The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 5/29/17: Season 13 Episode 2

The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 5/29/17: Season 13 Episode 2

The Bachelorette 2017 airs on ABC this evening with an all new Monday, May 29 season 13 episode 2 and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. On tonight’s season 13 episode 2 as per the ABC synopsis, “Rachel takes eight lucky guys to a backyard barbecue in Malibu where Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis help with a husband material obstacle course. Later, Rachel invites one bachelor to a Palm Springs dog festival; and 10 men spend the day with NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. At the cocktail party, an unwelcome guest crashes the event and asks to see Rachel.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2017 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights, and tears. So come back tonight at 9 PM for our live The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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The Bachelorette begins tonight with Rachel Lindsay still riding the high from last night, spending time with her dog Copper. She admits last night lit a fire under her and she is ready to get this thing started.

Chris Harrison meets with the guys asking how they felt about meeting Rachel; most agreed they were struck by her beauty and she just smelled amazing. Chris hopes they are all there for the right reasons and as sincere as she is. This week 2 group dates, roses are up for grabs on both dates. On the one-on-one date if they do not receive a rose on that date, they are headed home immediately.

The first group date is Dean, Jack, Jonathan, Blake, Iggy, Kenny, Fred, and Lucas. Rachel’s message is, “I’m looking for husband material!”

The men arrive as Rachel is cooking a BBQ; they all cheers Rachel but admit today is when the boxing gloves may come out a little bit. She plays a little football with all the guys. They are again questioning Lucas on whether he is being authentic or just an eccentric persona. Blake insists Lucas is not there to seek a wife but just to be on television and he is going to be the one to ruin this for Lucas.

Rachel announces she has an activity planned for the guys; she has a game set up called “Husband material” hosted by Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. They admit they wanted to come on and help Rachel find a husband because they loved her so much, even calling the producers to include them. They joke about how proud they are that all the guys have a job; then Ashton informs them of their challenge ahead.

When asked if they any of them have kids, Kenny says he does and they feel he will have the advantage. The challenge will be taking care of dolls, as newborn babies. The guys at home are bonding and joking about the ones who will look like idiots to Rachel and be sent home. Will feels Lee is taking his confidence a little too far.

Rachel tells them the challenge is 6 different obstacles, and guys will be eliminated at each stage; and those who are eliminated need to go to the dog house. First station is to change a dirty diaper and redress the baby. Station 2, they need to put on the baby bjorn, put the inside and vacuum to the end of the lane. Station 3, remove all the hair from inside the drain of a sink. Station 4, move on to another clogged drain with a diamond ring. Station 5, then they need to set the dinner table properly, grab the flowers from the flower shop and cross the finish line where Rachel will be standing.

Ashton tells Mila he doesn’t feel Rachel’s guy is in this group, she says they need to give it time but Ashton says he knew from day one about Mila, she blushes and says someone is definitely getting laid tonight.

Watching the men is making Rachel, Ashton and Mila laugh; they have no clue how to put on the bjorns nor are the babies inside them. Iggy is placed in the dog house. After the vacuuming event, Blake is put in the dog house because his vacuum wasn’t even plugged in, he jokes that him and the baby hate Lucas.

Kenny, Fred and Lucas quickly remove all the hair from the drain and are struggling to find the diamond ring in the next sink. Lucas gets the ring first, then Kenny, they race to set the tables matching the example; they run neck and neck to the get the flowers and Lucas shoves Kenny back making him the winner; some of the guys say he cheated but they were surprised he won but truly don’t think anyone would want him to be a father to their child.

Lucas does his waahhhboom and Ashton sounds the airhorn and calls foul play. Rachel thanks them for coming and they tell her to find the one. Blake says the bad guy is winning and says the crap with Lucas ends tonight, dropping the baby on the ground.

Rachel meets with the guys from the group date and she asks if they had fun; she admits it was a lot of fun and they made it very easy for her. She says they made her feel hopeful; she turns to Lucas and pulls him first as he won the challenge to talk. She questions him about pushing Kenny and he says he did it for her. He says he is into this game to win because he wants Rachel.

Inside, Blake tells the remaining guys he met Lucas 3 years ago and warns them about him being fake; the others feel Rachel is smart enough to figure it all out. Outside, Lucas reads a poem he wrote to Rachel, she loves it. She finds him interesting and likes that he continues to surprise her.

Fred continues to try to convince Rachel he isn’t the kid she was accustomed to. She admits she is having a very hard time getting past seeing him as the kid in summer camp. She says you always remember the “bad’ kids, and he was bad!

Jack sits with Rachel telling her there is something special about her, he then laughs as she giggles. Rachel says she isn’t looking for friends, she is looking for a husband. Jonathan shares with Rachel how to truly change a baby’s bum. She says they are great guys but the conversations are very mundane. Iggy sits with Rachel and she says she is not getting the romantic aspect she needs and wants as he asks about her future career choices.

A letter arrives at the house saying, “Peter, I am looking for my best friend…” Peter is super excited about having a single date with Rachel all day the following day; the guys joke about him needing a lot of beauty sleep.

The guys questions Lucas, his catch phrase and his motive for being there. Blake feels he is disrespecting everyone and he needs to go home and he is the only chink in his armor. Blake has a talk with Rachel saying the whole day pissed him off, especially Lucas. He tells Rachel he is living with Lucas’ ex-girlfriend; tells Rachel to check out Lucas’ makeup and how he is a joke. He doesn’t regret calling Lucas out and feels Lucas is now going home.

Blake returns and confronts Lucas, revealing he told Rachel everything he told her and how fake he really is. Lucas asks if he wants to know how his connection is with Rachel and Blake shuts him down, not interested. Lucas wants to know who Blake is to judge him and says he wants to be with people who understand and appreciate who he is and tells Blake he is dismissed!

Dean comes to see Rachel and she is really disappointed with these men, there was no connection or spark until Dean walked in. She said Dean is so handsome and makes it very easy to talk to him. She says she could stare into his eyes all night. She loved his corny first line and confidence; making her intrigued and is upset that he stole her line.

Lucas and Blake continue to fight saying his ex says Blake is a crazy maniac; Blake says that is why she is being evicted. They continue to argue and Kenny is tired of the two arguing, saying he is a professional wrestler and if they want to keep going in circles go to the Santa Monica merry-go-round and enjoy the ride.

Kenny comes out to see Rachel, they talk about the challenge. She loved that he pulled out all the stops, their conversation quickly turns to his beautiful 10-yr-old daughter. He shares his visions of the future and adventures they could all have. Rachel sees how much of an amazing father he is, and it is beautiful knowing he could be like that with her too. He admits being older makes him see it more real and wanting to settle down, they walk back into the room holding hands.

Rachel picks up the rose on the table, appreciating their time saying it was fun and informative; she gives the group date rose to Dean; Dean walks her out and finally realizes that this could lead to something. He hugs her, asking if she is sure she doesn’t want him on the next group date or on the one-on-one? She jokes asking if he is getting greedy. They kiss after she says she will keep that in mind. She feels there was a lot of sincerity behind that kiss.

The following morning, Josiah and DeMario joke about who is going to marry Rachel and who will be the best man as Peter goes out on his date with Rachel. She is intrigued by Peter and that is why she chose the one-on-one but she just revealed it is going to be a two-on-one. She says her best friend was in a recent accident and she wanted him to join them; a car arrives with her dog Copper inside. She says her best friend can be a critic, so Peter is being put to the test right now.

They arrive in Palm Springs, where she says they have to follow the dog prints and come upon a dog pool party called Barkfest. Rachel is having a great time, enjoying that Peter is attentive to the dog; Peter feels very connected to her and are able to spend a lot of private time talking; everything exceeded her expectations. She says Peter is blowing her mind and wants to know him on a much deeper level.

All the guys are called into the mansion, as there is a knock at the door. Blake reads the letter that says to Will, Jamey, Diggy, Alex, Adam, Lee, Matt, Eric, Josiah, DeMario, “SWISH”.

As Rachel and Peter continue their day at the La Quinta Resort & Club. Rachel feels things couldn’t get any better but doesn’t want to get caught up in how great things are initially. She sees a lot of potential with Peter but needs to know how he feels if she is going to hand him a rose and move forward.

He admits his parents are very supportive of him and they joke that they both have a gap between their front teeth and their kids will be pretty much screwed. He said he never knew it had another option but she says her dentist said it adds character; they both feel it and she loves the romance but wants to know why he is single. He admits being brokenhearted and went to see a therapist to help him, she did the same thing; both agreeing it was the best decision in their lives.

Rachel gives him the one-on-one rose and he thanks her with a passionate kiss. She says she is a smitten kitten over Peter. She feels they connect in all the right ways and can’t stop smiling; they look at the stars and constellations together, when she surprises him with fireworks.

Rachel meets the guys at a school gym where they are going to play some basketball. She tells them she played basketball competitively but since she is a little rusty she invited a friend to come help them play; in comes 7ft 2in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He thinks Rachel is sweet and says watching people play basketball shows you how well they can work with others; excelling as an individual and as a teammate.

Rachel is looking for a guy who takes initiative is assertive and stands out. She is enjoying that they are simply having fun; she admits she has chemistry with DeMario. He feels he is a born winner like Tom Brady and the SuperBowl.

After the game she speaks to Kareem who reminds her that relationships is like team work and if they don’t work together things go south really quick. She says she is keeping an eye on DeMario and was surprised he dunked on her; Kareem tells her to be careful as some people do a Jekyll and Hyde.

Kareem talks to them about the game and says some of them can’t play worth a damn but you don’t need to play basketball to get married; he informs them they are going to play a game in front of a full house. The guys get ready for their game and are pumped to show Rachel how they play, saying women love seeing their men playing sports.

Chris Harrison introduces Rachel Lindsay and Kareem to the fans and both teams rush into the gym. The fans are booing as there are more air balls than actual shots; Rachel loves they are working as a team, she loves the hustle and integrity they are showing her. At half-time, Rachel gives both teams a pep talk and during the second half DeMario is impressing Rachel whose weakness is clearly an athlete. It was nice to see the guys having a blast.

A woman named Lexi approaches Rachel and they sit in the bleachers to talk. She tells Rachel she was watching TV last week and saw the guy who came out with the engagement ring, DeMario was just her boyfriend of 7 months. Lexi calls him a liar and says he still has the keys to her apartment. Rachel is at a loss for words; she said he literally just disappeared and they had never even broken up. She hadn’t heard from him in 3 days and turns her TV on and he is on the Bachelorette. Rachel leaves to grab DeMario.

Rachel comes into the locker room and asks if she can borrow DeMario for a second; he is pumped to have some extra time with her. The guys feel Rachel wanted extra time after he was busy flirting with her on the court. Lexi looks at DeMario and says, “Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it DeMario!” He looks at her asking Rachel who she is, but Lexi isn’t backing down.

The other men have no idea what is happening, some feeling she is giving DeMario a rose right now. When DeMario asks who she is, Lexi right away says he still has the keys to her apartment, swearing at him, asking if he thought he could deceive all these people planning to wife this girl, while he was in her bed weeks before. DeMario says she is a psycho; but Lexi says she has a full paper trail.

DeMario wants to speak in private but Rachel says her private life is out there so if he has nothing to hide he should speak his truth. He says he met Lexi a few times, they had something going and then he lost it with her. He keeps saying she is lying but he says they were on and off again, but he went to her house and ended it. Lexi swears on her father’s grave she is telling the truth.

DeMario is confronted by Rachel who asked him if he fully cut it off with Lexi and he says he didn’t completely and when she presses, he doesn’t have any real true answers for her. He at first said he didn’t have the keys to her apartment, then says he mailed them back to her. Rachel says she is listening to what he is saying but she doesn’t know Lexi but what he is saying doesn’t make sense.
Lexi tells Rachel she has proof in messages of the last time he was with her and when he was leaving. Rachel asks if she looks at the messages if it alludes to them having something more than friendship. When he says that they have had sex, Rachel puts her hand out and takes Lexi’s phone. After reading the messages, Rachel says she doesn’t want someone who is texting “good night babe” to another woman. Lexi smirks saying he is caught in his own lies right now.

Rachel says she is going to make this really simple, she is not there to be played, she is not there to be made a joke of; which she feels he is doing. She tells him to get the hell out! She says she doesn’t like being embarrassed and can’t even look at him; he leaves apologizing and says this is nuts. Rachel tells the cameras this isn’t what she signed up for and walks out of the school.

She tells Chris Harrison she is so annoyed and pissed she doesn’t want to talk about it and wants out. She feels the guys need to know how she feels about being played and looking like a fool. She returns to the locker room and informs them that she found out DeMario has a girlfriend or whatever it was. She says Lexi came and confronted him and he couldn’t explain himself so she sent him home. She begins to choke up saying she is keeping it real and doesn’t want to be a joke or a fool and tells them if they have a girlfriend, tell her the truth and just go.

Everyone is shocked and upset that DeMario could do that to someone like Rachel and how that is a total slap in her face. The group arrive for their evening with Rachel and understand they need to lift her spirits as DeMario really destroyed her spirit and ruined most of the day; she is hurt and uncomfortable making her think if all the other men are messing with her too.
Josiah meets with her first, expressing how he feels about what DeMario did and leans in to kiss her, looking to see where they will go. She feels Josiah showed his protective side of her and how genuine he was really stood out.

Diggy shares how sad he felt for her when he saw the hurt in her eyes. Rachel says the silver lining is she is having some amazing conversations with the guys. She holds hands with some of them as they all make the night so much more emotional; she is watching how they are all dealing with the conflict. Alex literally makes her burst out laughing and the guys are happy the ice has broken; their interaction was short but it was good. She talks with Eric and kisses him for being gentle and sweet.

Rachel gives the guys credit, saying they were all amazing and if she could give out 9 roses tonight she would, but she only has one. She gives the group rose to Josiah for his protectiveness and their genuine connection; he felt butterflies when he was with her.

The rose ceremony day arrives and the mood is a bit down in the house, over DeMario’s situation and how others will be leaving tonight; most of the men feel bad and think DeMario is shady.

Rachel joins the men saying honestly DeMario’s deception made her question them and whether she should even do the whole show. She says its because of them she is still there and thanks them.

Rachel and Bryan take a moment to themselves and he immediately kisses her, saying he missed her so much. She apologizes for not having a date with him, and he shares how he was worried about how she felt after what DeMario did to her. He puts her on a table and gives her a back massage as he is a chiropractor.
Security is informed someone is outside wanting to see Rachel, the producer arrives saying he will speak to Chris Harrison and see what he says about him speaking to Rachel one last time. Rachel is having a great time with the guys completely unaware that DeMario is right outside.

DeMario tells Chris his character has been assassinated and wants to have his chance to speak to Rachel. Chris says he will speak to Rachel and leave it entirely up to her; as she is talking to Fred, Chris comes and takes Rachel aside and tells her there is an uninvited guest, DeMario who wants to speak to her. Rachel thinks for a moment and she is reassured security is there with him. Her curiosity is peaked and she wants to know, she puts her drunk down and is escorted by Chris to the gates.

Lee rushes in and tells all the men DeMario is out front and they all decide to go out front as well; saying they are all going to step up and make him leave, even suggesting to whoop his ass.