’s a step forward.” Carrie Ann: “What I love about you is your incredible smile when you dance. Like, you make a mistake but you keep it in check – you aren’t blowing it out of proportion. It’s dancing, it’s supposed to be fun, tomorrow I want you to really memorize that choreography. I want to see you when you don’t forget the choreography because I know there is something magnificent right there.” SCORE: 15/30

Andy Grammer decided to dance to “Only The Good Die Young” because it reminds him of upstate New York – where he grew up. Andy and his professional dance partner Allison take the stage and perform the jive to the Billy Joel song, and then line up and wait for the judges’ critiques. (VIDEO HERE)

Bruno: “You’re not a vegetarian are you? I love the attack and the energy. Listen, it’s all very very well but you went off so many times. You did! You lost it a lot of times, but it was masked by the power of the performance.” Carrie Ann: “You have a lot of potential, but it was a mess. You gotta listen to the music. You’re a musician, how could you get off beat. I don’t understand!” Julianne: “It started so strong, but then it got a little off. For us, technique and timing have to be there. But your performance was so strong, sometimes that can outweigh it. But, work on it!” SCORE: 21/30

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is up next with her partner Tony Dovolani. For her hometown song, Kim chose the song “Queen Bee” because it reminds her of Atlanta, where all of her dreams came true. Kim is determined to get a better score than last week with her fox trot. (VIDEO HERE)

Carrie Ann: “This is a tough week and we are watching everyone struggle. But, you just gave us pow pow! You showed us you are in the game kid!” Julianne: “I had one question, how was this dance for you? That was so much better, that was just scratching at the surface of what she has to offer. Keep pushing her Tony! Bruno: “Yes Tony, she’s alive, she’s alive! That was an unexpected comeback. Work on the gapping, but what a way to be back in the competition.”  SCORE: 19/30

Alek Skarlatos and his partner Lindsay will be dancing a jazz routine to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Alek was born and raised in Sacremento, California – and the hit song reminds him of his friends and family back home. After their performance, Alek and Lindsay line up to hear what the judges have to say. (VIDEO HERE)

Julianne: “It is one thing to be that strong base but to whip it out and do the moves – you were right there equal with Lindsay. Work on your hands, just relax those fingers a little bit.” Bruno: “I definitely believe in you. Not a fluke! You have range you know, you can do so many different things. You combine power with grace. Those lifts, where do they come from? Practice serves you well.” Carrie Ann: “I was intoxicated with that performance. I was blown away. There is something magical about you, you are such a joy to watch because it is so unexpected.” SCORE: 23/30

Alexa PanaVega is up next with Mark Ballas, she has decided to salsa dance to a Columbian song to honor her hometown – and she takes the stage dressed as a fierce tiger – which was Mark’s idea. Alexa is determined to score higher than her husband Carlos this week. After Alexa and Mark’s dance they line up to hear what the Dancing With The Stars judges have to say. (VIDEO HERE)

Bruno: “Dancing With The Stars” introduces a new species of feline, be careful she bites – but she delivers a mean salsa! It was wild and wonderful but I love wild and wonderful.” Carrie Ann: “You set this house on fire! I was so happy, I was worried because you are competiting against your husband. You did great last week but this week – yeah!” Julianne: “There was no denying the connection this week. You were sexy, you were strong, you were sassy. There was a whole another level of commitment. Well done!” SCORE: 24/30

Triple Crown Winner Victor Espinoza hails from Mexico, so for his hometown dance he has decided to perform “La Bamba” with his pro dancing partner Karina Smirnoff. Victor takes the stage with his partner and they dance the jive to a the popular Mexican party song. Then, they face the judges to hear what they have to say.

Carrie Ann: “If I could just score you on cuteness, you would be getting a 10 from me. So, you know – and you dropped your sombrero.” Julianne: “I’m distracted! That was the most festive and fun jive I have ever seen. You were a little off time, but dances are supposed to make you feel something and we all feel good.” Bruno: “La Bamba has gone bananas. Your feet never touched, you were like a jumping bean and I don’t know how to judge that – but we all had a little laugh.” SCORE: 17/30

Tamar Braxton chose “We Are Family” for her hometown song, she and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy hit the Dancing With The Stars stage with a hot cha cha to the Sister Sledge song.

Julianne: “Tamar, you are so in your element right now, and in this dance. When you dace on your own, there is something so magical and so special. I loved it more than anything, work on extending your legs, but I loved it.” Bruno: “The Dream Girls” are back in town. That was luminous and luscious, don’t keep the weight on your heel – if you keep the weight forward it stretches the back of your knee.” Carrie Ann: “You are something else, you are in a class of your own. But, when you are in hold with Val your eyes go kind of blank. You’re a really great performer with your eyes, so make sure you stay Tamar when you’re in hold as well.” SCORE: 24/30

Gary Busey hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma – for his hometown dance he and his pro partner Anna are dancing to “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” which reminds him of his highschool glory days. After their performance they wait for the DWTS judges’ critiques.

Bruno: “What a pleasant surprise, that actually looked like a foxtrot! Anna is a miracle worker, I tell ya, she is great – she has done a fantastic job.” Carrie Ann: “You were right on the edge but you did not miss a step. I am so proud of you.” Julianne: “What I love so much about you right now is you are exhuting the energy of a 12 year old boy and you look handsome and you are charming. That was such a sweet dance, well done!” SCORE: 18/30

Carlos PenaVega and Witney Carson are up next with their foxtrot. Carlos is Spanish, but he grew up n the Midwest. For his hometown song, Carlos chose a song that reminded him of his father singing country songs with a Spanish accent. After their foxtrot, Carlos and Witney line up to hear what the judges have to say about their performance.  (VIDEO HERE)

Carrie Ann: “I have a cold today I’m a little out of it. Carlos, you’re a contender because you can do both very well. The Latin firecracker kind of guy, and you were elegant, sophisticated and you were partnering.” Julianne: “The thing that I love is that you have so much ease and natural ability. There are times that you ar dancing that you smile and you connect with Witney. You can’t teach that. The one thing I want to work on is squeeze your shoulder blades, just squeeze them back and don’t let them go.” Bruno: “Carlos, the Latin Lover sets the mood for love and romance. Actually, what I found that was really excellent was it had a shaded quality like a classic movie romance. The interplay between the leading lady and man was played all the way through. It is that tension. Don’t confuse posture with frame. It’s that kind of space here. Otherwise, I am absolutely delighted with what you have done.”  SCORE: 24/30

Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough are the final couple to dance on night two of Dancing With The Stars. For her hometown song, Bindi chose an ACDC song because it reminds her of her parents and secretly loves heavy metal. Bindi and Derek take the stage and dance the tango to “Shook Me All Night Long.” (VIDEO HERE)

Julianne: “With everything light, you need a little bit of dark. You are one of the bubbliest people I have ever met, but you you have this fiery little rockstar in there and that was exactly what you showed tonight – it was so fun. I’m really excited to see you do an Argentine Tango, over all I loved it.” Bruno: “Where is that coming from? You are like a rock chick, I was like what is going on there? Absolutely surprising! Don’t throw away your frame when you are going in to your lunges.” Carrie Ann: “It’s rock and roll guys! You rocked it! What can I say? You guys just saw it, did she rock your world or what”  SCORE: 25/30

Now it is time for the first elimination of the season. The couples in jeopardy are: Chaka and Keo and Gary and Anna – they have the lowest combined votes and judges’ scores from the season premiere. Tom announces that the first couple in Season 21 of Dancing With The Stars to be eliminated and sent home is: Chaka and Keo.

Chaka says that she is happy to have met everybody, and she made great friends on the show. Chaka feels bad though – she thinks she did Keo a disservice because he is “by far one of the best dancers she has ever seen.” Chaka and Keo take their final bows and head off the stage.