The Young and Restless Spoilers: Tuesday, June 1 Recap – Harrison Calls Kyle Daddy – Richard Found Baby Before Murder

The Young and Restless Spoilers: Tuesday, June 1 Recap – Harrison Calls Kyle Daddy – Richard Found Baby Before Murder

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for Tuesday, June 1, reveals that Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez) will call Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) “Daddy” in an emotional moment. Meanwhile, Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) will learn Richard Nealon found his baby girl’s foster family before his death.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) will argue that this has to be some kind of ploy, but Kyle will open the paternity test results and prove him wrong.

Tara will insist she’s so sorry, but Ashland won’t want to hear another word out of her and will ultimately storm out.

Summer Newman (Hunter King) will get confirmation that Kyle is Harrison’s biological father, but Kyle will make it clear that his own feelings aren’t the priority right now. Once Summer takes off, that’ll give Kyle and Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) a chance to talk.

Tara will note that if the custody agreement allows it, she’d like to stay in Genoa City so that Kyle could build a relationship with Harrison.

Although won’t have a definitive answer on the role Kyle will play in her son’s life, she’ll know she wants Harrison to feel safe and be able to depend on Kyle.

Tara will make it clear that if Kyle wants a spot in Harrison’s life, he has to be all in. Kyle can’t just try it out and then walk away. Once Kyle insists he wouldn’t dream of it, he’ll assure Tara that he wants to be a real father to his son.

Next, Tara and Kyle will sit Harrison down to explain the situation as best as they can. Harrison will learn that his parents aren’t very happy living in the same house anymore, so Ashland will come to visit him while they live there for now.

Harrison will also get a reminder that there are all different types of families before Tara admits he has two dads.

Since Harrison already has a father, Tara will suggest the special name of “Daddy” for Kyle. “Daddy!” Harrison will exclaim moments later.

Kyle won’t seem like he really gets what’s going on, but he won’t be upset or show any signs of distress. That’ll please Kyle, though he’ll still seem overwhelmed when he reconvenes with Summer later.

Summer will be surprised to learn that Harrison has already called Kyle “Daddy” – and Kyle will admit it’s “scary as hell.” Kyle will worry that he doesn’t know how to be a father, but Summer will insist that’s one thing she’s not concerned about.

Summer will promise Kyle’s going to be a great dad before Kyle reassures Summer that their relationship will be OK no matter what.

As for Ashland, he’ll make a phone call while sitting at Society. Ashland will want to run his own paternity test since Tara has lied before. He’ll also somberly suggest that he needs to know his rights in case what Tara’s claiming is true.

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) will corner Jack soon after to insist that Harrison needs to come first now.

Ashland won’t think it’s Jack’s place to weigh in on this, but Jack will point out that his mother left his family when he was younger and that took a toll. He won’t want Ashland to force Harrison to lose his mother, too.

Jack will meet back up with Tara, who’ll feel like Ashland will try to punish her by taking away what she loves most. After Jack insists they won’t let Ashland take Harrison away, he’ll have a little chat with his new grandson.

Since Harrison doesn’t have a grandpa, Jack will be excited about filling that role for him. He’ll give Harrison his daddy’s old baseball mitt and will hope they can throw some balls around later.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will run into Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and will learn he’s moving in with Lily Winters (Christel Khalil). Nikki will also find out Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) isn’t in the loop yet before Billy rushes home.

Once Billy’s at the condo, he’ll flirt with Lily as they unbox and set things up for their new place. Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) will stop by with lunch and a housewarming gift a little later.

Devon will also mention seeing Jack in an intense conversation with Ashland the other day, which will intrigue Billy.

After Devon is gone on Tuesday’s Y&R episode, Billy will admit to Lily that he thinks whatever’s going on has to do with Tara. He’ll feel confident there’s more to the story – and soon after, Billy will see in the news that Ashland has changed the grounds of his divorce to adultery.

In Amanda’s hotel suite, she’ll argue with Imani Benedict (Leigh Ann-Rose) about her new strategy for the case.

Imani will admit she offered updates to Sutton Ames (Jack Landron), who isn’t on board with this missing child angle and wants to stick with the blackmail approach.

Amanda won’t be pleased about Imani going behind her back, but Imani will argue it wasn’t like that. Even so, Amanda won’t think they can stick with the blackmail story knowing what they know about Richard Nealon’s search for his child.

Amanda will mention getting in touch with the PI involved in the case and hope that’ll clear some things up.

Imani will settle on the theory that maybe Richard was taking money under the table to finance the search for his child.

Imani won’t think they can rule out the idea that he was blackmailing, but Amanda will point out that Richard had no unusual deposits and had enough money to pay the investigator.

Imani will contend that if Richard was involved in something shady, he would’ve hidden the money. Talk will turn to whether Amanda’s going to tell the PI that she’s the child Richard was looking for.

Amanda will be adamant about keeping her true connection to the case under wraps.

Imani will decide they could use a lunch break and will make it a rule that they don’t discuss work or family. Amanda will end up laughing with Imani at Society as they discuss their love for Paris and how they both studied French in college.

Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) will saunter over and get introduced to Amanda’s “friend” before Amanda steps away for a call. After Imani learns Amanda represented Nate on a case, she’ll be curious about whether they dated.

Nate will seem taken aback over the way Imani speaks her mind. He’ll confirm that he did date Amanda briefly, but that it didn’t work out.

Nate will wonder why he’s never met Imani before, but she’ll note that she’s just visiting from out of town. She’ll expect to be coming to Genoa City more often since she likes what she’s seen so far.

Amanda will pick up on the flirty moment as she returns – and afterward, Nate will quiz Devon at his penthouse about Amanda’s colleague. Devon will be cagey about Imani and will only confess that Amanda said she was a “handful.”

Back with Amanda and Imani, they’ll be cornered at their table by Nikki. Nikki will also meet Imani as Amanda’s colleague, but they’ll rush off to meet the PI before Nikki can find out much more.

Once Amanda and Imani make it back to the hotel suite, Denise Tolliver (Telma Hopkins) will show up – though she’ll only have a few minutes since she’s headed to the airport.

Ms. Tolliver will talk about how vividly she remembers working on Richard’s case. She’ll recall that Richard wanted to find a baby that his ex-girlfriend put up for adoption.

Imani will get Denise to confirm that there were no problems at Newman Enterprises. It was strictly about the child, but Denise didn’t have much to go on – only the ex-girlfriend’s name, address and due date estimate.

The family wouldn’t talk to Denise, but she was very good at her job and found the baby girl anyway.

Denise will admit she even gave Richard the foster family’s address right before he was murdered, so Amanda will be floored.

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