‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad Captures Ciara’s Heart, Obsession Grows – Theo Pushed Aside, Claire Swoops In

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad Captures Ciara's Heart, Obsession Grows - Theo Pushed Aside, Claire Swoops In

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that we’ll see relationships continue to shift on the NBC soap. Shawn (Brandon Beemer) and Belle (Martha Madison) have finally realized that they’re better off together.

They know there’s still work to be done, but they’re hoping they can push through any struggles they face along the way.

Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) has already picked up on the lifting tension. She probably won’t be surprised when Belle and Shawn share that they’ve officially patched things up. Of course, that won’t diminish Claire’s joy over this cheerful occasion. She’s wanted this for a long time.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Shawn and Belle will come clean about where they stand. They’ll want Claire to know that their relationship isn’t perfect, but they plan on working harder. Claire will be pleased to have her parents back on good terms.

As Belle and Shawn draw each other closer, Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) and Theo (Kyler Pettis) will keep drifting apart. It’s not like these teens have endured a troubled marriage. It’s just a case of puppy love gone wrong.

Ciara’s feelings for Chad (Billy Flynn) are an obstacle to the cute, age-appropriate romance she could have with Theo.

DOOL spoilers say Theo will approach Ciara for some answers about why she’s pushing him away. He cares about her and he can’t understand why she won’t open up. Ciara will stay tight-lipped about her love for Theo’s uncle.

Chad has captured Ciara’s heart, but that’s her own little secret for now.

Theo is pretty hung up on Ciara. He may have difficulty moving on with someone new. However, that won’t stop Claire from taking notice of Theo’s good looks and loving nature.

Days spoilers hint that Claire may begin to fall for Theo. That could obviously make her bond with Ciara a bit complicated.

Nevertheless, Ciara has tunnel vision right now. She only has eyes for Chad. If Ciara truly hopes to gain Chad’s attention, she’ll have to wait until Abigail (Kate Mansi) is out of the picture. Abby will soon vanish from the mental institution and Ciara may have a chance to steal Chad’s heart.

Can she pull it off? This could be a big mistake…

Most DOOL viewers are hoping that Ciara’s crush will simply remain a crush, but something worse could be brewing. Chad is going to feel heartbroken and alone once Abigail disappears from his life. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Chad will need support to get through this.

Ciara will be more than willing to give it. Stay tuned for updates on what’s in store for these two.

So Days fans, what do you think about the news that Shawn, Belle and Claire are a happy family again? Do you like to see some bright spots on the show? Will Claire and Theo start a romance? Will Ciara win Chad over?

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