Chris Martin Replaces Jennifer Lawrence With Kate Hudson – Jennifer Heartbroken and Furious

Chris Martin Replaces Jennifer Lawrence With Kate Hudson - Jennifer Heartbroken and Furious

The last thing we knew in the never-ending Chris Martin romantic saga, before he hooked up with Kate Hudson, was that Chris and Jennifer Lawrence were still seeing each other. However, most sources close to Jennifer were agreed on the fact that their relationship wouldn’t last, and the only reason Jennifer was dating him was because she needed a solid rebound from Nicholas Hoult.

However, Chris was recently spotted in Malibu with Kate Hudson, who we all know looooves her musicians. Plus, Kate dumped Matt Bellamy not too long ago, and she would obviously be looking for her own rebound. Who better to rebound with than Chris Martin, who’s more or less the face and voice of Coldplay? Sure, Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow are friends, but at this point, Gwyneth probably realizes that Chris’ relationships aren’t going anywhere.

However, our sources are adding that one person who is NOT happy about this possible new coupling is Jennifer Lawrence. Technically speaking, Jennifer can do better and she knows it, but that doesn’t mean that she’s going to like being replaced – especially with someone like Kate Hudson. Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-winning A-list actress, and while Kate Hudson is also A-list, Oscar winner is the furthest thing to describing her as we can get. Of course it’s a downgrade, and everyone involved in this little situation knows it.

In all honesty, I actually feel like Jennifer’s relieved to be done with Chris Martin. I’m sure it was a thrill at first, dating such a famous musician and rock star – but after a while, the childish antics and the whole love triangle situation with Chris and Gwyneth probably got on J.Law’s nerves.

What do you guys think? Did Chris Martin ditch Jennifer Lawrence to stat dating Kate Hudson? Do you think Gwyneth Paltrow will go out of her way to sabotage this relationship as well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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