The Blacklist Recap 04/08/22: Season 9 Episode 15 “Andrew Kennison”

The Blacklist Recap 04/08/22: Season 9 Episode 15 "Andrew Kennison"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new time-slow Friday, April 8, 2022, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 9, Episode 15 called, “Andrew Kennison,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Tensions rise when Cooper’s search for his blackmailer overlaps with the Task Force’s latest Blacklist case.

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Tonight’s episode begins in Boston, MA. Red is slowly opening a door, Weecha is with him and he has his gun out, he is looking for Andrew Kennison. Marcus is sitting on the couch, he is startled. He doesn’t know where Andrew is, he is missing. Then we see Cooper, he has Andrew Kennison at the bureau and is telling him that his life is in danger. Andrew wants to know what he should be afraid of and Cooper won’t tell him, he says it would hurt the case. Andrew explains that his wife suffers from mental illness and is in a facility, he didn’t say goodbye to anyone. Cooper says he is hoping for a quick investigation, but if he leaves they cannot protect him.

Cooper meets with Sloan he says their working theory is that whoever is blackmailing him is a NY detective. If that’s the case, Cooper has no idea. Red calls Cooper and says assemble the troops, he is going over there.

Red tells the task force that the device that was put in Liz was made to help patients, it was filled with medicine. Some patients have trouble remembering to take medication. The designer’s name is Andrew Kennison. Red says he is missing and he is the next person on the Blacklist. Cooper says yes, of course, but he doesn’t reveal that he has Andrew Kennison.

Dembe and Ressler head to MIT and speak to campus security. He shows them surveillance video, Andrew was confronted by an unknown man and got into a federal vehicle registered to the US marshal service. He has been calling for weeks and nobody has called him back.

Cooper calls Sloan freaking out, he thinks that the person who killed Liz targeted him as well, and the cases are connected. Sloan tries to calm him down.

Ressler and Dembe find out that Andrew Kennison is in the bureau’s custody, they are protecting him. They are told to speak to Harold Cooper, he arranged the transport. Ressler and Dembe go back and tell the task force what happened. Aram says there has to be an explanation, he is taking Cooper’s side.

Cooper tells Red what he did with Kennison but he didn’t know that he could be linked to Liz. Red tells him that whoever is responsible for Liz’s death will be held responsible. Red wants to know where Kennison is, but Cooper won’t tell him. Red says with or without him, he will find him with his sources by the end of the day

Cooper then tells the task force that he has been framed for murder and it could have worked, he woke up in his car drugged. Dembe is curious why would someone do this. Cooper says he thinks the person is connected with Liz’s death. Vandyke pulled the trigger that killed Liz, but Aram says someone else is responsible. Cooper says it has been hard to bear, to lie to them, whatever happens now he deserves it.

Andrew Kennison is in a safe house with a group of agents when the windows break above them and smoke bombs go off. Weecha walks in and grabs Kennison, who comes face to face with Red pointing a gun at his head. Weecha tells Red to remember why they are there.

Cooper gets a call, and Kennison is gone.

Red introduces himself to Kennison and tells him that a person he loved is dead because of him and he knows something, someone wants him hidden. Kennison says is a prototype that he created for his wife. He gave the prototype to a cop, a detective in NY and he said his device was interesting as tracking advice, they will try it out for a few cases. He identified himself and showed his badge, detective Reginald Cole. It’s not what he wanted but he was happy that the cops would support his company. Red tells him that if he is telling the truth he will return to his life, if he is lying, he won’t.

Cooper meets with Cynthia, he tells her the truth and she says he has gone too far.

Aram says Cooper recorded his last conversation with the blackmailer, he heard nothing but it gave him an idea. He thinks he can revert the altered voice back to the original voice.

Cynthia tells Ressler to arrest Cooper. Ressler says no way, how many times has the bureau looked the other way for Red. Cooper says he wants justice for himself and Liz, and this task force is the best. Ressler reads Cooper his rights.

Ressler is not happy that Cooper is locked up. Aram comes in he says he has a suspect, the person who blackmailed Cooper was a NY detective. The voice is Reginald Cole, he left the department and NY, he was a dirty cop. He now has his own PI office. There is an office in Logan’s circle. Meanwhile, Cole is meeting with a congressman and is busy blackmailing her. He gives her twenty-four hours to put 100K together. Cole gets a call, grabs his hard drive, downs a bottle of alcohol, and then pours the rest in a garbage bin and sets it on fire. He opens up his safe and empties it. Red arrives in the office, not long after Cole left. All of a sudden, Park, Ressler, and Dembe are driving and Cole comes running through the street, they apprehend him and just then Red’s men run up and Ressler tells them they are too late.

Cynthia goes to see Cooper, he says is ok and for the first time, he is hopeful. She says she went out on a limb to get the task force back together, they want to insight him.

The task force is back, Cynthia tells Ressler that they want Cooper charged. Red arrives with Weecha, he looks at Cynthia and says he wants a word. Red tells her that they are making a mistake by taking in Cole, he wants to handle it the way he does best. Red says they are losing time, Cole knew he was coming, and “they” are not going to let the bureau interrogate him. Cynthia gets a call, Cole’s attorney arrives and he wants to see his client. Cynthia says it is not that easy, he will see him at his client’s arraignment. The lawyer tells them a lot, mentions many names and everyone is shocked at how much he knows.

Cynthia allows him 2 minutes with his client. Cole is released, they have no idea who his lawyer is and what is going on. Dembe says it is not over yet, Red will know what to do.

Red meets with Marvin calls Chuck, and tells him that he wants the two of them, to intercept in five minutes. All of a sudden, someone on a motorcycle drives by and shoots Cole and his lawyer dead, Red tells Weecha to get them out of there.