Jim Bob Duggar Outraged: Gay Duggar Cousin Revealed?

Jim Bob Duggar Outraged: Gay Duggar Cousin Revealed?

Jim Bob Duggar outraged that there’s a gay cousin in the family tree? Is this more scandalous – in Jim Bob’s eyes – than Josh Duggar’s molesting underage girls, porn addiction and cheating on pregnant Anna Duggar?

Real Mr. Housewife reports exclusively that Jim Bob and Josh have a gay cousin in the family tree. An insider divulged that this person was adopted – but that doesn’t make him any less a family member. The unnamed cousin has been to many Duggar family gatherings, including Jessa Seewald’s wedding.

The gay Duggar family member enjoys partying and apparently gets pretty wild according to the source. The cousin broke up a couple engaged to be married. The insider revealed, “The [homosexual] cousin of the Duggar’s came in and stole [my friend’s] boyfriend from him. It was really disgusting.”

Isn’t repulsive what the Jim Bob Duggar and Josh Duggar do best? Reportedly there are even more secrets the Duggar family is desperate to hide. A gay cousin is the least of the former darlings of reality television’s problems, don’t you think?

We all know that before Josh was carted off to Reformers Unanimous the disgraced reality television star often gave speeches condemning the gay lifestyle and LGBT community. Who is Josh Duggar to pass judgment on anybody?

Perhaps this Duggar cousin is a scandalous homewrecker but at least he’s not trying to hide anything. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are hypocrites and phonies who pretend everything is perfect and wonderful until someone does a little digging and exposes nasty secrets. Then Jim Bob mobilizes the family to cover-up or explain away the scandal.

As previously reported there are probably even more secrets the Jim Bob Duggar and Josh Duggar are trying to keep buried. You may have already read that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are fighting all the time and the compound has become some kind of house of horrors. Having a homosexual cousin is the least of this family’s worries.

What happens when Josh is released from the faith-based rehab in Rockville, Illinois? Does life return to the Duggar version of normal? Isn’t anyone concerned that Josh may molest his young siblings or even his own children?

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