America’s Got Talent Recap 06/22/21: Season 16 Episode 4 “Auditions 4”

America’s Got Talent Recap 06/22/21: Season 16 Episode 4 "Auditions 4"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent begins with an all-new Tuesday, June 22, 2021, episode and we have your America’s Got Talent recap below! On tonight’s AGT season 16 episode 4 “Auditions 4″, as per the NBC synopsis, “The auditions continue for another night.

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In tonight’s AGT episode, the episode begins with Howie Mandel picking up Heidi Klum, she gets in the driver’s seat and as they are about to leave, Simon Cowell pulls up with Sofia Vergara in the driver’s seat. The two women stare each other down and rev their engines, then they do some drag racing. Both Howie and Simon appear very nervous, Howie says he is going to throw up.

Shuffolution Dance Group is up first, they are from Los Angeles, CA and they are happy to bring shuffling energy to a professional level; they have been practicing for three months. They get a standing ovation from the judges.

Judges’ Comments: Howie: “You took something that is already on a trend and you put energy into it and more moves, it was amazing.” Sofia: “We haven’t had this type of energy this season, this is the first time. I loved it, the outfits, the music, and the diversity of the group.” Simon: “It is so hard to put into words what we are looking for, it is almost like next generation, people who want to compete, people with energy and it is you.”

Four votes get this group o to the next round.

Pam & Casper is an Animal Act from Burbank, CA. Her dog’s name is Casper, she had stage freight, but he was the cure. Their big dream is to appear in Vegas regularly. Casper is a singing dog, but he has only sung at her work. Casper does it! Another standing ovation.

Judges’ Comments: Sofia: “I think that is one of the most adorable things I have seen in a long time, I want to see you more and again.” Howie: “It is so surprising, even that last note that Casper hit was so moving and emotional, you don’t even have to be there.” Heidi: “Casper clearly knows how to sing, I thought you were hogging the mic a bit, you could give it to him a bit more.” Simon: “It did cross my mind, could Casper go solo. You weren’t great, but he was. I thought he was screaming at first, but then he was singing, it was genuinely unbelievable.”

Four votes for Casper, he is moving on to the next round.

Brooke Simpson is a singer from Los Angeles, CA, she is native American and proud of her tribe. Music was inspired by her culture. She wants to make sure that her tribe is not forgotten. She appreciates this opportunity and wants to kill it. She wants to be the first indigenous pop star. Simon is the first judge to get up and the rest follow with a standing ovation and lots of applause.

Judges’ Comments: Sofia: “I think you have to figure out a way to do this for the rest of your life because of the fun you were having up there, I was so jealous, I wanted to do what you were doing.” Howie: “You are truly a powerhouse and I have a prediction, you are going to be playing bigger venues after this.” Heidi: “I am very happy that you came here to show us your amazing gift, it’s beautiful to watch you, your smile is infectious, you have the whole package to be a real star.” Simon: “It reminded me of when I used to be on Idol, every so on there were some great singers on the show, people like yourself, it was an amazing, amazing audition.”

Four yes votes, Brooke is going through.

Roman Kricheli is from Holon, Israel, he does a yoga show and it doesn’t take long for Simon to hit the red buzzer. A box is brought out, it is very small and he manages to get his whole body inside. Heidi is the first to stand up and give him a standing ovation. The box is opened and the man emerges he is surprisingly ok. The rest of the judges get up and applaud him. His daughter comes on stage and tells the judges that it is her father’s dream to be on the stage. Howie says he takes his red buzzer back.

Judges’ Comments: Howie: “It was so different, so original, it made me laugh. It’s funny and wonderful.” Heidi: “You are incredible and I want to thank you for coming all this way to show your art. That was the smallest box I have ever seen anyone in.” Sofia: “I didn’t want to look at the stage, I wanted to cry and pull my hair out, I loved it.”

Four votes put Roman forward to the next round.

JW’s Inspirational Singers of NYC, is a singing group from New York, NY. The group is feeling wonderful on the AGT stage, each and every one of them come from the Broadway and TV world. They spread the message of togetherness and unity. They sing anything and everything.

Judges’ Comments: Howie: “I am going to say that before you sang the appreciation of humanity, the appreciation of inspiring, you are more than just a choir, you are kind of an event. Thank you so much for being here.” Heidi: “There was so much going on, I felt you guys, I felt every single one of you.” Sofia: “I think us and everyone that is watching tonight is going to have goosebumps, it was spectacular, it was like Broadway and each of you is the star.” Simon: “That is what we call a moment, taking the right song at the right time with the right lyrics, making it your version, and turning those two minutes into a special moment, it was really amazing.”

Four yes votes for this NY group of stars.

The Amazing Shoji is a Magician from New York, NY and he is a kid, 9 years old, who says that he has magic powers and he is excited to show everyone what he can do. He started doing magic three years ago. If he wins, he will buy tacos and a dog.

Judges’ Comments: Heidi: “I can see into the future; I see you are going to give Shim Lim a run for his money one day.” Howie: “I loved it and you are as good as the people we see who are three times older than you.” Simon: “You are so cute and charming; you have to a bit crazy and believe in magic and I do. I think you are like Harry Potter; you have magic powers.”

Four yes votes from the judges, they loved this little guy who is now crying on stage and says that he feels like he is in a dream.

The Other Direction is a singing group with its members from New York, LA, the south, San Francisco, and Orlando. They are the world’s gayest boy band. They met at middle school and all came out to each other there. This is their destiny, they wrote an original song, “Girl You’re The Best,” and this one is for the ladies.

Judges’ Comments: Heidi: “I don’t want you to stop, the ninety seconds were not long enough.” Howie: “It was so funny; you are really talented, and I can’t wait to hear another song from you.” Sofia: “I can’t wait to hear you again, the song was amazing, the voices were great, I thought the whole thing was fantastic.” Simon: “I think you guys are very clever, I have to hand it to you. What made me laugh is that I have auditioned so many boy bands over the year that were so terrible.”

Four votes put this boy band forward to the next level.

Charley Loffredo does financial work in Staten Island in NY. He loves performing, but it doesn’t pay, he never lost his passion. He comes out dressed as a woman with a puppet, he is a ventriloquist. The judges can’t hear him and Simon is quick to hit the red buzzer, then Howie, Heidi, and Sofia. Simon says he could be the worst ventriloquist they have ever had. Sofia says it might be a good hobby, but it is not AGT-worthy. Charley and his “Dolly lookalike” puppet is not going through.

Josh Blue is a Comedian from Denver, CO, he has Cerebral Palsy. After the year we have had, he thinks the world needs laughter and he calls himself a laugh junky. Howie is the first to stand up and give him a standing ovation.

Judges’ Comments: Heidi: “I like you a lot, I liked you from the moment you came out here, I liked your broccoli shirt, I loved your jokes, you kept me laughing, you ticked all the boxes.” Howie: “You are like a superhero. We need the smile and you brought the best medicine.” Sofia: “This was amazing. It is my favorite comedy when people can make fun of themselves and you have made something so good of something that has happened to you, you are inspirational.” Simon: “Sometimes we have bad people with funny material, you are funny with great material, brilliant.” Josh says his absolute dream is to win.

Four yes votes get Josh to the next round and Howie says, “I love you, buddy.” And Terry says “you brought the house down.” Josh says he had goosebumps when Howie told him that he was a superhero.

Michael singer is a singer, he got a million views overnight when he posted a video online. He is from Myrtle Beach, SC. He sings, “Hopelessly Devoted To you.” Simon is the first to hit the red buzzer, he says he sounds like the wolves in his neighborhood who howl at night.

Fallyn is a singer, she is seventeen years old from New York, NY. Simon thought it wasn’t her time, she was too young, he tells her to practice and come back.

Jimmie Herrod is a singer from Portland, OR, he is 30 years old, he teaches kids music online to kids. He is excited to share what he has to offer. He is singing, “Tomorrow,” from Annie. That is Simon’s worst song in the world. Simon tells Jimmie that he should sing another song, but he doesn’t have another.

Judges’ Comments: Simon: “Wow, wow, wow, it’s not my worst song anymore. Unbelievable.” Sofia: “I have to say that I didn’t like it that much, but I loved it.” Sofia hits the golden buzzer. Sofia goes up on stage and she says she had to, he deserved it.

Danila Bim is an aerial act, she is from Sao Paulo, Brazil currently residing in Las Vegas, NV. She is being pulled up in the air by her hair, Terry says this is going to hurt. A standing ovation from the judges.

Judges’ Comments: Simon: “Wow Danila we weren’t expecting that. I think you are the best in the world at this. ” Sofia: “I have never seen that in my life, I didn’t know that it could be done. It was incredible, spectacular.” Heidi: “I loved it too, sitting here you see a lot of different aerialists but nothing like what you have done before.” Howie: “When my wife goes out in a ponytail at the end of the night she says she has a headache and she is not hanging from her hair. You are amazing.”

Four yes votes from the judges.

Ryan Stock & Amberlynn are from Las Vegas, NV and they are back. This is their third time on AGT. They are back because they have been working on the crossbow act and want to show off a few things. Simon and Sofia are brought up on stage. A balloon is put on top of Simon’s head, Amberlynn loads the crossbow, then blindfolds Sofia. What Sofia doesn’t know is that there are makeup artists that are putting a crossbow in Simon’s chest, he lays on the floor and she shoots, but there is actually no arrow in it. Sofia pulls off her blindfold and freaks out. Simon gets up and says to Sofia, I got you. Sofia looks like she is going to strangle Simon.