Bones Recap – Fisher Returns, Bones Sick: Season 11 Episode 17 “The Secret in the Service”

Bones Recap - Fisher Returns, Bones Sick: Season 11 Episode 17 "The Secret in the Service"

Tonight on FOX Bones airs with an all new episode Thursday, May 26, season 11 episode 17 called, “The Secret in the Service” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode, a Secret Service agent’s body is discovered by an inebriated college student on the eve of a presidential visit, but Booth (David Boreanaz) is blindsided when the agency refuses his help with the case.

On the last episode, a body found in a rat lab at Lynwood University turned out to be the head of a male a cappella group who recently ejected one of their best singers.  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed mid-season finale recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “a Secret Service agent’s body is discovered by an inebriated college student on the eve of a presidential visit, but Booth is blindsided when the agency refuses his help with the case. Meanwhile, Brennan won’t let the flu keep her from work even though Dr. Colin Fisher has returned to the Jeffersonian to lead the investigation; and Hodgins attempts a risky experiment to change his life.”

Tune in at 8PM EST on FOX to watch Season 11 Episode 17 of BONES. We’ll also be updating fans right here as the show airs so be sure to check back in with us. Brennan and Booth have had a long television run. Do you like that their characters mix up business with home life? Hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about their tangled relationship!

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#Bones starts with Darrell making a 911 call while drinking in the woods. He says he went to pee and found a dead body. The 911 operator tells him making pranks calls is a felony. He looks again and says it’s a body, in acid, and it’s horrible. He says he needs more beer.

The operator says he’s had enough. He says he hears something and says he’s still there. He starts to freak out. We see booted feet and he says he has to go but then he’s struck with a shovel and goes down. The operator says officers are on the way.

The body sinks deeper into steaming goo. Bones is sick and up in the middle of the night making herbal tea. Booth insists he’s healthy and she asks why he’s not healthy since he eats terribly. He gets a text about the body being brought back along with a witness.

Booth says Aubrey can handle it and he goes back to bed with his sick wife. Cam tells Aubrey that the witness is pretty out of it. Hodgins calls him a witless witness. Aubrey says Bones is home sick so they get started. The body is mostly bones and Hodgins says muriatic acid.

He says the local PD were smart to use baking soda to neutralize it or the body would have been all gone. They find a Secret Service type monitor on the body. Then dudes in suits show up and surround the platform. Aubrey says one of their own was murdered.

Booth shows up to the FBI and meets Agent Brandt from the Secret Services. Aubrey says Brandt took a bullet for the President. Brandt says he thinks it’s Graham Roberts head of the tactical team. He says he last heard from him last night.

He says Roberts was part of an advance team to check out the area for a Presidential visit. Brandt says they can’t work it until he has approval for Booth to work the case since he’s concerned about his history being related to John Wilkes Booth. Crazy.

Bones is on video chat looking at the body with Cam and Angela. Cam says the Secret Service is sending a forensic anthropologist. It’s Fisher! They are thrilled. Bones greets him and he says it’s Dr Fisher now. He says he consults with the Secret Service.

They ask who he works for and he says he travels extensively and is surrounded by young nubile women all the time. Angela says it’s kind of sexy. Bones says stop wasting time. She asks about reconstructive surgery and Fisher checks the x-rays he has.

He says it’s shrapnel and is Agent Roberts. Bones says he wasted his time coming to the lab and she is feeling better. She hacks and coughs right at the web cam. Fisher says her discharge means she’s contagious and says her lab is in good hands with him. Bones sighs.

Brandt introduces Aubrey to Agent Patel, the case liaison. She used to work with Agent Roberts. She says he didn’t have a wife or GF. She says half the team works on the area and then tactical unit investigates threats in the area.

Brandt hands them files on people Roberts was investigating which means there could still be a threat to the president. Fisher comes to see Hodgins who is thrilled. He says he thought Angela was joking about him being paralyzed. Hodgins says no jokes.

Hodgins shows him a photo of the witness with the shovel mark on his dead. He says he also found micro nutrients on the shovel. Patel is with Aubrey looking at the case files and they go to see Stockton, the last guy on Roberts’ schedule for that day.

They go to his place of business and find a newspaper with a picture of the Prez with his eyes blacked out. They hear a noise and find the guy on the toilet reading a magazine. They tell him they have some questions for him.

They ask him about Graham Roberts and he asks where’s Roberts. He says he came by to see him and says he told him to not go anywhere near the President then left. They ask him about the creepy newspaper photo. They accuse him of killing Roberts.

Stockton says he can prove he didn’t do it. Patel grabs him and he screams in pain. He says his shoulders are wrecked and says he can’t lift his arms or attack anyone. Back at the lab, Fisher sees a video call from Brennan and he asks her to call back later.

She’s getting a massage from Angela’s Reiki healer. She’s also got an IV in and says she also got B12 and a nasal rinse. She asks to see his progress and he shows her a sternum fracture. They bicker over the wound and she says she thinks it’s a gunshot through a kevlar vest.

Patel comes to see Booth and says he’s been cleared to work the case. He asks her what she and Aubrey found out. She tells him about Stockton’ injury that might disqualify him. Booth tells them that the center mass shooting indicates it could have been a pro that tried to shoot Roberts.

Cam says Stockton has injuries based on his MRI scans. Fisher looks at them and they agree he could not have swung the shovel. Fisher shows her a fracture where he was smashed on the top of the head. He thinks he may have fallen head first from 75 feet or more.

He says he tried to call Bones but she relapsed, died, or is ignoring his calls. Booth shows Brandt some buildings to look at and they debate. Bones shows up and both are surprised to see her. She says she came to help and Bones insists she’s fie and not contagious.

Booth says put away your snot rag when she tries to show him her sputum. She says she wants to help and he says come with me and tries to find something for her to do.

Booth takes Bones with him and she asks him about the John Wilkes Booth thing. He says that has nothing to do with him. Brandt calls and says his team checked the buildings and Booth says they’re checking the local gun ranges.

Bones insists she’s fine but looks like crap. They stop at an outdoor range and talk to the owner. She points out a guy named Roger and says he didn’t come back right after Desert Storm. The guy is a dead accurate shot. Bones’ coughing makes him misfire.

The range lady asks her to be quiet so she doesn’t distract the shooters. Bones watches the men shooting as Bones struggles to get her cough under control. Bones points out Travis down the way and she says he’s been around a lot lately but is a terrible shot.

Booth says he’s not aiming for the target – he’s aiming for leaves on a tree 100 yards past the targets. Booth and Bones sit him down to talk. Booth asks why he’s been at the range so much lately. Booth says he’s been outspoken about the President.

Booth says he served and was a Range and knows how he feels. They ask where he was last night and then tell him they’re going to hold him for 24 hours. He says fine, he’s got nothing to go back to anyway. At the lab, Fisher tells Cam he found some dislocations and micro fractures.

He says he thinks the victim was put in a confined space after death. Fisher seems oddly stressed and freaky. Cam leaves. Angela and Cam run some scenarios based on the damage Fisher found. Hodgins comes in and says the fibers were bed sheets from the hotel.

Hodgins says he thinks the sheet was wrapped around it before impact. Cam asks how someone killed the agent in a hotel full of agents. Hodgins sent them some photos to look at. He says the killer may have pushed him down the chute that was right across from his room.

That explains the bed sheet, the crammed in damage, and the fall. Hodgins says he thinks another agent killed Roberts.

Aubrey tells Patel she has to leave Roberts’ room because the Secret Service team is under suspicion. She asks to help but he shuts her down. Hodgins is there with Aubrey looking around the room. Hodgins says he didn’t find anything there but this guy maybe good.

Cam is also there looking around and finds no blood but did find traces of bleach. Hodgins says let’s check the middle of the chute since they couldn’t have cleaned it. Hodgins wants to go in but Cam says Aubrey has to go. Hodgins says he’s smaller and knows what he’s looking for.

He also says he doesn’t need working legs for this. Cam relents and says he can do it. She asks what he needs. Brandt comes to Booth cursing about the closed investigation. Booth says he’s following the evidence and has to meet with all the advanced team.

Brandt rants and Booth says let’s just do this as fast as possible since POTUS is flying. Booth tells him to gather his team now and Brandt storms out but seems ready to cooperate. Hodgins is being lowered into the chute and Cam says get in and out as fast as you can.

Cam asks if they should call Angela and both Aubrey and Hodgins say no. Hodgins is thrilled to be going this. Bones comes to the office and tells Angela that her Reiki healer is a fraud. Angela says sure. Angela is running a simulation for the laundry chute fall.

She says she can’t get the fracture pattern that Fisher found. Bones says maybe the skull was fractured in part before the fall. Hodgins finds blood in the chute and says the body was definitely put down here. He also finds something lower.

Hodgins finds something but then the bracket securing his line begins to come loose. Hodgins finds bedsheet and a woman’s hair. Cam says let’s get you back up. The bolts come loose and it’s just Aubrey keeping Hodgins from falling. They freak out.

He’s hanging onto a ledge and says he’s just hanging out. They come get him. Patel is in the interrogation room when Booth comes in and he says they found a hair in Roberts’ sheets and it’s being tested. He says were you with him the night he died.

Patel says she was and says it was an occasional fling and it’s not allowed in the Service. She says they had sex and she left. Booth says she lied to him so he’s holding her and she’s off the detail. Brandt says he needs the team.

Booth says he’s holding Patel but offers to come along and says he’s going to watch the detail while they watch the President so he can see if there’s a threat.

Bones is worried about Booth going along on the protective detail. He cleans his gun and says he has to do it. She says just come home safe. He promises to. The Presidential motorcade is on the move. Secret Service jogs by the cars and Booth is among them.

He’s constantly looking around. Brandt tells everyone the President is going to stop and get out. Booth talks to Aubrey who is in the crowd. Local PD is also there. The President gets out and the crowd cheers. Bones is with Fisher looking at skull damage.

She points out temporal damage that was pre-fall. Fisher says the killer was highly skilled. They wonder if the killer did the damage with the elbow or knee. Bones says it’s a Navy SEAL that’s left hand dominant. She goes to call Booth.

She tells him and he says Brandt was a SEAL. Booth tells Aubrey it’s Brandt and they move in but then they also see Stockton. Aubrey heads for Stockton. Stockton moved closer to the President and Brandt is right there too. Stockton takes a shot and Booth shoots the guy down.

Looks like Brandt took a bullet for the President. He asks how is he and then Booth says he’s okay. Brandt dies. There’s blood all over. Later, the flags are all at half-mast. Booth has a drink in his office and Cam stops by to see him.

He asks why she’s there and she says she did the autopsy on Brandt Walker. She says he’s got bruising that matches the injuries to Roberts. She says she thinks the attack was linked to an injury. She says when he was shot in the leg, he had a clot that moved to his brain.

Cam says if Roberts mentioned it, Brandt may have freaked out and he made a bad decision to kill Roberts because the clot was affecting his brain. Angela hears from Hodgins about the journey down the chute and how he almost fell.

Fisher says he’s envious that Hodgins got to stare death in the face. Hodgins says if he wasn’t as strong as he is from months of physical therapy, he couldn’t have stopped his fall. Fisher says duty calls and Hodgins asks where he works.

Angela says she figured it out and thinks he’s the President’s daughter’s college tutor. Fisher says she was a C student and now she’s Bs and B pluses. He says he hates both of them and is super-depressed that she figured it out. He leaves annoyed.

Bones is on the sofa sick and says she feels bad that he’s taking care of her. He says he’s glad he’s there taking care of her so he can get his mind off of things. Bones says she’s sorry he had to take another life. Booth says he wants her to get better.

He makes a joke about her anus tea and says laughter is the best medicine. She says penicillin is the best medicine. He starts doing a Three Stooges routine and gets her laughing hysterically. She coughs and tells him to stop.