New Amsterdam Recap 01/21/20: Season 2 Episode 11 “Hiding Behind My Smile”

New Amsterdam Recap 01/21/20: Season 2 Episode 11 "Hiding Behind My Smile"

Tonight on NBC New Amsterdam airs with an all-new Tuesday, January 21, 2019, season 2 episode 11 called, “Hiding Behind My Smile,” and we have your New Amsterdam recap below. On tonight’s New Amsterdam season 2 episode 11 as per the NBC synopsis, “Max and Luna make friends in an unexpected place as he struggles with the realities of being a single father. Meanwhile, Kapoor takes a big step in order to help his family.”

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New Amsterdam begins tonight with Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) walking to New Amsterdam, not prepared to face her day after her reprimand; but notices that the world has gone one without her/ She takes several photos, returning her administration cards and is now only a doctor there. She then proceeds to stand in the bathroom to watch Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) pee for her drug testing. Lauren admits she isn’t okay, feeling anything that has to do with her family is cursed, especially when there is money involved. Helen says she has so much time freed up but feels like she is trespassing in her own hospital, wanting to only go through her hospital and focus on her patients.

Max catches her walking down the hallway, admitting he missed her at the department head meeting. He brings her up to speed on Luna and her 6 months check-up. He says a cheesy pun before she vanishes on him.

Meanwhile, Ella (Dierdre Friel) arrives at Dr. Vijay Kapoor’s (Anupam Kher) house, where he welcomes her to her new home; after a brief ritual, he shows her the house which is full of clutter and not much space for her own things; making it much harder for her own OCD. He instructs her that she cannot touch the things the way they are. It appears there will be issues but she doesn’t say anything.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) gets a message from Evie Garrison (Margot Bingham) who asks him if he has told Max that he is leaving New Amsterdam and following her out there. He is about to answer when ht gets an emergency Thoracic trauma page to the ED. Both him and Lauren are given information about the patient from Nurse Casey Acosta (Alejandro Hernandez); both Lauren and Floyd are certain they can perform the long surgery after their injuries. She is a marine and rushed off to surgery; just as they are moving her another patient is brought in with a severe allergic reaction and after a double dose of an EpiPen, Trey is able to speak and say nothing happened before like this but he fell on his head 4 years ago. Lauren sends him off for some tests.

Max sits with Luna waiting for her 6 months check-up and needles, this is where he meets baby Bobby and her mother, Alice aka Anxious in Hospitals and he calls himself “Hiding behind his Smiles Max”.

Meanwhile, Helene learns of Max’s big idea of no screens at the hospital and Helen tells her that she needs to take it seriously and as the chair of the department she needs to follow the rule. Dr. Baker stops Helen in the hallway, demanding she vetoes the votes for no screen but she says she is no longer in the board and cannot do anything; several more people approach her until she finally screams at all of them that she is not anyone who in charge of anything so they should keep their heads down, swallow their pride and do the one damn thing Max is asking of them and just for their record they should bloody well know the name of their patients’ names.

Back while waiting for the room, Max talks to Alice saying it is nice to meet them learning that Bobby is always having ear infections. Max is called in shortly after that.

Lauren meets with an elderly patient who fell. He has various rates of pain. She recaps it is his shoulder, knee, foot, and skin. She asks him about all of his concerns, forcing her to sit down for a while, even admitting he is freezing; she suggests getting his chart before she forgets, but is useless by the time she reaches a computer.

Floyd is performing the surgery, but heartrate is still rising; meaning something else is wrong. Her body is rejecting the blood and hematology is called immediately. Sharpe is unable to be there and is onto it immediately.

Trey meets with Helene who has the impossible task of telling him that his allergies reveal his lymphoma has returned and spread to beyond anything they can treat. She is so sorry that they beat it the first time and gives him a timeline of 4 through 6 months. He insists on his parents not knowing what is going on, leaving Helen heartbroken and Trey all alone.

Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) is busy studying up on Narcissistic Personality Disorder, something he has been diagnosed with and is struggling with. Helen comes to his office and he asks if she believes he has it. Helen gives him a hypothetical and tells him a story that makes him believe he isn’t. She presents him with Trey’s case; he is 18 and wants to die alone.

Outside, Kapoor stops Helen and discusses Max’s take on removing the screens and his department is in chaos and Max listens to her; pleading with her to do it for the patients. Int he middle of Luna’s appointment, Helen calls Max who reveals to her something is wrong with Luna, saying she needs nothing but she is heading there now.

Max is told not to panic as they tell him, they highly doubt it is cancer but he wants them to do a biopsy anyway. Helen listens to the frustrated staff to relieve Max’s burden. She suggests hiring interns who can take notes while they deal with the patients, which they are all thrilled but she doesn’t reveal Max has no idea said it. Lauren returns to Eli, her elderly patient says she had to dig deep and found out he has a low thyroid that explains all his symptoms. He asks about the cut on his leg that won’t heal and now he has stumped her again.

Helene is stopped by Sandra Fall (Anna Suzuki) informs Helen she cannot forward the requisition without Max’s consent and signature. Helene tells her to turn around and signs it as Sandra admits that is something Max would do.

Iggy and Trey meet and talk; he says that he is very clear on his situation and feels he is 18, 3 years of that was sidelined with cancer and if he told his parents the truth he would always be seeing the sad look on their faces. Iggy tells him cancer is not something he cannot hide, but he says his friend, Jemma will rescue him and he will take off; which makes Iggy remind him that his parents would find out about him dying from far away; but he understands that but at least they won’t see him the way he will be as he goes. Iggy agrees with his mental health.

Max is unable to calm Luna down and Alice tells him not to worry about it as he says his wife would have been better at this; giving Alice a try to do it. She instantly calms in Alice’s arms as Alice says being a single parent isn’t easy but he will get through it. Alice is called away for her appointment and he wishes her good luck.

Floyd finds out that his patient has Lupus and they have no blood for her at their hospital to save her.

Max comes back and finds Alice pacing the floor. He learns that Bobby is in a procedure. He also finds out that Alice is also a widow and can’t handle not being by her daughter’s side. Max takes her to the doors and allows her to watch the procedure through the glass doors. She thanks him as Luna’s results happen.

Helen is chased by another group, who demand more than their screens, so she gives them home visits; freeing up time for them to see their patients in their homes so they can really get to know them – a good way to start is to get to know their first names.

Lauren returns to Eli with some food, saying the only diagnosis she can come to is malnutrition. He admits to survive he sells his food stamps; she informs him he could not do that anymore. She suggests a shelter as his body is basically starving and recommends meals for seniors something he has been on a waiting list since 2016.

Floyd informs his patient’s sister, Justine that her sister has no blood match and now is the time to contact the family. She is angry about the whole situation. Floyd informs Helen she isn’t going to allow the chain of command to stop him and asks if she is willing to help.

Kapoor comes to see Ella at the cafe; she appreciates what he is doing but tells him that his home has too much of his old life and there is no space for her there. She pictures herself there and knows he is trying to help but it is just not going to work for her. He didn’t think about it. She is sorry because she knows he has been so great. She will come after the shift to come to get her things. He wants to know where she will go, promising to go to a friend until she figures it out.

Luna has a simple cyst and only needs steroids and will be fine. He is told by the doctor that he needs to come in as her father and not a doctor; he agrees.

Iggy talks to Trey about his discharge, asking him to make a video for his parents – a gift of a real goodbye. He is going to get it set up and then he can go. He agrees, so he makes a video of his 5 most important memories for them and Iggy records it. He breaks down, asking Iggy to stop.

Karen Brantley (Debra Monk) is angry with Helen about all her stunts, saying she has been worse than Max ever has. She reminds her that everything they do is for their patients, she follows her to roof confused. A helicopter lands with the blood for the Marine in surgery; Karen is impressed with what she did to save the patient.

Lauren places a call to the shelter for Eli, bribing them to get him in. She has great news for Eli. Mac and Alice meet in the waiting room, with both kids doing great. Alice gives Max the number, saying it is for a playdate. Mac actually has a real smile.

Helen and Floyd are able to explain the surgery and how they are using synthetic blood for her. Meanwhile, Floyd watches his patient when max walks up. He tells him about Evie’s move and how he has been thinking about going. Max offers him the best fit for him; Max is misunderstanding him as Floyd was telling him that he really was moving away.

Helen and Iggy watch as Trey sits with his parents who comfort their very sick son. Ella returns to VihJay’s house where he shows her that he made Rohan’s room into a bedroom for her and only for her. He admits this is what his wife would have really wanted as Rohan never really came home, but his child has. Ella smiles.

Iggy returns to his office to grab a cupcake, sit back, eat more and more junk food refusing to return to the book. Max visits Helen who knows that Luna is happy. He heard his no screens idea went down without a hitch, leaves the room and quickly came back that he knew it was a disaster. She thanks him for it and he made everything feel thrilling and she loved it, but she doesn’t want him to be her safety net anymore though.