American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 5 “I Am Anne Frank, Pt. 2” Recap 11/14/12

American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 5 “I Am Anne Frank, Pt. 2” Recap 11/14/12

Tonight on FX AMERICAN HORROR STORY:ASYLUM airs with a whole new episode called “I Am Anne Frank, Pt. 2.” On tonight’s show Sister Jude employs a renowned Nazi Hunter to gather evidence against Arden. Did you watch last week’s premiere episode? We did and we recapped it here for you.

On last week’s show there is a storm coming and it is set to hit on Halloween. What a way to make a spooky night, even more spooky with a violet storm hitting Briarcliff. A group of patient plan a daring escape and Sister Jude is haunted by her past. I am loving season 2, I was worried they would not be able to keep the momentum after last season, but I am not disappointed yet, I cannot wait to see tonight’s episode.

On tonight’s show Kit makes a surprising confession. Bloody Face is unmasked.  Sister Jude employs a renowned Nazi Hunter to gather evidence against Arden.

Set in 1964, American Horror Story: Asylum takes us into a Church-run haven for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), a nun with a troubled past. Inside this locked down facility, danger lurks around every corner. From Nazis and serial killers, to mutants and aliens, no one is safe inside these walls.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another spooky episode, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s American Horror Story – tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you are excited about the season 2 episode 3 of American Horror Story? While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

Live Recap!

Sister Jude shows up to meet with a Nazi hunter she wants to investigate Dr. Arden. She says she thinks his name is Grupper and that he was SS back in the day. He wants to know if Jude has ever seen him shirtless. He tells her SS had a tattoo on their upper arms with their blood type. He tells her not to look for it, to let him do his research first.

Dr. Arden is held at gunpoint by an unidentified woman. Sister Mary comes in and Arden tells her to run for help. A guard holds a gun to the woman’s head to get her to back down, but she’s already shot Arden. She wakes up strapped down to the bed in conversation with Jude. She tells the nun Arden’s name is Grupper. The woman on the bed is Anne Frank.

Jude asks what she saw because the lab is cleaned out. She asks about the creature. Jude looked but didn’t find it. She warns Anne that she could end back up on Arden’s table. Jude asks if it escaped. Anne says it couldn’t because it had no legs.

A man shows up looking for his wife Charlotte. He tells her his wife has gone missing and he needs her home to help with the colicky baby. It’s Anne Frank’s husband! He tells her that they’d gone to see the Anne Frank play and that she started pretending to be her after that. They reveal in a flashback that she gave herself the concentration camp number tattoo.

He told her his wife became obsessed after the play and would spend hours at the library reading about Auschwitz. She was obsessed with babies that died in the camps, but wouldn’t pay attention to their own child. He said she would disappear for hours into their den to work on her project.

Dr. Thredson eavesdrops and advises that it’s post-partum depression. He says it’s unwise that she be sent home, but Jude insists. When Charlotte is brought to her husband, she treats him as a stranger and insists she’s Anne Frank, a death camp survivor. Jude tells her to go home, but she says she needs to help her with Grupper. Her hubby shows her a photo of them with their son and she seems to get a grip on reality. He takes her home.

Thredson tells Jude she’s made a mistake and she tells them it’s not their business. He asks about her intent to sterilize Kit and tells her she has no authority to do it. She walks away.

Kit and Grace talk about their impending sterilizations. Kit said he always wanted kids. He tells her he’s sorry and it’s his fault. Grace said it’s Sister Jude’s fault – that she’s the devil. Sister Mary lets him out and says Sister Jude changed her mind that she’s letting him out of solitary. So was Grace there or not?

Mary tells Grace that the surgery’s still on for her, that Jude only changed her mind about Kit. She seems to be in a separate cell, so I can’t tell if she and Kit were actually together before. Grace is distraught and collapses to the floor. She wakes up to a weird light and loud noise seemingly in her cell.

Next morning, it’s time for medication! The patients all shuffle forward for their drugs. But staring out the window is Lana. Dr. Thredson whispers to her that he’s sneaking her out of the asylum tonight. Thredson sits down with Kit who urges him to help Grace avoid Jude’s forced sterilization.

They begin a therapy session and Thredson wants him to admit what he’s done while he tape records it. Kit asks if he admits the murders, will he recommend that he stays there rather than go to the electric chair and Thredson agrees.

Grace wakes up on a white table and there’s a woman there named Ellen, but then the woman is an alien and then Grace is screaming.

Jude’s on the phone leaving a message for the Nazi hunter that she was wrong and needs to cancel. Arden walks in and asks her what she found in his lab. She tells him it wasn’t all that interesting. He tells her he’s going to press charges against her because Anne Frank got a hold of a gun on her watch.

As they talk, it keeps cutting back to the fire raging in the fireplace. She asks if he wants an apology and he says she should grovel. Otherwise, he says he’s going to call the Monsignor and demand she be fired. He tells her she’s through.

Back in his office, Arden drops trou and checks his leg wound. Mary comes in and tells him she’ll help him. He resists, but then consents. She tells him all the nuns had nurse training. She apologizes for her improper behavior during the storm. He tells her they should never speak of it again. He thanks her for protecting him.

There’s a flashback showing her dragging a legless zombie-like creature out of his lab. He tells her he’s impressed that Mary managed to get her out and into the woods on her own.

At a school, a girl hears someone crying and goes to investigate. She sees the legless zombie monster and runs screaming. All of the kids come to investigate and they all run en masse screaming. Ick. She/it looks burned and bloody and all around gross and is wheezing as she tries to climb the school steps on her stumps.

Okay. I get it. The legless zombie thing is Shelley. Took me a minute to recognize her through her bloody visage and I had forgotten (perhaps I had blocked it from my memory) that Arden had hacked off Shelley’s legs after she tried to help with the escape. I’m actually more nauseated now that I realize who it is…

Anne Frank is brought back to the hospital screaming. Arden comes to see her in her padded room and tells her she’s not so tough without her gun. Her husband said he can’t leave her alone because she won’t treat their son properly and tried to smother him. He begs Jude to take her – he says he can’t handle her – tells her she needs professional help. He asks for Dr. Thredson to treat her.

She sends an orderly to get Thredson who’s meeting up with Lana. He tells her they’re going to walk out the door and to his car. They are heading out past the guard and Thredson pauses to give the guard a light. The orderly calls out to him, but he’s gone.

Anne Frank/Charlotte’s husband sees Dr. Arden and thanks him for not pressing charges. Arden tells him he’ll make a new woman of her.

The orderly follows Thredson to his car, but he refuses Jude’s summons saying he never worked there.

Back in his surgical room, Arden prepares to give Anne Frank a lobotomy. He tells her husband it’s perfectly safe. Jude is praying in her quarters. A guard comes to tell her that Lana’s gone and isn’t on the grounds.

Jude starts blathering to the guard about how when she was a lonely little girl, she’d brought a squirrel in to keep her company, but that he died because she kept him in a box and had forgotten to feed him. She tells him she prayed over the dead squirrel, but her mom threw him in the garbage. Jude says her mom was exhausted from working, but it was cruel nonetheless. She says she cried because God didn’t answer her prayers. She said her Mom poured a whiskey and told her that God answer prayers, but it’s not the answers we’re looking for.

She tells him she’s done there and Frank tells her people won’t accept a woman in charge and that she never had a chance. Jude tarts up in her favorite red lipstick and heads to a bar – she’s out of her habit and back into her old bad habits apparently. She lights a cigarette, has a drink and is joined by a man.

Arden anesthetizes Anne Frank. Her husband watches the surgery. Arden hammers a spike into Anne’s brain through her eye socket. We hear the horrible crunch of bone and fluid.

Thredson brings Lana to his home and insists she call him Oliver. She says she wants to go home but he tells her once they discover she’s missing, her house is the first place they’ll look. He promises to take her to the police first thing in the morning and says he’s already got an appointment and they’ll expose Briarcliff and get it shut down.

He goes to pour them a glass of wine and she looks around the house. She sees the phone and starts dialing. He cuts the call off. She tells him she was trying to reach Lois. He tells her he can’t let her talk to anyone until they go public – he says he’s at risk for breaking her out. He tells her she’s going to win a Pulitzer Prize for writing his story. She’s confused.

I think he’s Bloody Face! OMG! I so hope he is. I love Zach Quinto as a bad guy. He offers her a mint – the bowl seems to be a skull. The lampshade looks to be made of human flesh! She asks to use the restroom and he tells her where it is. He takes off his glasses and looks pensive.

Down the hall, Lana’s looking for a way to get out of the house. She finds a workroom with gruesome tools. She tells him she made a wrong turn. He tells her his hobby is lamps and he makes the shades himself. He tells her he uses skin. She screams as he pushes a button and sends her shooting down a trap door.

The police show up to arrest Kit for the murder. Grace screams that she saw Kit’s wife and that she’s alive. They said they have his recorded confession and they haul him out. Seems Thredson got the confession to cover up his Bloody Face activities.

Lana wakes up in a gruesome room and there’s someone else there. It’s another woman who’s been frozen for a while. Lana’s leaning up against a large freezer that looks foreboding. I think the frozen corpse is her girlfriend. He tells her normally he would have already taken the skin and head off.

Thredson tells her they’re going to continue their therapy. He tells her to kiss her cold lips. He’s wearing a skin mask and I’m guessing that’s what he wants her to smooch. Lana screams. I’m beginning to think he’s not a doctor after all…

Jude wakes up and sneaks out of bed with a naked man – I think it’s the guard Frank. She does the walk of shame.

Charlotte’s hubby comes home and finds her happy and normal – looks like Anne Frank was lobotomized right out of her. She’s cradling the baby, has pot roast cooking and tells him she’ll make him a martini. He asks her if she’s as happy as she looks and she says she’s never been happier.

She’s tossed all her old Anne Frank materials in the trash. There’s a creepy record playing “It Could Be a Wonderful World.” There’s one photo left on her corkboard. It’s a picture of Hitler and other Nazis marching in formation and you can see a young Dr. Arden goose stepping behind the Fuhrer!