Supernatural Recap – Killer Bunnies, Evil Clowns and Sheriff Donna Returns – Season 11 Episode 7 “Plush”

Supernatural Recap - Killer Bunnies, Evil Clowns and Sheriff Donna Returns - Season 11 Episode 7 "Plush"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday November 18, season 11 episode 7 called “Plush,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Sheriff Donna (Briana Buckmaster) calls Sam (Jared Padalecki )and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help after a horrific murder with supernatural elements occurs in her town.

On the last episode, Castiel sought Metatron’s help to stop the Darkness. However, Metatron was pretty happy with his new life as a freelance videographer for the local news and wasn’t inclined to help the Winchesters or Castiel. Meanwhile, Crowley lost his hold on Amara. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Sheriff Donna calls Sam and Dean for help after a horrific murder with supernatural elements occurs in her town. Meanwhile, Sam continues to have visions and asks God for help, which frustrates Dean.”

Tonight’s season 11 episode 7 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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#Supernatural starts with a guy watching soccer and his wife looking at the trash he hasn’t taken out. She calls to Stan and asks him to take it out because it smells. He says her cooking smells and his game is in overtime. There’s a Danny Darko looking rabbit (but slightly less terrifying) outside the window – it’s huge. She gives up and takes out the trash and finds the cans full and is annoyed. Stan asks her to bring him another beer and the bunny hands it to him then smashes him in the head with it. The rabbit stabs him repeatedly as the wife comes back in. She screams.

Sam prays for guidance and Dean mocks him. Sam asks why he can’t believe that God would send him vision of the darkness. Dean asks why God would give a crap now and Sam says maybe because Amara is his sister. Dean says don’t count on God, count on us. Cass dug up a stack of stuff but most is in Aramaic and none mention the darkness. Sheriff Donna calls Dean and Sam asks if it’s fat sucker Donna. Dean asks what she means by killer bunny. They roll out to go help with the case. In Cottage Grove, Minnesota, they head into the Sheriff station and Donna hugs them.

She says it’s been tater tots and lemon drops until the murderous Easter bunny charge. She says it took a team of cops to get him into custody and the bunny head won’t come off. She says she doesn’t want to take any chances and Sam says she did the right thing calling. Dean makes a “wild hare” joke and she laughs. She introduces Officer Stover who is lead on the case. Donna says the FBI is here to help with the hippity hop. Stover leaves and Dean says Stover has a crush on her but she doubts. She says he’s nice but he’s a cop named Doug and she has a type but no thank you.

She says she won’t be twice Doug’d and Dean asks to see the wascally wabbit. She takes them to the holding cell. Sam asks if there’s any witnesses and she says Fran Hinkle the wife saw it about the bunny didn’t kill her, just walked out. She says no prints but he’s white and 18-25. Donna gets called for an emergency and leaves them with the bunny. Dean says ‘what’s up Doc’ and asks them to talk to them. Sam asks if he was framed and Dean turns around the bunny grabs Dean. Sam peels him off and spots a tattoo that says Kylie Forever.

They go looking for Kylies and are at the last on the list. Her name is Kylie Jennings and they show her a pic of the rabbit. She does and says it’s Mike Hooks her boyfriend. They as why he would stab Stan Hinkle. She says Mike wouldn’t stab a stranger then says oh God. She says he was acting weird yesterday and says they went to a thrift shop and he found the creepy bunny mask and when he put it on, weird stuff happened. She says he stared then walked out without paying and left his cell behind. She says he’s a sweet guy but the mask made him a different person. She’s freaking.

Donna and Stover are loading the bunny into a cop car to take him to the hospital to cut the mask off. They tranq’d the bunny but Doug is worried about her lifting the guy alone. She says she does crossfit but can’t lift him. Doug helps and then she gets a call from Dean and Sam. They turn their back on the bunny who is on his feet and knocks down Doug and comes at Donna with a night stick until Doug shoots him. The mask came off and lies there beside the young guy.

Later, Sam, Dean and Donna take the bunny head to the woods to burn. She says a 19 year old kid is dead but Sam says that’s not on her or Doug. She says the kid was innocent. She says if the mask was cursed, he was just a puppet. Sam says no one else will die from this and she lights a couple of matches and tosses them on the bunny head which burns. A guy, Buckner, works out with his coach and he tells the guy to lay off the HGH but says the scouts are looking at him. The guy puts in earbuds and continues his workout after his coach leaves. He’s letting out chill breaths.

A white-masked Harlequin jester comes into the gym. It looks like their mascot. The thing picks up a kettle bell and bludgeons the coach. Buckner tackles it to stop the attack. Donna tells Dean and Sam the coach survived but is in a coma. Doug wonders what the chances of this are. Donna says copycat killer and Dean blames social media. Sam asks if they talked to the kid yet and Donna says go ahead. Sam and Dean flash their badges. He says the mascot kicked his ass. They ask who’s the mascot and he says he doesn’t know and the mask wouldn’t come off.

He says the guy was as strong as him and he holds a bench press record. They ask if he noticed anything else and he says the weight room got really cold. They tell Donna it’s ghost possession of masks. Dean says they hate iron and salt and she pulls a salt shaker out of her fanny pack. She says she salts dessert so she wouldn’t eat it all. They shoot with a salt pellet gun instead and grey smoke flies out the window and a young girl lies on the floor confused. She asks what’s going on.

Donna says she doesn’t deserve to be locked up and Sam says no one saw her face so blame it on a drifter. She says she went to pick up the new costume then she was in jail. She says the coach was a hardass but she didn’t want him dead. They ask where she got the costume and she says it was donated. They go see Rita Johnson. Her son Max asks why the police are there and Donna offers to show him her cop car. The guys go inside with Rita. She says her brother Chester passed and the costumes were his. She says her brother was depressed and killed himself.

She shows a pic of a clown and Sam is creeped out. She says the costumes made her sad so she donated them to various places. She says Chester was cremated. They ask for a list of the costumes. Dean asks if Chester knew Stan or the coach. She says Chester didn’t know them as far as she knows. Donna says she remembers the suicide and it was sad. Sam says they have to burn all the costumes. She says she sent Doug to pick up the other costumes from the school and they hand Donna the list. THey split up to investigate.

A clown comes into the coach’s hospital room with balloons and a creepy mask on its face. He has a scalpel and circus music plays as he cuts the jugular. The coach bleeds out as the monitors signal the end of his life.

The clown walks down the hall splattered in blood with the bloody scalpel still in hand. The clown presses the elevator door and there’s Sam. The clown gets on and presses the lower level button and ignores Sam who is clearly unsettled. Then it turns around to him and Sam starts to freak. Elevator music plays. Sam knocks the knife from its hand but it’s too strong for him. He hits it with iron and the grey ghost smoke flies away and an old guy asks him who the hell he is. Donna is in the hospital room and watches as they wheel the coach out.

Sam says Steve was playing dress up with his grandson and had no clue how he got to the hospital. Donna asks if he let him go then says she’s gonna get fired. Doug shows up and says they put out an APB. Doug asks what’s going on in this town and she says copycat killer. Doug says whatever she says and he goes to get the woodpecker costume. Sam tells Donna to cut the break and says she’s treating new Doug like old Doug and not giving him a chance. She says mind your business and focus on the case. Stan’s widow says Phil and Stan were college roommates and friends.

Then Dean asks her about Chester Johnson. She says they knew him and says he makes her sick and she has nothing nice to say about him. Sam calls Dean about the killer clown and Dean says Stan and Phil accused Chester of crossing the line with their kids and they got Rita instead since Chester wasn’t there and Rita told them to screw off then he killed himself. Dean says maybe it wasn’t suicide. He goes back to Chester’s house and finds Max alone. He says he has some more questions about Chester. Max says he can wait inside and he goes in.

Max says his uncle taught him magic tricks and Dean asks if they were close. He says he was cool and he misses him. Then Max says what those men said about him wasn’t true. Rita comes in ranting and she tells Max to go to his room. Sam says they know about the accusations and she says this has nothing to do with this. They tell her Chester is involved and Sam says they need the truth and that she and her son’s life might be at stake. Rita says a couple of months Stan and Phil came by and said Chester did something inappropriate with their kids.

She says she got defensive and she told them to get lost. She says they had no evidence but then she had some doubts. She says she wanted to defend Chester but what they said got to her. She says Chester has always been a little off and preferred kids. She says she stuck up for him her whole life but worried if she was seeing him the wrong way and worried he was hurting Max secretly. She says she couldn’t look the other way and says she should have talked to him. Instead, she called Stan and says Stan told her they would take care of it.

She says she told them where to find Chester. We see Chester leaving a school wearing a deer costume then Stan and Phil are there. They grab him and he calls for help. She says they promised her they were just going to scare him a little, not hurt him. She says she thought maybe a good scare was all he needed. We see Stan and Phil dangling them over a bridge. He says he’s never hurt a kid and loves kids. He freaks out and wiggles and they can’t hold him and he plummeted to his death. She says they told her they didn’t mean to kill him but she wasn’t sure what to believe.

We see Stan and Phil ran off and left him. Rita says Stan told her they would all go to jail if she went to the cops and she couldn’t do that to Max. She says Max had already lost his dad and uncle and couldn’t lose her too. She says she didn’t say anything and says fear cripples you and makes you do nothing or things you regret. She says she should have trusted her brother. Sam gets a call from Donna who says they burned all them. They ask her about a deer head. It wasn’t on the list. Max is wearing it. He attacks Dean. Then masked Max starts to choke his mother after throwing Sam back.

Dean touches iron to the kid and the ghost of Chester is gone. Dean tells Sam to burn it now. Sam runs out with it and goes for gas in the back of the car. Sam grabs gas and then Chester’s ghost is there and attacks Sam. Dean puts Max and Rita in a circle of salt but Chester is in the house. He throws Dean through a window as Sam wakes. Max says – Uncle Chester no. He comes at Dean anyway. Sam splashes gas on the mask and lights it as Dean passes out from the choking. Chester goes up in flames screaming and is gone.

Looks like it’s over. Sam and Dean tell Donna it’s time for them to go and she says she hopes something less than murder brings them back next time. They tell Donna she’s a true hunter now and she hugs them both. She’s thrilled. They head out. Doug asks Donna how crazy has this been and she says he’s been great and she appreciates his hard work. She apologizes for being tough and he says it’s okay and says he has baggage too – everyone does. He says she can call him Lonnie, his middle name. She says Doug will do just fine and they share a nerdy awkward laugh.

The guys drive away. Sam tells Dean he keeps praying because if it is God, he’s showing him something he doesn’t know what to do with and mentions the cage. Dean asks if it’s Lucifer’s cage and he says yes and wonder if he’s being told he needs to go back. Dean says they’ve been down that road and that cage is suicide and he knows it. Dean says – no, not going to happen. Sam says okay but he doesn’t look certain.