Chris Brown Tells All About His Nude Sexting Video In Nasty Interview

Chris Brown Tells All About His Nude Photo In Nasty Interview

Chris Brown seemed totally brainless as he tried to talk on – the music star was quizzed about his infamous naked pictures and video which were plastered all over the net recently.  The man and woman conducting the interview were trying to act like Chris’ pals – joking around and trying to speak like they think friendly gangsters do.  They just sounded like the panderers they are.
The interviewers were talking about the circumstances that lead to the photo and video – mostly emphasising Chris’s apparent erection and trying to get him to admit that something sexual had occurred prior to the shot.

Chris said that he had just come out of the shower when he had the brainstorm of filming himself naked in the mirror.  The interviewer kept suggesting – and then almost insisting that Chris had been playing with himself in the shower in order to get his private part enlarged prior to the photo shoot.
Chris denied that he had been spanking the monkey and let us all know that he is very comfortable with his body – having no hangups about being nude.  Yes, Chris is a regular Mr. Natural.
The interview was an exercise in lots of nudge-nudge — wink-wink with plenty of allusions to Chris’ rather large endowment.
Best to listen for yourself – there is only so much I can say unless we want to become an X-rated blog!

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