Hawaii Five-0 Recap and Review – Amnesia and an Arms Deal: Season 5 Episode 14 “Powehiwehi”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap and Review - Amnesia and an Arms Deal: Season 5 Episode 14 "Powehiwehi"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday February 6, season 5 episode 14 called, “Powehiwehi” and we have your weekly recap and review below. On tonight’s episode, Kono fights for her life when she discovers the identity of a notorious criminal who has never been seen. She also confesses to Adam that she is conflicted about their future together due to his ties to his formerly corrupt family business.

On the last episode, Five-0 found a kidnapped patient infected with a contagious and lethal strain of bird flu which the culprits intended to weaponize. Terry O’Quinn returns as Joe White. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “while Five-0 hunts for a notorious criminal who has never been seen, Kono must fight for her life when she discovers the villain’s identity. Also, Kono confesses to Adam that she’s conflicted about their future together because of his ties to his formerly corrupt family business.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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A car screeches to a halt outside a prison in Hawaii. A guy gets out who’s all bloody. He looks near death. He throws himself against the fence and tries to climb over it to get back into the prison. He is warned to get off the fence or risk deadly force. He keeps climbing and is shot down by a guard from the tower. Kono greets Adam in the morning and he tells her it’s been a year since she found him in that Vancouver diner.

He says now life is back to normal and he’s been thinking about them and the future. He says he thought for sure they’d be married by now. He tells her it’s all good and asks what the problem is. She says it’s all good but doesn’t want it to change. He says he knows that’s not it. Kono says it’s his father’s company. She says she knows he’s tried to clean it up but she still has problems with it. She says it still has ties to the Yakuza.

He says he’s trying to keep the company legitimate but she says the company was built on corruption. She says as long as he’s tied to it, she can’t commit. He says he never asked her to quit being a cop even though it worries him. He tells her he’s fighting to change his family’s legacy and says if he walks away, it won’t happen. She says he’s not in a place where he can hear her right now. She tells him she’s got to go.

Lou, Chin and Steve are at the hospital. Dekker, the prisoner, survived the shooting. Kono shows up and says the car was reported stolen and they have no slug from his first shooting. Lou says he can’t believe he tried to break back into prison and they wonder how he got out. Agent Morrison shows up and they ask what’s going on. He says Dekker is his CI and he got him out to help nail Roman Zednick. They have virtually no idea what the guy looks like.

Morrison says he’s been operating mostly in Eastern Europe but is coming to the US. He says they heard Roman was on the island looking to buy weapons. He says they got Dekker out to deal with him. He says they lost Dekker at the meet last night. He says he thinks Dekker was compromised and was shot by Roman’s people. The nurse comes in and says Dekker says he’ll only talk to the 5-0 task force. They go in and Dekker says he didn’t break out.

He says he was working laundry and the thing he knows he woke up there and heard he was shot outside the prison. They ask him about ICE and meeting Roman on the op. He is confused and asks what the hell is going on. Morrison rants that he’s the one guy that can ID their most wanted and he can’t remember. They wonder if Dekker is lying even though the doctors says amnesia from the head trauma is possible.

Kono says the amnesia would explain him trying to get back into the prison. Steve says there may be another way to check him. They send Morrison in wearing scrubs and pretending to be a doctor. Adam calls Kono but she doesn’t take the call. Morrison asks if he knows who he is and Dekker asks isn’t he his doctor. Morrison comes out frustrated and says he didn’t recognize him and says he’s been hunting Roman for eight months and this is as close as he’s come.

Steve says they can help retrace Dekker’s steps. Lou says they need to move fast and Steve says they need to put a story out that Dekker is dead so that Roman doesn’t worry and go to ground. Lou says they need to clear the wing. Kono suggests moving him to a prison hospital ward. Steve and Morrison go see Odell, Dekker’s contact that put him in touch with Roman. Odell tells them to talk quick because he wants to go surfing. They ask him about Dekker.

He says he doesn’t know him but then they show him a photo of him looking dead. Odell says he’s saying a prayer to the god of the ocean. They tell him that Roman was involved and they know he made the introduction. He tells Steve to sit in the chair so it looks like he’s a customer and he’s not snitching. Steve tells him not to touch the sideburns. Odell says he’s not connected to Roman directly and says they need Sidney Ames, who is a criminal concierge.

Morrison asks where to find Ames and he says he comes in once a month for a shave and haircut. He says he can ask around for them. Odell asks Steve for $10 for the trim and Morrison tells him to pay up. Lou runs Ames and says he’s a slippery SOB and his last known address was a vacant house. Steve says to get Kono show Dekker a photo of Ames to jog his memory. He looks at the guy and thinks. We see Ames telling Dekker to get into the trunk of a car if he wants to meet Roman.

He tells Kono that Roman sounded European but he can’t picture his face. We see Dekker being kicked and beaten by Roman’s henchmen. He remembers it was a big house by the water. Steve asks Morrison about chasing Roman. He says his wife has been wrangling their two kids and he asks about Danny. He says he’s out of town testifying an old case. Chin says they found the car Dekker was driving and found traces that tied him to an ash dump.

They figure out they must have taken Dekker out there to kill him. They head out and find Sidney Ames dead. They presume that Dekker killed Ames when he tried to kill him and find blood on a rock that’s likely the cause of Dekker’s head trauma. Chin finds a cell phone on Sidney and says they can GPS trace it. They head to a $60k a month rental and check it out. They get heat signatures from within the house and then one guy walks out.

Steve says they’re moving in. He and Chin head around back and Morrison and Lou go in the front. It doesn’t go well and turns into a shoot out. Three of the bad guys are down and they tell Lou and Morrison to look for two more. They head upstairs. Steve and Chin find a woman crying upstairs and bleeding. She says Nicolai invited her after she and her girlfriend met him at a club in Chinatown. She’s bloody but Steve says she’ll be fine.

A guy gets the drop on Morrison and says Morrison will get him out – it’s Roman and he says he knows he’s been after him. He tells Morrison to get on the radio and tell them they saw him running for the water. Roman says to do it or his wife and two children are dead. He reads off his address and says he has a man outside his house with eyes on his family. He tells Morrison to call it in. He does as he’s asked and Roman tells him well done then pistol whips him, knocking him out.

Morrison gets EMT care for his head wound and tells Lou what happened. He sends a protective unit to his house and says his wife and kids are fine. Morrison says Roman was bluffing and is angry he fell for it but Lou says he did what he should have. The woman identifies the dead guys and says Lindsey called the other guy Gatsby. She says he stayed mostly out of sight except for when she took a swim. She says she saw his face for a moment.

They tell her they’re putting her in the secure wing of a hospital and will get a sketch artist. They tell Kono to meet Danielle. Adam shows up to a fancy hotel and goes to meet Jerry. He asks what’s up and he asks about Leonard’s Bakery. He says he wants this macadamia nut pastry that’s usually only made once per year. Jerry asks if he’s okay and he tells him that he and Kono had an argument. Jerry says he’s getting off easy and most women would want a diamond bracelet.

Jerry says no charge if he lets him take his Ferrari for a spin some time. Danielle aptly describes Roman for the sketch artist. Then Ames’ phone gets a text from an unknown number saying 5-0 raided the house and he needs an extraction. They realize he must not know Ames is dead and try to set up a meet. Jerry asks Kono about her argument with Adam and he tells her Adam is a keeper. Dekker is with them and says he just said he didn’t know him. Jerry says he has a man crush on them.

Jerry says he’s got to get to work and Kono asks him how the new job is doing. He tells Dekker he looks good for a dead man and takes off. Dekker asks if Jerry is 5-0’s mascot then asks about her boyfriend. She says they’ve been together for three years and Dekker says he sounds crazy about her so she must be the one with commitment issues. She says she’s not sure she can get past an issue. Dekker tells her she shouldn’t string the guy along.

In the botanical gardens, Lou sits reading a book while Steve and Morrison lurk nearby waiting on Roman. They move out and pull guns on him. Chin is there too and they have him surrounded. He’s got a grenade but then he’s shot and goes down. Kono gets a call from Adam and doesn’t take it. She looks at photos of them on her phone and seems sad. At 5-0, they run the ID they took off Roman and it has a different name. Odell shows up and says he needs to talk to them.

Morrison introduces them and he says he heard they took down a big target. They ask where he heard it and he says he has sources. Morrison says it look like they got Roman and he says they need to know there’s chatter going around that Roman is using a decoy by that name. Odell says the guy they took down is not Roman. They wonder where the real Roman is. Dekker is wheeling his chair around the secured floor and sees Danielle getting dressed.

He remembers seeing Danielle and that she’s the real Roman. He tries to wheel away. An ICE agent shows up to escort her out and she knocks him out and grabs his gun. She then heads out after Dekker. Kono comes back upstairs and finds Dekker saying that Roman is there and is a she. She exchanges fire with Roman/Danielle then she and Dekker get onto the elevator. The doors shut and Kono tries to make a call but she has no cell reception.

Roman goes and shuts down power to the elevator then runs out. Kono pries a bar off the elevator wall then opens the doors. She gets it open and hops down but then has to help Dekker because he’s in bad shape. They hobble down the hall and get to a locked door. She says Danielle must have locked down the whole wing. He says – we’re trapped – and she says Roman won’t let them out alive now that they know who she is. She grabs up Dekker and says they have to keep moving.

Roman goes to the elevator but they’re gone. Steve figures out that Danielle is actually Roman. They try to call Kono and the other agent and can’t raise them. They rush out to the secure wing. Kono takes Dekker to the laundry room and sets him down. He’s bleeding again. She tries to call from the hard line but can’t get a dial tone. She says she’s going to leave him there and go find a conference system. He asks how she’s going to get past Roman. She takes out a syringe and draws some blood.

She drips it down the floor and then hides in the stairwell. Roman sees the blood and follows it. That has her going away from Kono and gives her the chance to run for the OR that has a video conference set up. She makes it to the OR and pulls up the computer. Roman is in the laundry room but sees nothing. Dekker was hiding in a large bin of dirty clothes. She walks out. Kono hears her coming and tries to hurry.

Roman comes into the OR but doesn’t see her. Kono smashes the door into her and they fight for the gun. They brawl hard. Roman is beating her hard and then tries to stab her. Kono puts her in a choke hold with her legs then hits her with a defibrillator and shocks her clear across the room. She looks dead or close to it. The guys make it to the hospital and rush upstairs but then find Kono helping Dekker. She says Roman is back there.

Dekker tells them that Kono is bad ass. She’s all banged and cut up, but is alive. Adam tells his board that he wants to sell the business. She goes to his office to talk to him and overhears him talking about selling off his family’s company. He sees her and steps out. He asks what happened and looks at all her wounds. She says she looks worse than she feels. He pulls her outside to talk and he asks what happened. She says it doesn’t matter.

She tells him that what matters is that she loves him and can’t imagine her life without him. She says she wants to be his wife. He asks if she really means it then kisses her. Jerry is out driving Adam’s Ferrari and is happy as a clam singing along to big band music.