Elementary Recap 6/11/18: Season 6 Episode 7 “Sober Companions”

Elementary Recap 6/11/18: Season 6 Episode 7 "Sober Companions"

Tonight the CBS series Elementary airs with an all-new Monday, June 11, 2018, season 6 episode 7 and we have your Elementary recap below. On tonight’s episode called, “Sober Companions” as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes and Watson hunt a serial killer after a murder rocks their inner circle. Also, Holmes’ neurological recovery regresses and his sobriety wavers as his commitment to catching the killer grows into an obsession.”

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Police are at Hannah’s house. Gregson talks to Hannah outside. She tells him, Marcus and Watson that when she came home and discovered her roommate murdered on the couch that she looked like she had been posted.

Inside the house, Holmes tells Watson that the victim isn’t wearing any of her own clothes. Maybe she is wearing the clothes of other victims? They could have a serial killer on their hands.

Back at the precinct, Gregson and Holmes present the new case to the other detectives. Holmes tells them that they do in fact have a serial killer on the loose. The victim has 10 different garments from other missing women who were found murdered.

Watson and Marcus tell Gregson and Holmes that they found a husband of a murdered woman who reported years back he saw someone running from his house. The husband was tried and convicted. Strangely, the woman was murdered in the same fashion as Hannah’s roommate.

Gregson and Holmes visit the husband in jail. He tells them he didn’t kill his wife. He has repeatedly tried to get a new trial but he was never granted one. The killer sent him a letter two years ago. The court dismissed it has not been proof enough.

Marcus and Watson head to a little shop where they sell the earrings found on their victim. They haven’t been able to trace the earrings to a victim. The shop owner isn’t much help.

Watson and Holmes meet up at home. Holmes hasn’t slept in days and he has a headache. Watson explains that she did manage to get video footage from other businesses around the earring shop. She will look at the footage if Holmes rests. He agrees to for one hour. Later, Watson has fallen asleep in her chair. She wakes to Holmes looking through footage. He has found the woman who bought the earrings. She is the same woman his friend Michael asked him to look for.

Michael comes downstairs in his home to see Holmes on his front stoop. Holmes tells him he has to apologize for not looking into his friend Polly. He thinks she is dead. Her earrings were found on a dead woman 2 days earlier. Michael pretends to upset. Holmes promises to keep him updated and assures him he will find the killer. Holmes leaves and meets Watson on the side of the street. He tells her that Michael definitely did it.

Watson meets with Gregson to tell him about Michael and Holmes. Gregson is angry that Holmes didn’t know he was a killer. Watson mentions that he drives a GTI. Gregson becomes worried. Hannah had her car clipped by a GTI. They call her in. She tells him she was hit by Michael’s car and then accepted to have coffee with him.

Watson and Holmes sit in the car parked outside of Michael’s house on a stakeout. Holmes looks horrible. Watson tells him if he wants to stay she needs to get his meds. There is a pharmacy just around the corner. She leaves him in the car to walk on foot. Michael appears in the window minutes later. He tells Holmes he thought she would never leave. Watson returns and the car is gone.

Holmes wakes up in a hospital. He looks around. Michael comes into his room. He tells him he lunged at him. He wasn’t doing well so he brought him to the hospital. Holmes asks him if he did anything to Watson. He says no. Michael sits and tells him he did in fact kill all of the other women. He killed them to stay clean. Holmes asks him what he did with Polly. He refuses to answer. He tells Holmes all of the killings helped him to stay off heroin. They share that, the fact that their work keeps them clean. They need each other. Michael gets up and leaves.

Watson brings Holmes home. She is mad at him. He is in clinical fatigue now. His blood pressure is up. Holmes insists that he needs to finish this. Michael confessed to him that when they talked by phone last he had his hands full with Polly. Then he will rest. They get to work tracking Michael’s whereabouts when he called Holmes. They think they have something. They head out to the woods with Marcus, Gregson and dogs. They find a mannequin, not Polly.

Back at the precinct, Holmes is upset. He had no idea what Michael is going to do next. He tells Watson he is spent and going home. He heads to the backroom of a club and buys heroin. He calls Watson home right away. She arrives to find him with heroin. He tells her it isn’t for him but for Michael. He wants to unmoor him. It is a disgusting plan but he is desperate. Watson wants to help.

They head to Michael’s house. He is long gone. He watches remotely as Watson is in his home that has been cleaned out. Michael calls Holmes and tells him he has left on a trip. Holmes promises he will rot in jail.

The next day, Holmes says goodbye to Watson. He is headed to Vermont for some rest.



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