The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 7/24/17: Season 13 Episode 9

The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 7/24/17: Season 13 Episode 9

The Bachelorette 2017 airs on ABC this evening with an all new Monday, July 24, 2017, season 13 episode 9 and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. On tonight’s season 13 episode 9 as per the ABC synopsis, “Rachel heads home to Dallas with the final three men so they can meet her family. While there, one man shares his reservations with Rachel’s mom, and another is grilled about his sincerity. Later, Rachel takes the guys to Spain for romantic overnight dates.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2017 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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The Bachelorette begins tonight in Dallax, TX Rachel’s hometown. Rachel is excited that she can see a future with Eric, Bryan and Peter but is scared that she doesn’t know what she will do at the end. She needs some outside help and clarity so she can start narrowing it down with the 3 of them.

Rachel sits with the men and says at the end of the week, they will be traveling somewhere exotic, romantic but before that they are going to meet her family. Eric cannot wait as Rachel says they are changing things up since this usually happens with the final two, but she wants to do this now since her sister is 8-months pregnant and cannot travel so this is their only time to talk to her family. Peter is going first; Bryan jokes that he hopes Peter sets the bar really low.

Rachel brings Peter to the Sweet as Sugar Baby Boutique for them to pick something for the baby and her nephew Allistair that will be 3 soon. Rachel is excited to bring Peter home because she was drawn to him from the beginning but is concerned at how reserved he has been with his feelings. Peter feels today is very much needed, after the last rose ceremony he realized there is a lot he needs to say and want to build with her. He was sad he might not have the chance to tell her everything.

Bryan tells Eric about Peter saying that he may not ask Rachel for her hand in marriage, even if she picks him. Eric is shocked and confused, wondering what his objective is for being there then. Bryan hopes Rachel sees that maybe Peter isn’t fully committed to her and thinks it sucks one of them could go home over a guy who doesn’t feel the same way they do.

Peter wants to sit and talk with Rachel before they meet her family; he wants to erase any feeling of doubt in her mind. He tells her that she does mean the world to him and wants her to have confidence in them and in him. He admits he is falling in love with her and she says she is falling for him too. Rachel is taken aback that he finally is expressing his feelings; she loves that he did that before meeting her family.

Greeting them is Rachel’s sister Constance, her husband Alex, Rachel’s mom Kathy, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Connie are there to meet him; Rachel’s dad is not able to meet any of the men but her family knows she is ready for marriage and kids and her mother will be the one to ask the tough questions.

Peter shares that his parents got engaged and married only a month after meeting; and they are still strong 38 years later. Her sister says the setting is different although not impossible. Peter shares his journey with Rachel and openly admits that he didn’t want to fall in love and wouldn’t commit unless he knew what he wanted for sure. He recounts the last rose ceremony and how he doesn’t want to live without her. Constance has a good first impression of him but is skeptical.

Constance talks privately with Rachel. Rachel is nervous but was thrilled to hear what Peter had just said. Constance says Peter is exactly like Rachel. Rachel admits she hasn’t said, “I love you” to any of the men yet. Constance is concerned that the men are in the same space as Rachel.

Peter sits with Alex, who asks him what items are of concern or to note that are not good about Rachel. He hasn’t seen any red flags with her yet and admits he hasn’t jumped feet first until now. Rachel talks to her mom about Peter’s small town roots and how hearing he was falling in love with her made it very genuine. She wonders if Peter can see a future with her.

Kathy sits with Peter and asks what it is about Rachel that would want him to propose to her. He says he cares about Rachel and wants to pursue a relationship with her; he doesn’t know if he can propose to her; he wants to ask Rachel’s parents for their blessing but he doesn’t feel that yet. He won’t do it until he is certain that Rachel is the one for him. Kathy says she likes that but hopes that in dating her daughter, he is holding her heart and tells him to just be honest with her. She feels Peter is genuine and appreciates his honesty.

Peter feels the day with her family went well and their relationship progressed after spending time with them.

Rachel returns and hugs Bryan, Eric and Peter, asking how they slept; Eric admits he is nervous and Rachel tells him its his turn to meet her family. She tells him he is going to meet her family, but she is taking him to tour the city first. They arrive at Reunion Tower and walk the observation deck. He says when he is with Rachel he feels comfortable and relaxed. Rachel shows him where she lives and where her father works. She teases him about being scared and tells him to hold her closer.

At the hotel, Peter admits he didn’t asked for her family’s blessing; Bryan says its a new concept to him but he knows they have a great bond and they are right for each other so he hopes to get their blessing too. Peter says he doesn’t want to be sitting there right now with her other boyfriend, while her 3rd boyfriend is with her meeting her family.

Eric tells Rachel how nervous he is about meeting her family. He says he has met families twice before; senior prom and in college, but the last one was 7 years ago. Rachel assures him it will be great as long as he is himself and encourages him to talk about where he came from; they agree that every time they are together they just keep building. Eric is ready to get acceptance from her family.

Andrea, Rachel’s cousin wants to be fair and see the dynamic Eric can bring after Peter left such a great impression. Her Uncle asks about Eric’s upbringing and he admits he grew up in a broken family and on the streets; saying he didn’t get to see the togetherness and because of that family is important to him in every aspect. Constance learns everyone embraced her as she is the first girl he ever brought home.

Constance says after watching Peter and Rachel interact, she isn’t sure Rachel and Eric are on the same playing field relationship-wise. Constance tells Eric she thinks they are on two different paths when it comes to what they want in this relationship.

Andrea thinks Eric is good looking, sweet and sincere; she said the same thing about Peter and doesn’t want to compare but Rachel feels the red flag is Eric has never been in love but Andrea likes that he knows its not a fairytale. Eric says there is nothing he isn’t willing to get to that point. He admits to loving her unconditionally but isn’t in love with her, and when he says it he wants to mean it. He says he loves kids and wants them for sure. Constance says after their conversation she knows he is ready to settle down and really cares what they think.

Kathy asks him if he is ready for marriage after he congratulates her on 38 years of marriage. He shares that he tried the single life for a really long time but he wants to be a husband, father and share a family. He says the marriage has to have commitment on all cylinders, compromises, communication, sacrifice and understanding, but most of all happiness and family that love each other; something real that sticks together through thick and thin. He asks her if he has her permission to take Rachel’s hand in marriage.

Kathy says at this point if Rachel chooses to take the journey to marriage she is comfortable with that, so wherever that leads she trusts Rachel. She likes that Eric is very honest about getting married and raising a family; she now understands how difficult this is for Rachel to decide.

Eric feels accomplished and more at ease; he says goodbye to Rachel feeling great.

At the Hilton, the men sit with Rachel as she asks how they are all doing. Bryan is nervous about meeting the family. Eric asks Rachel about the matching watch she is wearing. Eric says he isn’t mad at Bryan, telling him to do his thing; he is concerned that she is wearing the watch because if it didn’t mean anything, she wouldn’t have worn it. Bryan is going in there with confidence and hopes to impress everyone.

Peter tells Eric he is not the biggest fan of Bryan, he has his Miami confidence swagger but in Miami there is a lot of fake butts, fake boobs and fake cheeks.

Rachel tells Bryan they are going to have lunch with a couple of her girlfriends, which the other two men didn’t. She wants to show him the two friends, co-workers second, who signed her up for this entire journey. She hopes these friends will be brutally honest. Rachel reminds them to be nice, he tells them to ask the embarrassing questions. He tells them about him being a chiropractor and his own practice for 8 years.

They immediately say Bryan is just like Rachel in her confidence; Rachel finally admits she thought Bryan was a douchebag when she first met him, he never heard that before. He jokes about how after their first date, she forgot about all the other guys. Bryan just wanted her friends to see how much he cares for Rachel and feels he won them over making him more confident in meeting her family.

Bryan tells them about his family, him being the only child and his parents being married for almost 40 years. He expresses his tremendous love for Rachel and he knows this whole process is making them skeptical. Kathy says especially when he says “love”. Kathy is happy he is so close to his mother but wonders where his loyalty would lie if he was married. He says if they bumped heads, his loyalty is with the wife. Rachel jumps to defend Bryan, she isn’t happy with the questions.

Bryan says from Day 1 he felt she was his girlfriend; her sister is shocked and feels Bryan is a charmer but she doesn’t sense the sincerity. Everyone seems to get on Bryan’s back and he excuses himself. Rachel is frustrated and annoyed at how different the vibe is in the house.

She tells her family she is annoyed and after Bryan answered the questions it should have been it. Her mother tells her she is in a bubble and they see it from the outside and want to get some clarity. Alex says she is being overly emotional and Rachel bites back at him saying she doesn’t understand him right now either. She tells Alex she really likes him and he should know she is chill until she’s not. She knew her family would be thrown off about how his feelings were from the beginning and she hoped her family would see beyond that.

Constance talks to Bryan about her concerns, he isn’t knocking the way she thinks but he feels he is in love with the amazing person she is. He loves her family and how they raised her; she says that is strange to her. She hesitates but he says he needs to go back to the foundation he has with Rachel, he knows the time is short and its tough for people on the outside to get it.

Rachel says she had her reservations about his confidence but his directness made him more vocal about his emotions. Rachel says she is falling in love with him; Kathy says the word love at this point bothers her. Rachel challenges that everyone feels different about love. Kathy says she doesn’t think love can happen in that short amount of time; Rachel protests and hopes her mom acknowledges her feelings.

Kathy talks with Bryan, he says all the questions were fair, so they may not see how quickly this happened. He tells her he loves Rachel, she is everything he ever wanted in a potential wife and he will be proposing at the end of this and hopes it will turn into a wonderful marriage when they are both ready. He would love and appreciate her blessing in proposing.

Bryan believes Rachel feels the love and Kathy worries if their love will maintain in their marriage; he feels it will. She tells him to be honest with her, Kathy says she trusts Rachel’s judgment and if he thinks they can build on their love, he has her blessing.

Rachel says she is really proud of him as her family is impressed with the way he handled himself after that rocky beginning. She doesn’t think she has total clarity but she is able to see these men through someone elses eyes. She is excited to have private and alone time with each of the men before sending one home.

Rachel brings the men to La Rioja, Spain, where they are spending the next two weeks. She has never been there before and is excited to be there; nervous that in the next few days she could be proposed to and could be leaving there as an engaged woman. Its a very romantic place, perfect for falling in love. She never thought she would feel this way with 3 men at the same time.

With Bryan, they have a strong physical and emotional connection and he is the only one who has told her he is on love with her but he is the only one her family showed concern about. She cares about him but clearly cares about what her family thinks.

Peter and her connect effortlessly and was the first guy who made her believe in this journey, but is concerned about Peter telling her family he isn’t getting down on one knee if he isn’t ready to propose.

With Eric, he is the one she is most confused about as to where his feelings stand with her. They are the first to have a private date in Spain. Eric has used the word love but in a very friendly way. He has never been in love before and maybe that is where the struggle is to say he is in love. Today, they are going to explore the history of the area they are at in a helicopter. Eric thinks this is the perfect place for him to express what he is feeling.

Eric says this is the most romantic place in the world; after they leave the helicopter they walk to an ocean ridge San Juan de Gaztelugatxe; there is a villa almost on an island. They walk hand in hand and he feels he has been avoiding his feelings for so long that now its time to release his emotions.

Rachel says she loved his family and after learning about him, it made her appreciate him so much more. Eric shares what he learned about Rachel from her family. She admits she needs someone who is self aware, secure in who they are because she believes in a team mate and partnership to conquer the world together. She asks him to put his drink down, they walk over to the old Monastery, you make a wish and ring the bell and it will come true. They ring the bell and kiss.

Rachel and Eric are enjoying dinner, if all things go well, she could be offering the Fantasy Suite to Eric but she is totally worried that Eric is dancing around his feelings for her, leaving her in this limbo of where they really are. She asks him how he feels?

Eric says he feels amazing, all the moments on their journey; he keeps bringing it back to the hottub moment. He says the connection was unreal at that moment; he says its not just the physical, it was definitely emotional. He says she challenges him and he is able to open up, but he still doesn’t say the words. Rachel asks if he is ready to leap forward and get down on one knee and asks him to explain how he got there.

He sighs and says without her there is no experience and every time they are together they get better with time and nothing else matters. He admits he never felt that before and tells her he is in love with her; he tried to run week 3 and week 4 but told himself this is it and he doesn’t need to run. He is happy to be there with her and for her and has never felt this way before. He looks at her and tells her he loves her. She feels amazing knowing how he feels and is no longer confused. Rachel offers him the Fantasy Suite card from Chris Harrison and he accepts.

The following morning, Eric feels happy that he is allowing himself to let things out and is able to enjoy being free. He kisses her goodbye and tells her he loves her before she leaves. He is ready to get engaged.

Rachel meets with Peter today, he feels today is the day to just be able to spend quality time with Rachel again and try to progress their relationship. They are going to explore a vineyard together; she has never been to a vineyard before and this is the perfect place to do it. She is concerned about the reservations Peter, but he is so genuine and attentive feeling he can read her and gets her better than anyone on this entire journey and that makes her smile.

Both Peter and Rachel listen to the winemaker who tells them him and his wife have been married for 57 years; neither one of them are fluent in Spanish but Rachel understands enough that the vineyard was built on love and commitment. He sings a song to Rachel, and then they toast to their love. He hands them keys to a wine cellar that is in their names; both are speechless. Peter says its nice that they will forever have wine waiting for them in Spain.

Rachel wants to know how the conversations went with her family; both feel they are a good balance for each other, which is what her family said. He said her mom had straightforward questions and he tells Rachel he didn’t ask her mother for permission to marry her but to date her. He said when he is ready beyond this, he will then ask for permission to do so. Peter says he wants to marry her but they aren’t in that place yet; before Rachel can respond a beautiful little girl comes to see them and hands Rachel a flower.

They are brought out to stomp the grapes; they take off their shoes and begin stomping; Rachel cannot leave their conversation at just that. Rachel says tonight is everything as she is falling in love with Peter and tonight she needs to tell him where she stands and that will make or break them. She is terrified how the night will go.

That night Rachel meets Peter, she needs to dive into the issues shadowing their relationship. She needs to tell him how she feels about his reluctance to propose. Peter shares a family tradition with her; every time they open a bottle of wine, they save the cork and write something special on it to commemorate their date. He saved their cork and asks her to write Peter and Rachel on it and something special about today with the date. She writes, “To many firsts!”

Rachel wants to talk about what he mentioned earlier and to answer his question. She didn’t come this far and put her life on hold to just have a boyfriend at the end of it. She doesn’t want that; a proposal isn’t about getting married immediately but rather about cultivating a relationship and seeing what you have.

He respects her for it but unfortunately he feels differently; he wants to be truly certain the person he proposes to is someone he wants to be with for the rest of his life. He wants them to be together and hope it leads to an engagement at some point; they disagree so she felt it was important for him to know where she is coming from. He doesn’t want her to give up on what she believes, but doesn’t know if either of them can bend on this issue when they have polar opposite beliefs; neither of them know where to go from there.

Rachel says she doesn’t know what to tell him; she begins to cry as he comforts her. She doesn’t know what to say, she was hopeful for what they could be and didn’t see this coming. She is completely devastated and for the first time ever she is thinking her and Peter may not work out.