Supernatural Recap – New Prophet of God Revealed – Season 11 Episode 21 “All in the Family”

Supernatural Recap - New Prophet of God Revealed - Season 11 Episode 21 “All in the Family”

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday May 11, season 11 episode 21 called “All in the Family,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Amara (Emily Swallows) shows Dean how she’s torturing Lucifer. (Misha Collins) Worried for Castiel, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) come up with a plan to rescue him from Amara’s clutches.

On the last episode, Amara unleashed a dark fog on a small town that caused everyone to go mad. Dean and Sam realized this was a stronger version of the original black vein virus Amara previously unleashed. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Amara (guest star Emily Swallows) shows Dean (Jensen Ackles) how she’s torturing Lucifer (Misha Collins). Worried for Castiel, Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) come up with a plan to rescue him from Amara’s clutches.”

Tonight’s season 11 episode 21 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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#Supernatural starts with Dean and the glowing amulet. He and Sam look at Chuck. Dean says he won’t go anywhere with him and doesn’t know he’s not someone crazy. Chuck snaps and they’re in the bunker and Kevin is there too.

He tells them they look stressed especially Dean. He tells them to trust Chuck. Kevin says he trusted them and Dean says it didn’t end well. Chuck says they have a lot on their plate and tells Kevin he’s been in the veil long enough and upgrades him.

They see lights flicker and then he’s gone. Dean says holy crap. Sam asks if they still call him Chuck and God says he prefers it. Sam says they need to process it. He says they thought he was gone. Sam babbles and Dean calls him on it.

Chuck asks why Dean isn’t on board. Dean says no disrespect but how can you let everything go down on earth while you were writing books and going to conventions. He asks how he can do nothing. Dean says people pray to him and he did nothing.

Chuck says he used to be real hands on for a long time and was so sure if he stepped in, teaching, punishing, then these creatures would grow up but it stayed the same so he saw he needed to step away and let them find their way.

Chuck says being over involved is not parenting but enabling. Dean says it didn’t get better but Chuck says it has. Dean is crying and says you left us and are trying to justify it. Chuck says don’t confuse me with your dad.

Lucifer is being tormented, still in Castiel’s body. Amara is working him hard – sparking her power through him as he screams. Amara tells Lucifer to call out to God to come save him. He says he’s no fan of his dad, but he did make everything and she could never do that.

He says all she wants is nothing and says it’s not inspiring. Lucifer says she may defeat him since she’s strong but will never be him. Chuck tells them Amara is relentless beyond comprehension. He says she always wanted to boss him around and make him do things.

Dean asks where she is and Chuck says he doesn’t know since she warded herself. Dean says they have zip on where she is. Chuck says he had faith in them even if they didn’t return the favor. He says he needs to go take a shower and Sam points him.

Dean says she’s got Lucifer. Chuck says he knows. Sam says didn’t Lucifer help you bottle up the Darkness. Chuck says Lucifer was his greatest hope and bitter disappointment. He tells them snarkily thanks for springing him. He says he’s probably worse now.

He says Lucifer may have formed an alliance with her and he won’t walk into that trap. He says no firmly then adds, thus spake the Lord. Amara calls God a spoiled brat and says he needed a fan club and that’s why he made humans.

Lucifer tells her to stop whining and she knocks him out cold. She steps closer and then holds out her hand and concentrates. Dean sits alone at the table looking for Amara. She’s there and says she misses him. She says she knows her brother surfaced.

She says if he reaches out to Dean, let him know that Lucifer, his favorite isn’t doing so well and neither is the vessel Castiel. She shows him the damage she’s done and says her brother allows this to happen by ignoring her and she thought he should know. She’s gone.

In Lewis, Oklahoma, a man comes out of his house when he hears a car crash. Amara’s fog is blowing down the street and chaos erupts. The man is overtaken by the fog. Sam sits at the laptop when Dean comes in and Sam says he’s found nothing.

Sam says he wishes Rowena was there and says maybe she could track her down. Dean says he bets Rowena will stay hidden. Dean wonders where Chuck is and they talk about how he takes long showers and sings loud. Dean says he had to tell him to cool it.

Sam says this is amazing but strange. He says he has so many things he wants to ask like about planets and ears and Dean calls him a fan boy. Dean says Amara is in his head and showed him visions of Castiel’s broken body. Sam shushes him as Chuck comes in the room.

Dean asks if he’s in his robe. Chuck says don’t get involved with Lucifer, he’s trouble and Chuck asks if they have bacon. Sam says the Amara fog hit another town and thousands died. He says all of them except one man. Chuck says she’s baiting him and he won’t be manipulated.

He tells them to find her. Metatron sits at a bar and then goes to listen to the news about the other fog incident. He pauses the TV and sees Sam and Dean with Chuck. Meta calls Dean who is surprised. Meta says he sees he’s been in touch with Chuck.

Meta says he has information for them but they need to see him in person. He says he has something to show them. Dean and Sam go meet Donatello, the guy who came out of his house in OK and the only one to survive the fog.

He says the cops think he’s a terrorist and are holding him at the police station. They ask him what else he noticed aside from the fog. Don says it happened fast like it came out of nowhere. He talks about the terrible black streaks on the bodies.

Then he says it was like his head exploded with knowledge and clarity. We see him hit by some sort of lightning. He says he now knows languages he doesn’t speak. Then he says he saw horrible things, destruction and death.

Don asks if they think he’s crazy. Dean and Sam step out. They wonder if he was hit with Amara’s god power. Dean goes to get coffee. Sam sits with Don and shows him something in another language. He says he doesn’t know it then says, behold the face of God.

It’s written in angel script. Amara comes to Dean and says she needs to meet with him alone and in person. She fades as a vision like before. They load Don up into the car and he says he doesn’t believe God and they tell him it was God’s sister that got to him.

Sam says they think he has a hotline to Amara and need to use him to find her so they can help Lucifer, her nephew. Dean says just act like you believe it and the guy tries to get out of the car. Don senses God who is eating Chinese takeout watching curling in his underpants.

Chuck talks about watching a lot of porn and Dean says they think they found a new prophet and asks him to dial back the crazy. Chuck tells Don sorry about your cat. Don freaks out and they tell him to just call him Chuck and chill out,

Don says he was an atheist til 10 minutes ago. Chuck says he doesn’t care but does believe in himself and that’s why he added free will. He tells Don welcome aboard. Sam and Dean come to meet Meta at the bar and he orders drinks on their tab.

He says he knows they’ve been in touch with Chuck and Meta isn’t sure that he’ll take on Amara like they think. Meta says Chuck plans to sacrifice himself to his sister. Sam doesn’t buy it. Meta hands them the manuscript – God’s autobiography.

Meta says it’s less biography and more suicide note. Chuck sits watching kids play at a playground when Dean shows up. Chuck says kids are endlessly optimistic and it always gets him. Dean asks why he’s giving up to Amara and Chuck asks why Dean cares since he thinks he’s a dick.

Dean says he did a lot before he went MIA and Chuck says it’s strategy. Dean asks how letting your sister kill you is a strategy. Chuck says Amara’s his sister and she’ll just cage him, not kill him. He says that will allow life to go on.

Dean says the Amara he knows is a mountain of pissed off and thinks it’s her turn. He says he’ll get her to accept the deal. Dean says she will kill Chuck then all of them and says Amara told him that personally. Dean says you started all of this but you have no right to end it.

He says we’re not toys you throw away and that’s not right. Chuck says if his plan doesn’t work, humans like him and Sam will step up. Chuck says that’s why he saved him years ago and calls him the firewall between light and darkness.

Dean says God’s sister is above his pay grade. Dean says Chuck has to take her out and then get a condo in Cancun. Don is at the bunker and Dean brings him a beer. Dean says he’s not sure if Chuck is leaning their way. He says maybe if they get Lucifer, Chuck may play ball.

Don says he missed being an atheist. Sam shows up with Meta and Dean says they know he’s been stalking them outside all night. Meta greets Don and says he’s the scribe of God. He says he was there when he was designed and wrote his name on the inside of angel’s eyelids.

Don says he’s freaking him out and Dean calls him a world class douche. Meta says he transcribed the angel tablets and knows what makes Amara tick. Sam says he has a point but Dean is not sure. Meta says he needs all help – even douche help.

Meta says now Chuck has gone kamikaze. He says Chuck believed in him and he wants to save him and his creation and if he can help, he should. Dean says they need to rescue Lucifer and they convince Chuck to use Lucifer to fight her.

Meta asks if he knows where she is. Don says he may know and has a cerebral cortex ping. Meta asks how Dean will keep her busy while they liberate Lucifer. Dean goes to the woods to meet Amara. He’s in a stand of large trees waiting.

She’s there and thanks him for reaching out to her. She says she missed him and the sensations he arouses in her and says she knows he feels the same way. Dean says there can be no us and they need to talk away. She asks why doesn’t he then.

Sam, Meta and Don go to try and rescue Lucifer. They are at a large concrete silo. They head inside and see Lucifer tied up and looking battered. He says oh goodie, Larry, Curly and Moe. He asks if it’s search and rescue.

Lucifer says look it’s one of dad’s favorites then asks Don how it feels to be Joan of Arc. Meta tries to untie him. Lucifer says it’s their fault he’s there. Meta whispers and Lucifer is furious at what she’s done to him and says he’s not a fan.

Amara asks Dean to consider her offer and says this world has not been fair to her. She tells him her brother won’t stop her and he’ll say goodbye to the world one way or another. She says give up your smallness and your humanity and become boundless within me.

Meta chants louder and Sam asks Lucifer if he can work with his father. Lucifer says what happens in heaven stays in heaven. Sam says Dean can’t stall forever. Meta is trying to find the right spell to free him. Dean tells Amara he is drawn to her and it bothers him.

Amara says she’s the end of his struggle. She touches him and says he can have it all. Dean looks tempted as she touches his face. Lucifer is loose and Amara asks where are Dean’s thoughts. She says something is different. Sam tells Lucifer to zap them out of there.

He says he’s malfunctioned. Amara says Dean spoke to God and betrayed her. Don says Amara is coming. Sam grabs Lucifer and Meta says you guys go and he’s got this. Sam, Don and Lucifer run back to baby. Meta stays back. He cuts his hand and draws a rune on the wood nearby.

Sam peals out at top speed. Amara is there and calls him secretary. He slaps the rune and a white light explodes. It doesn’t hurt her – she just soaks it in. Amara asks if he was kidding with that. He says spare the universe and she wraps him in darkness and makes him vanish from existence.

Sam speeds down the road. Amara is in the middle of it and takes control of the car. She says they’re not worth sparing. She summons power and then the car is suddenly in the bunker. Don screams what happened. They get out and Sam looks around.

Don asks where are we and Sam says home. Chuck comes in with beer and says sometimes he answers a prayer. Lucifer staggers over and looks at him. Chuck sighs and says he’s changed. Lucifer says he has too but Chuck says he’s pretty much still the same.

Light flows out of Cass’s body and Lucifer is healed but looks angry. Don calls a cab and Dean says well you met God, Lucifer and the Darkness and you need a spa day or a couple of hookers. Don says he can’t go back to being an atheist.

He says he’ll see them again if there is a tomorrow and Sam says we may need you. Dean is surprised Metatron took one for the team. Sam asks Dean what went down with Amara. He says she literally wants him to be part of her forever. Dean says that would be adios. Dean walks away and Sam looks worried.