The Good Fight Premiere Recap 2/19/17: Season 1 Episode 1 “Inauguration”

The Good Fight Premiere Recap 2/19/17: Season 1 Episode 1 "Inauguration"

Tonight on CBS their new drama The Good Fight a spin-off of the hit show The Good Wife airs with an all new Sunday, February 19, 2017, premiere episode and we have your The Good Fight recap below.  On tonight’s The Good Fight episode as per the CBS synopsis, “The Good Wife” spin-off begins with a large financial scam destroying the reputation of a young lawyer and wiping out her mentor Diane Lockhart’s (Christine Baranski) savings. The two then join Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo) at one of Chicago’s pre-eminent law firms.

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The Good Fight begins tonight with Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) watching the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. Flashing to Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie) writing her final bar exam and then finds on the computer that her results are not available yet. Diane is busy looking for properties in Provence, France. Maia’s screams awake her girlfriend, Amy Breslin (Helene Yorke) when she learns she passed and is officially a lawyer.

Dianesay the firm is top heavy with 8 associates and then says she is retiring, she wants to relax, live life, write a memoir and take a deep breath. Maia learns from Lily that the firm usually fires half of the new interns within the first month. All the new hires at told to stand up and they are not there to learn, they are there to help the lawyers, including if they want their dry-cleaning done. As they are given file boxes, when Maia’s name is called she is given a few files and shows her her desk asking her to say hi to her parents from him.

Maia calls her mother after she sees the flowers on her desk telling her it was a nice gesture but not to do it again because it makes her look entitled. Her mother and father conference call asking if people are not being nice to her. She doesn’t want the attention but her mother asks if she should call Diane and put her in her own office?

Diane is Maia’s godmother and tells Maia to let her spoil her a little bit; that her parents called and there is an empty office if she wants it. She then presents her with a gift she received from Pearl Hart, the first female public defender in Chicago. She tells Maia to take notes on the deposition and afterwards she will ask Maia what she thinks they should offer as a settlement.

When they arrive in the meeting room, Diane greets Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo), congratulating her on her new job. Robert Boseman (Delroy Lindo) arrives and the meeting begins.

The legal teams sit and watch a video Hunter recorded of police officers beating up Toby, who Boseman calls a victim but Diane prefers to call him an arrestee. Boseman says he is a victim who now lives in a wheelchair and his parents have to feet him. Hunter recounts the events as the recording plays.

Diane learns Hunter and Toby were friends and reveals there is 1 minute and 20 seconds of meta data missing from the recording. Lucca objects. Behind closed doors Maia says to offer them $4 million; Diane tells her they were told by the county to keep it under $500,000.

Lucca and Boseman return and offers them $140,000 for “poor innocent car thief”. Lucca asks Diane when she became so cynical and Diane responds by telling her to just stick to the facts. Boseman says they will stick to their $4 million and Diane says she will only come up to $400,000. Boseman says they will see her tomorrow.

Once they leave, Diane tells Maia to search all files on police brutality cases in the past 10 years and if she needs another associate, to grab one. Maia questions if they are on the right side on this one. Diane advises her to wait, watch and listen; eventually everyone reveals themselves. Maia asks Lily to help her, she agrees.

Boseman meets with his team, when Barbara Kolstad (Erica Tazel) asks Lucca if Diane will come up on her offer; she believes Diane has something to prove and she will prove it. Lucca share she is retiring and she wants to go out with a win. Barbara says to get Diane to a million and move on.

Diane is at her own retirement party when she is greeted by Maia’s parents. Maia’s mother is jealous she is buying a house in Provence; she speaks to Maia’s father about coming up with the down payment but he suggests she borrow money to pay for it. Just then their daughters, Maia and Amy arrive, and Maia’s mother asks when they are getting married. Maia makes a startling revelation as they are leaving the party.

Maia shares with Diane that the car Toby and Hunter is the same type of car as her parents and even if someone bumps into the car the blue perimeter lights on the side of the car flash, there are 4 cameras that also begin to record to its hard-drive. Diane realizes the owner of the car has video of the police encounter that they cannot erase.

Amy calls Maia saying there are FBI in their apartment with a warrant, asking if they share any bank accounts. She believes it is about Maia’s dad, but hangs up before anything else is shared. Maia calls her father, demanding answers and Diane is called out of a meeting to speak to her accountant too.

Maia arrives at her parent’s place while he is being escorted out in handcuffs by the FBI. Diane is on the phone, turns on the TV and finds out that Maia’s father, Henry has been pulling a Ponzi scheme and all her retirement funds are gone. Lucca watches the news unfolding, recognizing Maia.

Rupert Bennox (Scott Bryce) arrives at Maia’s parents home saying her dad needs her help. Rupert asks Maia to look at all the money transfer signatures but Amy pleads with her to leave and they shouldn’t be there for this. Rupert asks her to initial all the pages and Amy says he is her parents’ lawyer, not Maia’s.

When her mother pushes her to listen to Rupert, Maia asks if they have attorney/client privilege and he says no. She hugs her mother and leaves. Media is talking about then entire Rindell family, victims even suggesting Maia should be punished too since she probably knew.

Diane is going over her financials, learning all her money is gone and the Rindells never invested a cent since 2008; she is furious that she steered people to them. He says they need to get out of the escrow, there will be a penalty but they must get out now. She looks at the pamphlet of her new place in Provence and agrees.

She also has to delay her retirement since the government will freeze her accounts, and allow her to have a sustainable life finance. She is told she can no longer live the way she is living unless she gets a sub-letter, he then questions her about her divorce. She is told to finalize the divorce or his accounts could be frozen too.

Diane meets with her associates and tells them it isn’t just the money situation but she loves the job. She suggests she finishes the case and stay on; but is told she signed her exit agreement and ripping it up doesn’t work for them. The firm already reorganized around her leaving. They said it is no longer her firm, but she could stay on in another position.

Diane meets with other potential firms, who offered her positions at her retirement party; all of them give her the run around. She demands to know what is going on. She is told she is not a spring chicken any more and many people lost their money to the Rindells; people she referred them too. She is advised to give it time because right now she is poison to all firms and to let it pass.

Curt is waiting at Diane’s door when she gets home saying her accountant called him asking for a divorce. She explains it’s not about them, it’s about the money and his accounts could be frozen if they don’t. He is surprised to learn she is out of a job, on top of being broke. She begins to cry that her life is over and meaningless. She doesn’t want to be responsible for him going broke and begs him to divorce her.

At the law firm, Maia apologizes to Diane, she says everything depends on if she gets her money back. Boseman and Lucca realize this is the opening they have been waiting for. Diane is badgering Toby when Lucca says she understands she isn’t happy with her life but she can’t take it out on their client.

One of Henry Rindell’s victims chases Maia in the office, accusing her of stealing all his family’s money. Lucca shouts for him to get out and goes to the bathroom and tells Maia not to let them see her cry and harder herself; ignore what people say, don’t watch TV or go on the internet and never give them the satisfaction of eye contact; it’s hard, but it ends.

It is late at night, and Diane is given the thumb drive of the car’s camera and learns Boseman is there to see her. He wants her to join his firm, she laughs. He says it isn’t about this case, but the next one and all the ones after that. He says he doesn’t want her to beat them, but join them to beat them and be on the right side of things again. Boseman says she got screwed there and the best response is to come with him and screw them back.

Barbara is furious that Boseman offered Diane a position there without caring what the other partners thought. He says he saw an opportunity since the firm Diane is at now will have all the police brutality cases from here to eternity, and in the very least they lose their best attorney, and on every case forward she can help them with strategy.

Barbara describes Diane as a determined woman who won’t stop until she is in the inner circle, which is also describing herself and Boseman. Barbara brings in Lucca, asking her thoughts on bringing in Diane as a partner; Lucca reluctantly says yes because she is a great lawyer and an asset. Barbara gives in.

Amy learns TMZ posted a sex tape that is supposedly her an Maia; Maia tells her she needs to stay sane and ignore the stuff. Curt comes to see Diane and says he doesn’t want a divorce because he doesn’t want the door to close completely; Diane informs him the door is closed. He tells her to file for the divorce then, because he won’t do it.

Diane informs the firm she is switching sides. She hands them the thumb drive, showing that the police were unprovoked and it looks like it will be a $6 million payout. She says goodbye and it was fun.

Maia Rindell is told to stand up but the FBI, who ask if anything there is hers. Diane sees the portfolio she gave Maia, and when she comes to see her, she watches the FBI going through her desk; Maia is fired from the firm.

Diane calls Boseman telling him the firm is going to call him soon with a settlement amount and informs him about the associate who found the key piece of evidence was just fired from the firm. Diane finds Maia sitting outside the building and gives her the portfolio from Pearl Hart. Maia says she is done, Diane says no she isn’t and she needs to come with her because its not over yet.

The End!