Megyn Kelly Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors On The Today Show

Megyn Kelly is securing her spot with NBC. She wants to make a good impact on the network. She no longer wants to be the news anchor who worked for FOX News. Megyn Kelly sparked the plastic surgery rumors  on her first-ever Today appearance on Thursday, June 1.

Rumors are swirling that the television host may have gone under the knife to change her appearance. Top plastic surgeons sat down for an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly. Megyn Kelly supposedly went under the knife to get Botox injections, nose augmentation, and breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Andrew Miller said that he doesn’t see anything different about Kelly’s appearance other than Botox around her “forehead and crow’s feet.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Mardirossian said that she may have gotten Botox injected around her forehead. She may have also altered her nose, and filler on her cheeks, lips, nasolabial folds, and to her jawline. Fillers can alter the appearance of one’s face. Closer Weekly is not the only tabloid who’s claiming that Megyn Kelly had plastic surgery done.

Megyn Kelly Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors On The Today Show

The new issue of National Inquirer features a photo of the star, along with the headline, “What she’s hiding!” According to the tabloid story, she spent $1.4 million on plastic surgery to transform her new look. Inside the magazine, another headline declares, “Makeover Megyn’s Rise To Queen Of Mean!”

Her makeover is not just taking place on the outside. It’s taking place on the inside as well. When she’s not dying her hair, and having plastic surgery sessions, she wants to become the meanest host on television, declares an insider. The TV personality had in “addition to plastic surgery,” she has “transformed herself from a blubbery redhead” to a “svelte blond bombshell.” Turns out Megyn Kelly is not a natural blonde, but a natural redhead.

Kelly’s had a lot of plastic surgery. But, she’s not slowing down anytime soon, according to the insiders. She plans to get more work done in the future. The 46-year-old has never addressed the alleged plastic surgery procedures she’s gotten done throughout her career. It’s been alleged that Kelly has gotten plastic surgery in the past as well.

Megyn Kelly Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors On The Today Show

Megyn Kelly’s reps have told Gossip Cop that the reports are “all garbage.” She hasn’t only been making headlines for her new look. During her NBC debut, she reportedly snubbed Today co-host Hoda Kotb. When Matt Lauer congratulated Megyn Kelly on joining the team, she only responded to Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. Ouch!

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Image Credit: Getty Images, Twitter