Kelly Ripa Returns To ‘Live! With Kelly And Michael’ – Michael Strahan Leaving May 13, GMA Fans Excited

Kelly Ripa Returns To 'Live! With Kelly And Michael' – Michael Strahan Leaving May 13, GMA Fans Excited

Kelly Ripa has officially returned to “Live! With Kelly And Michael,” which will soon drop the “Michael” as Michael Strahan is on the way out. The talk show host was MIA from her own program after she learned that Michael Strahan was leaving to join “Good Morning America.”

Kelly Ripa was beside herself as Michael Strahan, her co-host of four years on “Live! With Kelly and Michael” switched shows and headed to “Good Morning America” without giving her any warning. Michael’s final day with Kelly is scheduled for May 13.

Disney-ABC Television Group president Ben Sherwood, ABC News president James Goldston, ABC Stations president Rebecca Campbell as well as current WABC GM Dave Davis have reportedly apologized to Kelly for blindsiding her with last week’s announcement about her co-host Michael Strahan’s sudden exit from her show “Live! With Kelly and Michael.”

The popular American talk show host emailed “Live” staffers late Friday and acknowledge everyone had buried the hatchet.

“I wanted to thank you all for giving me the time to process this new information,” Kelly wrote.
“Your kindness, support, and love has overwhelmed me. We are a family and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning,” she added.

Once Kelly received her apology from the network, and had processed the shocking news of Michael’s exit – she returned to “Live!” on Tuesday April 26. The host took the stage like a champ and addressed off all of the drama that had conspired over the course of the last few days.

Kelly Ripa joked that there were men with tranquilizer guns waiting to take her out if she went too far off script. The host explained to her audience that she just “needed a few days to process the information” about Strahan’s exit. Ripa added jokingly, “Our national nightmare is over.” And, she even congratulated Michael Strahan on his new gig at “Good Morning America.”

Ripa learned of Strahan’s shocking exit from her show less than 30 minutes before the press reported it. Kelly’s no-show for Wednesday or Thursday’s broadcasts clearly indicated she was blindsided by the development, despite the fact Strahan had been contributing to “GMA” for nearly two years.

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were originally slated to continue co-hosting together through the summer, however in lieu of all of the drama, TPTB recently announced May 13 would be Michael’s last day on “Live!”

Apparently they will also try to rebut rumors of the alleged tension between the two of them. Meanwhile, fans are already speculating about potential fill-in hosts who could undertake Strahan’s job. Last week ABC confirmed it would hold on-air try-outs in the fall – that will need to be accelerated since Michael’s exit date has been moved forward.

Besides, considering Ripa’s contract might be up sometime later this year or probably next year, will she leave “Live” citing last week’s altercation with ABC?

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