The Brave Recap 10/16/17: Season 1 Episode 4 “Break Out”

The Brave Recap 10/16/17: Season 1 Episode 4 "Break Out"

Tonight on NBC their new military drama The Brave airs with an all-new Monday, October 16, 2017, episode and we have your The Brave recap below.  On tonight’s The Brave season 1 episode 4 as per the NBC synopsis, “An American traitor who turned to terrorism becomes integral in preventing the next attack on U.S. soil.”

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D.D. Patricia Campbell joined the rest of the ground team out in Helmand, Afghanistan on tonight’s episode of “The Brave” because Intelligence received key information that an attack was imminent on a US Base.

Campbell had gone out to Afghanistan because the one person that could tell her more about the attack was being held by the Afghani. The Afghani military was rounding up members of the Taliban and sending them to Helmand, however, the man that Campbell wanted to speak to happened to be an American. An American that had been radicalized and turned into the very thing this country has been trying to fight. But this an American, Nate, had had every reason not to want to stay in Michigan.

Nate had unfortunately lost his father at a young age and had gone on to be neglected by his mother. But Nate proved to be the perfect type of weapon. He was disenfranchised, had no personal connection to family, and had wanted to feel important for once. So the Taliban recruited and brainwashed him to their cause. They made him believe that the United States were the evil ones and that he should die for what they made him believe in though Campbell still had to try to get Nate to talk and so she went into the Helmand Prison with just two men.

Campbell entered the prison with Captain Dalton and McG. But both men hadn’t been allowed to take any major weapons with them. They had to leave the heavy stuff and behind entered the prison with what they could easily control. So the men had thought everything was going to turn out alright because they had faith in the Afghani guarding the prison and Campbell. Campbell has been known to break the unbreakable and so she went directly to Nate. Nate was being held in the basement of the compound and the men eventually lost touch with Washington as they went down.

There was no service down there and so it had just been the Americans. There had a guard at the top of the stairs and other than that they were completely cut off when the prisoners began to riot. The prisoners had somehow gotten one of the guards to turn against the others and so it was easy for them to start attacking the rest of the guards. Especially, as there had been fifty guards compared to the two thousand prisoners. So the team didn’t know what was wrong until they started to hear gunshots and Dalton said he’d check out the scene.

But Dalton went up to find a world gone mad. Their guard had been killed and the prisoners were overrunning the prison. So Dalton got in touch with everyone. He reported the situation to Washington and asked for reinforcements, but he also needed help with getting out of the prison. His men had been left outside and so they knew they could create a couple of distractions for Dalton just Washington didn’t know how to get the guys out of the prison without using the front entrance. There was no recent map of the prison and so the closest thing they could find was a manual for Americans twenty years ago.

So a few things have changed since then. Washington was only able to give advice that may or may not work out and the only other exit they found had been covered years ago. But Dalton’s team had taken orders. They had kept the prisoners from leaving with Jaz shooting from a rooftop and the others closing the gates except they didn’t like it. They had trapped their own team in with rioters that weren’t really rioting. Washington had found out that Campbell’s helicopter had gotten attacked and that the same people that did it were heading to the prison. So what seemed like a riot was, in fact, a Prison Break.

The Taliban had wanted to recollect their members and so they set everything up to free all two thousand terrorists. But Jaz was able to spot from her position a guard that was about to executed and so she saved his life while directing him to Dalton. Dalton needed a way to get out of the prison and the guard was their best chance. So together they were all moved to an exit yet the team had suffered some hits. The guard was eventually killed and their prisoner had taken a gunshot to the leg.

Nate’s gunshot wound was pretty bad and he needed urgent medical attention. But he waited until the others had either went to find something or turned their back on him to make his move. Nate had brought something up to Campbell’s neck and he demanded to be left alone with her. So Campbell told McG to go and then she dealt with Nate. Nate hadn’t seemed like someone that was prepared to die because the whole time he had been trying to survive with them though he said he had stayed alive because he wanted to kill her for his cause. And so Campbell called bull on that.

Campbell had seen what shape he was in and she told him that he did want to leave because she could see it in his eyes. But Nate didn’t make things easy on himself. He was losing a lot of blood and could barely stand up. So Campbell had had to treat him. She put pressure on the wound until the other guys came and they were told that they had to escape from the prison fast. There were going to be no reinforcements and the closet drone that the Americans had in the air was a good five minutes away.

Dalton’s team had blown a hole through the side of the prison and had gotten the others. But then they had to move quickly. The explosion was seen by some of the armed men heading their way and so two of the cars had decided to follow Dalton’s team however they soon gained on the men and was able to knock them off the road. So Dalton had to call in the drone and then get out of the way only Campbell didn’t want Nate to be moved. She said Nate had to tell them where the attack was going to happen and that she wouldn’t leave until he talked.

Only Nate thought she was bluffing. So Campbell talked about her son. Her son had been a Marine and he had been killed while trying to build a school for children, but Campbell said she would gladly die with Nate or he could stop the circle of violence before other mothers had to bury their own sons if Nate didn’t give them the information about the attack. But it wasn’t until he saw how serious she was that Nate finally talked. He told her where the attack was going to take place and had left with her right before the drone had been called in.

But it was only by pure luck that they survived and so Campbell had taken quite a risk, but they manage to protect a military base and Nate looked like he was going to make it after all. So the only one that had been messed up by the whole ordeal had been the poor analyst that had stepped in for Campbell while she was in Afghanistan because he was the one that had to call a drone strike on his friend and boss.



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