Supernatural Recap 11/15/18: Season 14 Episode 6 “Optimism”

Supernatural Recap 11/15/18: Season 14 Episode 6 "Optimism"

Supernatural airs tonight on the CW with an all new Thursday, November 15, season 14 episode 6 called “Optimism,” and we have your Supernatural recap below. On tonight’s Supernatural episode as per the CW synopsis “Sam and Charlie team up to get to the bottom of a string of random disappearances. Meanwhile, Jack believes that he has found a case and convinces Dean to partner with him on the hunt.

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A woman named Harper walks to her local library and opens it. She begins working putting books away. Her friend Winston comes to see her make sure they still have a date. She says yes. Suddenly, Harpere’s friend Miles comes out of nowhere and wants to know who is bothering her. She brushed him off, telling him she is fine. Winston leaves, walking happily down the sidewalk, smiling. He is suddenly grabbed, pulled into a bush and murdered.

Jack is up in the kitchen. Dean comes in. He tells him Sam and Charlie are out on a stakeout. Jack knows it must be exciting. Meanwhile, Charlie and Sam look like they could fall asleep as they wait for something to happen at Pete’s Pestnation.

Jack tells Dean he is bored. Dean tells him Sam is just trying to keep him safe. Jack shows Dean a weird story about a man pulled into some bushes. He is dead. Bite marks were found on him. He wants to hunt and see what is going on. Dean agrees. They hit a diner first to get the rundown on the victim, Winston. All the locals point them to a girl named Harper. She’s bad luck and Winston was connected to her.

Charlie tells Sam about life before the apocalypse. She lived with the love of her life, Kara. And then everything fell apart when devastation took over.

Dean and Jack eat pie will they come up with a plan to get Harper to talk. They head to the library. Dean poses as a mean FBI agent while Jack acts the hero and shows up to save her from questioning. She is suddenly smitten and after talking, invites him to see a book she has at her apartment. Just as they leave, Miles shows up and tells her what she is doing isn’t safe. She doesn’t even know this guy. She ignores his concerns and she and Jack leave. Dean watches from his car. He gets out and looks around after Miles walks off. He hears a scream and finds Miles dead in an alleyway. No-one is around.

Charlie tells Sam she is done after this case they are on. Meanwhile, Harper feels weird now that she brought jack back to her apartment. While she looks for the book, Jack looks around. When she returns he tries to find out she is a demon with holy water. She isn’t.

Charlie shows Sam in a book that they may be looking for a Musca. Suddenly, they see an individual dress in black with a briefcase sitting on a bus bench next to two women who leave after he gets too close.

Harper tells Jack about her boyfriend from high school who left to see the world. She just has bad luck, apparently. She asks if he believes in love at first sight.  Jack leaves to the bathroom and calls Dean, who gets attacked. Minutes later, Dean arrives at Harper’s. He locks them all in. Something is on the other side of the door.

Dean looks around as something kicks in the door. He sees a picture and recognizes the guy as the one who punched him in the face. Harper tells him that is her ex-Vance. He lives in Connecticut. Not anymore, Dean tells her. Now he is a monster. He breaks his way in and Dean takes him on.

Hours go by and finally their man of interest is back. Sam and Charlie see him carry someone behind the bus stop. Meanwhile, Jack and Harper escape to the library while Dean fights off Vance.

Sam and Charlie head behind the building where the man went. They see a door with goo on it. He must be in there. They head in. It’s dark and smells like pine cleaner and rotting meat. There are flies everywhere. There are bodies everywhere and some of them are still alive. One of them grabs Charlie who falls and hits her head. Sam goes to help and a monster with a fly head attacks him. Charlie comes to and intervenes. They take him down.

Jack and Harper hide inside the library with the lights out. Jack realizes she didn’t lock the door. Harper walks up to the door and sees Vance outside. She lets him in and kisses him. Jack is in awe. She tells him Vance is her boyfriend and this is a little game they play. Vance needs to eat human flesh to maintain his body. Jack backs up. Vance chases at him. Jack hides. Dean turns up quietly in an aisle. They need to get Vance in a grave and drive a stake through his heart. But after some fighting, they chain him to a pipe and a book cart. The silver handcuffs burn him. Harper runs off.

On their way home, Sam convinces Charlie to think about staying. They help people who help other people and that is all they can hope for. Meanwhile, Harper writes a letter to Jack about how she cannot wait to be with him. All she needs to do now is kill him and bring him back and they can be together.

At home, Dean and Jack talk about their adventures and how Jack is bound to make some mistakes. But you did good kid, Dean tells him. Jack smiles and coughs a little before coughing a lot. Blood is on his hand and coming out of his nose. He collapses. Dean runs to his side.


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