Documentary Film To Give Caylee Anthony A ‘Voice From The Grave’

Documentary Film To Give Caylee Anthony A 'Voice From The Grave'

A documentary film is in the works based on the death of the Florida toddler, Caylee Anthony, and woman behind the project, Alexandria Altman, said she wants to give Caylee a voice from the grave.

Murder mom, Casey Anthony was accused by prosecutors of killing the girl in the summer of 2008 using chloroform and duct tape. The child’s body was found in a wooded area near the Anthony family home in December of that year.

Due to Casey’s behavior and numerous lies, many believed she would likely be convicted of the crime. However, on July 5, a jury acquitted her of the murder allowing her to walk out of jail a free woman on July 17.

Altman, of Alexandria Altman Media Productions, said that the not guilty verdict will “…go down in history as an event similar to the O.J. Simpson case and 9/11; we’ll all remember where we were when these tragedies occurred.”

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Altman will collaborate with producer Belle Avery, casting director Ricki Maslar and authors Claudette Walker and Matrix Filia, a mother and daughter writing team, to create the documentary.

Altman also said that the piece will not exploit the death of Caylee and will not involve the input of Casey whatsoever.

“It is important for anyone reading this… to know that this is not something Casey Anthony will be involved with at all, nor is this something she will benefit from,” according to Altman. “What this is about is to hopefully educate mothers and other parents who are in the grips of abusing a child… if it saves one child’s life, then it’s worth it. This is not about money. I have turned down offers to write a book on the case and to be involved with productions that are about money or exploitation… . This situation should never happen in America ever again.”

According to the report, Altman has been heavily involved in helping charities that benefit children, including Easter Seals, Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition, St. Jude’s, the Diabetes Foundation and Kick Start My Heart.

She noted that the condition of Caylee’s remains and where her body was found, makes her physically ill.

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“It makes me sick at the stomach all over again to think of a child’s mouth being duct-taped and then thrown out in a swamp like trash,” she said. “It breaks my heart.”