General Hospital Spoilers: Spinelli’s Serial Killer Finder – Society Setups Serves Shocking New Purpose?

General Hospital Spoilers: Spinelli’s Serial Killer Finder – Society Setups Serves Shocking New Purpose?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) may have a serial killer finder on his hands. Society Setups will serve a shocking new purpose, so it could tie in with the hook villain’s exposure down the road.

GH fans know Spinelli has tried to create the perfect matchmaking service.

With Zelda Telesco (Kristin Casey) as the face of the brand, Spinelli has been working quietly behind the scenes to make this venture a success.

Of course, Spinelli ran into some trouble once Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) became privy to his big secret.

Cody has been holding the truth about Society Setups over Spinelli’s head – and this is bigger than Spinelli wanted to downplay his geeky image.

Cody pointed out that Spinelli accessed all kinds of private accounts for Society Setups.

That includes accounts for people who didn’t even sign up to be part of the service.

Spinelli’s methods are most definitely breaching various systems and violating privacy, so that’s given Cody some blackmail material throughout this storyline.

However, Spinelli’s venture will have a more important function somewhere down the line.

There’ll be some significant way for Society Setups to come into play this fall – something that goes far beyond trying to find true love matches.

Since Spinelli has scored so much private information and can separate people into categories so well, maybe Society Setups will essentially become a serial killer finder.

As the clues pile up, will Spinelli use gathered info to narrow things down for the cops?

Although Spinelli would have to come clean about his shady activities, he would certainly be willing to do that if it meant catching a hook-toting lunatic.

We know there’ll be conflicting parties who want to use Spinelli’s service for something other than what it’s intended for.

That could mean Spinelli will be torn between helping the police and perhaps helping Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) seek vigilante justice.

Regardless, Society Setups will lead to some big breakthrough – and that could mean a breakthrough in the serial killer case.

Will Spinelli’s venture lead to the hook baddie’s exposure?

General Hospital spoilers say Spinelli will land in some tight spots, so stay tuned for more drama.

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