True Blood Season 4 Episode 5 Recap – ‘Me and the Devil’ 7/24/11

True Blood Season 4 Episode 5 Recap – 'Me and the Devil'  7/24/11

Are you excited?  It’s that time again True Blood airs tonight on HBO and stay with us as we update this site as the show unfolds.  Tonight’s show is called ‘Me and the Devil.’   On last week’s show ‘I’m Alive And On Fire’ Sookie continues to care for Eric and poor Eric still does not remember who he is.  Jason got raped several times last week by the were-panther women WTF?  I know right!

Jason managed to get away and last we saw Jessica was trying to convince him to drink her blood so she could heal him.  Can’t wait to see what happens there.  Alcide is back and helping Sookie deal with Eric.  Lots more happened and if you missed the show, catch our RECAP here.

I am hoping this week’s episode has more developments and answer more questions.  Without further ado let’s start tonight’s show recap!  Tonight’s episode starts tonight with Tommy and Joelee strangling him with a chain.  Momma dearest is telling him to stop because he will kill Tommy.  She asks ‘Is he dead.’   With a mother like her who needs enemies?  Apparently there is a big money fight as he is telling Mommy, Tommy gets lose and starts to strangle Jolee.  A big fight ensues with Tommy, Mom and Jolee.  Tommy tells Jolee he won’t be free until he dies and proceeds to beat him to death.  His mother grabs him and says ‘she will kill him’ and he hits her too.  Once he realizes what he has done he is upset.

We are over at the witches now and Marnie has passed out.  Lafayette tells her she pissed off another vampire, he wants to leave.  Marnie is telling them that the goddess has saved them.  Lafayette tells her she has F*cked them.  Tara is telling her they now have 2 vampires who want to kill them.  They all leave and Marnie is complaining they are leaving her there all by herself.

We are over to Arlene and Terry and they are upset with what is written on the wall.  Arlene is convinced that Rene is coming back and taking her son.  Terry decides they have to ask God for help.  They have to cleanse the help.  Arlene has a great line.  She tells him ‘she prays god but it goes to his voice mail.’  Terry is going to call the Reverend.

Over at Sookies Eric is watching Sookie in bed.  Eric’s maker Godrick shows up and is looking at Snookie and Eric stops him from touching Sookie.  He tells Eric ‘Drink with me’  Eric says no and Godrick tries to strangle him.  He tells Eric he is incapable of love, he is damned.  He tells him to stop fighting his nature.  Out comes Eric’s teeth and he bites Sookie!  WAIT, he was dreaming :-) never happened!  Eric comes out of his hidey hole and visits Sookie’s room.  His teeth are out  and she wakes up and says ‘Eric what the hell?’  he replies he had a bad dream LOL.  Eric is asking Sookie if he is evil and he is crying.  Sookie tells him he is not.  He tells Sookie he likes being near her.  Eric asks if he can stay with her and Sookie says ‘as long as you keep your hands and your fangs to yourself’

WE are over at Jessica and Hoyts and they are putting a badly hurt Jason in bed.  Hoyt is really happy with Jessica because she just saved his best friend’s life.  Hoyt is wondering what is wrong with Jessica but she tells him she is alright.  Hoyt tells Jessica he is going to stay with Jason and suggests he go home.

We are over with Bill and Portia and Portia is trying to convince Bill that she can still be with him.  Bill is glamoring her to not like him.  So Bull and Portia are now done with their romance.

Pam shows up at Bills and she has a veil over her face.  Bill asks her why she likes the beekeeper look.  She lifts the veil and shows Bill and tells him she wants to kill the witch. her face is rotting.  Bill tells her NO, they cannot kill humans there is a punishment if they do.  The punishment is ‘The True Death’

Lafayette and Jesus are leaving they are headed to Mexico.  They ask Tara to come but she says not she is headed to New Orleans.  They are going to see his grandfather who is very powerful.

Tommy shows up at Sam‘s house to clean up his mess.  He tells Sam he f*cked up and asks Sam for help.  He brings Sam to see his dead mother and Jolee.  As Tommy and Sam are driving back and Tommy is covered with blood Andy in his police car turns on the lights and follows them.  Andy is sucking that V down before he goes over to give himself some courage.   Tommy is in the back of the van and Andy wants him to open up.  When he opens there is a huge alligator in the back.   Tommy turned into it and Andy is sufficiently happy!

Sookie is talking to Holly who belongs to a Wiccan group.  Sookie asks how they got almost bit by a vampire.  Holly gets upset.

Jason is in the bar too and he is telling Hoyt they made him have sex with dozens of women.  Jason thinks God is punishing him for sleeping for too many women.  Hoyt is telling Jason that there is something wrong with Jessica.  Jason tells him that his problem pales in comparison to what he has been through.

The Reverend shows up at Arlene’s house with Letty May (Tara’s Mom) they are going to get rid of the evil spirit.  They start singing a song that will bring good energy to the house.  The reverend is trying to cleanse the house.

Sookie walks into the Wiccan shop and Marnie is there and she asks Marnie for a reading.  Marnie says no first and then says YES.   Marnie asks Sookie for something personal to hold on to.  Marnie starts doing her thing and starts hearing voices.  She tells Sookie there is a presence, a women, someone older.  OMG Sookie says ‘thats my grand.’  Marnie tells her she misses her very much.  Sookie wants to know if she is happy.  Marnie says she is at peace and she wants Sookie to take care of her brother.  Marnie says her Grand wants to know if she is falling in love, and if she is she is not to give her heart, the situation is temporary.  Sookie then hears her grandmother and her grandmother tells her to run that Marnie is dangerous to her.  Sookie gets up and runs out.

We are back over at Marnie‘s and Katie has come back.  Marnie is telling her that they are being watched over and protected.  The AVL shows up and they handcuff Marnie, Katie was a plant for the vampires.  They have Marnie in a cell and Marnie is having a dream and sees the goddess.  We see Bill and he can see Marnie in the cell and he is talking to her.  He is asking her where Eric is and he wants her to reverse the spell she put on Pam.  She tells them she does not know.  Bill is going to try and glamor her and Pam tells him he is insane.  Bill comes in the cell and Marnie is freaking.  Bill glamors her and asks her what is the spell she cast and how do they reverse and she tells him she does not know how.   Pam says ‘F*CK’ LOL she is too funny.

Tara is over at her house crying to her about her problems and Eric comes up, Eric fangs out and Tara goes insane.

Lafayette and Jesus have gotten to his grandfather and when he get there they are told they were expected.

Over at Alcides someone is at the door.  The man at the door tells Alcide he is not a happy camper.  Alcide goes to block the door and the man puts his foot in the door and he tells Alcide he is Marcus the pack-master of Shreveport and Alcide has not registered.  Alcide tells him move his feet or he will break them and pushes the pack-master out.  The pack-master leaves on his motorcycle.

Over with Tommy and Sam and they are dragging the bodies of their mother and Jolee to the swamp and dump them in.  Tommy says he is going to hell cause he killed his parents.   Sam tells him killing is all right if it is self defense.  Tommy tells him he does not know because he never killed anyone.  Same admits he killed two people because they stole from him.  Tommy is upset because they are not sinking in the water.  Sam says they don’t have to and throws marshmallows in the water.  Gators come up and eat them and Sam tells Tommy Gators love marshmallows.

Back at Arlene and Terry‘s where they are making out.   They are happy because the house is quiet and they thing the Reverend may have improved things and got rid of the bad spirit in their house.  Arlene is telling him she feels she can relax and things can turn out all right.  Meanwhile a stack of matches on the bureau goes up in flames.

Next we pop over and see Jason in bed and someone is under the covers and it is Jessica and she is kissing him.  Jason thinks it is a dream.  She is telling him what Hoyt likes and he asks her not to talk about Hoyt.  Then Hoyt shows up in his dream and Jason is like WTF?  He wakes up from his dream.

Over to Eric and Sookie and Eric is asking if he really did all the bad things Tara accused him off.  Eric asks why she lets him stay and Sookie says in her heart she knew he could change.  She tells him she likes him.  Eric tells her there is a light in her and he loves it and he could not bear if he snuffed it out.

Eric leaves the house and Sookie runs after him and asks him to please not go.  She opens her arms and he walk into them and she starts to kiss him and hug him.   YAY Eric and Sookie start making out!

Over at Bill and he is talking to the four remaining area Sheriffs.  One of the Sheriffs is laughing because he is not afraid of witches.  Another Sheriff is telling him a witch can pull vampires 20 miles from where they are into the sun and have them burn.  Pam and one of the Sheriffs wants to kill the witches.  Bill tells them the AVL has issued orders they are not allowed to kill them.

Pam starts to scream that Marnie erased Eric’s memory and Bill says how do you know that?  He grabs Pam and makes her admit that Eric is at Sookies.  Bill says Sookies, he disappears and the show is over.

I cannot wait until next week, to see what happens.  That is all for tonight, stop by next week to see our recap!