Katy Perry Writing Taylor Swift Revenge Song ‘Crocodile Tears’: T-Swift Freaks Out as Feud Escalates?

Katy Perry Writing Taylor Swift Revenge Song 'Crocodile Tears': T-Swift Freaks Out as Feud Escalates?

The Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift feud is about to get much worse! Katy may have a revenge song, “Crocodile Tears,” in the works. Allegedly this is Katy’s strike back at former BFF Taylor for the song “Bad Blood.” Will this one-two punch bother America’s Sweetheart at all? Is she all torn up about the fact that anyone would dare to diss her?

All light and sunshine, Taylor Swift has used the sweet and innocent act over and over again. She has repeatedly writing songs taking shots at ex-boyfriends and other singers. She has claimed she was bullied when she was younger, but she seems to have no problem bullying others with her songs. Taylor can’t take the heat when someone punches back with a song attacking her? C’mon! If you’re going to dish it out you have to be prepared to take it.

“Grizzly Bear” singer Ed Droste recently tweeted a photo of Taylor Swift from a tabloid and BLASTED her for being a “Mean Girl.” The caption on Droste’s tweet read, “Obsessed that people are finally catching on.” His response when asked about it was to say that Taylor has received a “free pass for too long” and that from he’s got a lot to say about his own experience with her. Ed Droste isn’t saying much about that experience now. Why? Little Miss Sweetie Pie scares him and he doesn’t feel safe telling his story about her.

Back to Katy Perry and this reported revenge/retaliation song she’s writing about Taylor Swift. Hollywood Life has got the exclusive scoop on the situation. Katy and ex-boyfriend Diplo have written and recorded, or are in the process of doing so, “Crocodile Tears,” a song aimed right at Taylor. Allegedly the song will finally expose Taylor as a fake and phony.

Is the song all about payback for that nasty little ditty “Bad Blood”? Another indication that the song is about Taylor and Katy frustration with her phoniness could be the fact that Katy stepped up to the plate in defense of Niki Minaj during the Swift-Minaj Twitter battle. Taylor thought a tweet Niki posted after this year’s VMA’s. was about her. Note to Taylor, it isn’t all about you. According to a statement from Taylor, after the dust settled, it was all a misunderstanding between her and Niki Minaj.

Taylor Swift, It doesn’t matter if you were bullied as a kid or not. You can’t take pot shots at anyone you want and then expect they won’t strike back. Eventually they’re going to get mad enough to call you out and expose you as a fake and a phony. Katy Perry doesn’t seem to be afraid to be the first one to do just that.

Do you think Katy has written and recorded a song in the hopes of exposing the truth about the country-turned-pop singer? And once Perry opens the door will a flood of others join in? Stand back and watch the fireworks if this happens!

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