CDL Exclusive: Interview With Author Of ‘My True Hollywood Story’ Kris Herzog

CDL Exclusive: Interview With Author Of 'My True Hollywood Story' Kris HerzogWe are here at the private office of Famous Hollywood Celebrity Bodyguard and U.S. Veteran Kris Herzog, owner of The Navy SEAL Bodyguard Group.  Kris Herzog has just written a book, “My True Hollywood Story” about his companies 45 year history and his life story, in the inner circle of the world’s rich and famous.

Kris will also be seen in an interview with CNN International sometime in March so don’t forget to look for the interview.  We will be posting more details on Celeb Dirty Laundry when we get an exact date! It is not to be missed.

For more information on Kris and The Navy Seal Bodyguard Group go to his website HERE!

Kris can you state you name and position.

Kris Herzog, Owner, The Navy SEAL Bodyguard Group and The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills a 45 year old FREE job placement for U.S. Navy SEAL Team members, Special Forces, Medics and Intelligence Officers as Elite Executive and Celebrity Bodyguards.

We have a 45 year PERFECT record, NO injuries to clients or team members EVER !

How many photos do you have here in your private office of you protecting the world’s rich and famous and Hollywood celebrities ?

In this room I have about 200, in the entire office about 2000 total.

Can you name a few of the world’s rich and famous and Hollywood celebrities that you and/or your team has protected that also appear in the photos here in your private office ?

Yes, here is a few: (Herzog then walks around room pointing to each photo that the following Celebrities appear in)

Jon Voight, Jack Nicholson & Lori, G.W. & H.W. Bush; Ronald Regan, Nancy Regan, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter ; NBA Star Chris Paul & more, Herman Cain for President; Paris Hilton, Nikki Hilton, Kathy Hilton and Family; John Travolta , Kelly Preston and the Travolta family; Jessica Alba, Baby Honor Alba and the Alba Family; Lindsay Lohan, Dina Loan, Ali Lohan and Family; Britney Spears and members of the Spears Family; Bill Cosby, Sharon Stone, Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise; Eva Longoria, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Kobe Bryant; Nicolette Sheridan, Melanie Griffith, Movie Star Madison; Rev Run of Run DMC & MTV’s Runs House & Family; David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, Lynn Spears; Muhammad Ali and Family, Madonna, Woody Allen; Larry King & Family, Wayne Gretzky & Family; U.S. Senator Barack Obama, Michelle Obama & Family; U.S. Senator John McCain, Cindy McCain and Family; Republican & Democratic Party & Fund Raising Events attended by the President of the United States and dozens of U.S. Senators and Congressmen; Over 20 Playboy Playmates, Over 20 Penthouse Pets including Super Models, Celebrity Parties, Large and Small and Celebrity Estates & Events, Celebrity Pets & more.

Can you name a few of the services that your Navy SEAL & Special Forces Bodyguards preform ?

Yes, here are a few: U.S. Navy SEAL & Special Forces Veterans, SWAT. K-9 and former U.S. Secret Service for Security, Celebrity Bodyguards, Drivers with Executive vehicles, Dog Training, Pet / Vet / Care, Pet sitting by K-9 Units, Child Safety, Home Safety Inspections, House sitting by Special Forces, K-9 & SWAT.

Child Care, Child Safety, Kids Team Building Adventures with Navy SEAL’S, Drivers for Kids to and from School, In~home Child Care, Worldwide Traveling Child Care, After School activities, Team Building and Paintball rescue mission adventures with Navy SEAL’S, Nanny & Child Safety and Self Defense training, Kidnapping prevention.

We have Paramedics, RN’s & Doctors for all areas of in home medical care by medical professionals for People and Pet care, Executive and Personal Assistants, Nannies, Cooks, Landscapers, Pool Cleaners, Fish & Pond care, Tutors, Tennis Instructors, Karate / Self Defense, Child & Nanny Safety training, Home safety training & more….

Male & Female Personal Fitness Trainers including former NFL stars and Active Duty U.S. Navy SEAL fitness instructors.

Transportation planning, Cars, Limo’s, Boats, Planes & Helicopters, Aircraft & vehicle Safety Inspections and background checks on your Pilot before you fly.

Earthquake Bodyguard & K-9 Teams that automatically respond to your house after any Earthquake or Power Failure and much more….

Our members provide Bodyguard / Executive Protection Services for Celebrities, Dignitaries, Corporate V.I.P.’s, Families, Schools, After school day care, House and Pet sitting and more….

Paparazzi Counter Measures TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures), counter sniper and counter surveillance teams and more….

Bug Sweeps (Home & Car), Counter Surveillance, Risk Assessment, Presidential Protective Detail Level Threat Evaluations & Reports.

Tour Risk Analysis Security Plan per City / Stadium / Arena / Stage, Ballistic Protection Measures, Bullet Proof clothing for adults, children and pets.

Crowd Control, Guest Screening, Professional Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, Safety Instructors.

Postal Mail / Email Screening, Fan mail, corporate confidential email and letters, bonded courier services any size anytime, anywhere.

Complete Driver services, Kids to & from School, Airport runs, Limo, Executive car, any form of transportation, Nanny Defensive driving & much more.

Do MORE to support YOUR U.S. Troops, Support US with a Job, Support US with More than a Bumper sticker & Cheap Empty words, that do nothing, but make you feel good, Not US.

“Hire US & A U.S. Veteran Gets A Job, Anything, Anytime, Anywhere, No Excuses ~ Just Results”.  Please pray for and support the Men, Women and Families of the United States Armed Forces.

Can you tell us about the Paparazzi and Princess Diana ?

A death directly caused by the aggressive criminal paparazzi, Princess Diana was tragically killed, along with her driver and boyfriend. What happened to Princess Diana on that tragic evening of 1997 should have been a wake-up call to the world that the paparazzi must be stopped and stripped of their first amendment protections that should only be afforded to actual accredited journalists. Regulations as what they really are should be put in place. Thugs and stalkers with camera and once you weed out all of the convicted felons and sex offenders from the paparazzi ranks, what you will be left with is less than 10% that can actually pass a background check to become licensed and regulated, that in itself will save lives.

The story of Princess Diana’s death is one that I am 100% convinced will in fact be repeated here in America. On several occasions we have come very close to having a Princess Diana level death among one of our treasured American icons. The aggressive criminal paparazzi will kill someone in America, just as famous as Princess Diana sometime in the near future. It is not a question of if it’s simply only a question of when.

On August 31, 1997 at about 12:20 am, Princess Diana departed the Ritz Hotel in Paris, driving a Mercedes-Benz w140, with the acting head of security for the hotel Henri Paul as her driver, her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones. A combination of very poor security, a driver who reportedly was drunk and or under the influence of narcotics and the illegal, dangerous, reckless actions of the aggressive criminal paparazzi would tragically lead to Diana’s death this evening, as well as the death of her boyfriend and driver.

Although published reports indicate that they had attempted to use a decoy vehicle to deceive the aggressive criminal paparazzi that were waiting outside all of the exits of the hotel. In fact, they had failed and most of the paparazzi were waiting for them to depart. The aggressive criminal paparazzi that evening chased her car through the streets of Paris recklessly cutting off other vehicles running red lights ignoring all traffic control devices. They aggressively and recklessly were taking actions that would eventually lead to Princess Diana’s car crashing at approximately 65 miles an hour in a head-on collision with the pillar supporting the roof of the tunnel of the Place de l’Alama underpass.

Although many conspiracy theories have arisen on what really happened that fateful evening, including reports that Diana’s car had struck a white vehicle that was never found prior to crashing the tunnel, the undisputed facts are simply that Princess Diana was chased by the aggressive criminal paparazzi and their reckless actions caused her vehicle to crash which caused her tragic death.

Published reports and witness statements indicate that after the horrific crash of the vehicle, the paparazzi offered no assistance whatsoever and made no attempt to save the lives of Princess Diana or the other occupants of her car. In fact published reports of witness statements clearly indicate that as Princess Diana and the other victims lay in the wrecked car the paparazzi photographers continue to take pictures. The critically injured Princess Diana was reported to have said to the paparazzi photographers who’d surrounded her car “Oh my God leave me alone“.

The first police officers arrived at the Princess Diana crash scene at approximately 12:30 AM. They learning from witnesses what the aggressive criminal paparazzi had done to cause the crash of Princess Diana’s car. All seven paparazzi at the scene were arrested.

Princess Diana was removed from the car by emergency personnel at approximately 1 AM. She went into full cardiac arrest but was resuscitated with CPR. Princess Diana was moved to an ambulance at approximately 1:18 AM. The ambulance departed the crash scene at approximately 1:41 AM. They arrived at the local hospital at approximately 2:06 AM.

Upon examination at the hospital emergency room published reports indicate that Princess Diana had severe internal injuries. Her heart was reportedly displaced from the left side of her chest to the right side of her chest. The doctors of the hospital worked on Princess Diana until approximately 4 AM when she was pronounced dead.

At approximately 5:30 AM her death was announced at a press conference held by one of the hospitals doctors along with France’s interior minister and Sir Michael Jay Britain’s ambassador to France.

If myself and my elite team members The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills had been in charge of Princess Diana’s protection that evening she would still be alive today.

Here is how my team members and I would’ve handled Princess Diana. Security would have been handled differently than it was handled that evening.

We would not have allowed anyone under the influence of alcohol or narcotics to drive Princess Diana’s vehicle that evening.

We would have sent an advance team to check the exits and the roads leading from the Paris Ritz Hotel to her boyfriend’s apartment to ensure that we can navigate them safely. When our advance team discovered the many aggressive criminal paparazzi that were waiting at the exits of the hotel we would have called the police and had them removed.

We then would have requested that the police escort us from the Ritz Hotel in Paris to her boyfriend’s apartment to be sure that we were not harassed by the aggressive criminal paparazzi. Understanding this is not something the police can do every day for everyone, the fact is that Princess Diana was considered a visiting high-profile dignitary because of her status of being a Princess. Therefore, if requested she would’ve received a police escort for her own safety from the hotel to her boyfriend’s apartment that evening. If a police escort would not have been provided a second option could have been used to safely transport Princess Diana from the hotel to her boyfriend’s apartment.

Simply exit the hotel observing and recognizing that the aggressive criminal paparazzi were recklessly endangering her life and have him immediately return to the hotel while calling the police. A third option upon recognizing the reckless and dangerous actions of the aggressive criminal paparazzi that evening would be to stay in the hotel her boyfriend’s father owned. He is the owner of the hotel and would’ve been much safer to stay in place that evening.

Doing what they did in trying to rush out that the hotel and then run away from the paparazzi at high speeds is simply playing the paparazzi game. The aggressive criminal paparazzi do everything in their power to cause an incident. One of the things that they do is try to get you to run away from them because it makes for good footage that they can sell.

You mentioned the aggressive criminal paparazzi, can you explain what they are and how they work ?

My violent confrontations with the Paparazzi started around 1985. 27 years later the Paparazzi are far more aggressive, dangerous, organized and violent then they have ever been. 100’s and 100’s of times I have seen them endanger the public by running red lights 25 cars at a time. All 25 cars of Paparazzi would be creating an illegal and very dangerous motorcade by refusing to quit chasing my Celebrity client all over town. They would be aggressively cutting off other cars to maintain their illegal pursuit of our car or cars carrying our client.

A few Paparazzi tricks of the trade:  Point the camera at you AFTER, they spit on you or kick you (below the camera angle) to catch your reaction and use the tape as evidence against you. i/e “Look I was just standing here and the Bodyguard hit me for NO reason”

Send emails or texts to your clients threatening them that unless they fire you, they will get ALL Paparazzi to STOP taking their photo or ONLY take & publish unflattering shots. Make false criminal & civil complaints about you to embarrass you with your Celebrity client. Vandalize your car, client’s car, your home, your client’s home or your client’s friends or family homes just to embarrass you w/ your Celebrity client.

I have had thousands of violent physical confrontations with the aggressive criminal paparazzi, stalkers and entourage members high on every drug you can possibly imagine.

We all know that sex and violence sells and sells well in America, The modern-day aggressive criminal paparazzi have become incredibly ingenious, creative, resourceful, organized and dangerously aggressive in their pursuit of the long sought after “money shot”.

These aggressive criminal paparazzi work in teams using modern wireless communications to cover multiple spots at once and then jump their victim like a pack of wild dogs ripping apart a piece of meat fully knowing that if enough of them surround, harass, and intimidate their celebrity target either the celebrity or one of the celebrity entourage members will make a mistake and become aggressive and that’s the “money shot”.

My story with the aggressive criminal paparazzi starts about 1985 and would continue for the next 26+ years of my career as a celebrity bodyguard. The paparazzi are a group of men and a few women. They simply could not earn a living doing anything else in their life or did not want to earn a living doing anything else other than stalking celebrities.

About 1985 I had my first violent physical counter the aggressive criminal paparazzi. It was very surprising to me that they simply ignore all laws and rules of the civilized society and instead acted like a pack of wild dogs ripping apart a piece of meat. I tried to walk a celebrity from point A to point B and was violently assaulted and physically blocked from getting them to their car by the aggressive criminal paparazzi. I tried everything: asking, begging, pleading, bribing, joking with, and even taking their pictures to show them that their behavior was illegal, immoral and unacceptable.

I learned very quickly that nothing works with the aggressive criminal paparazzi but to simply be as aggressive and ruthless as they are. Now I don’t mean to categorize all paparazzi as the aggressive criminal paparazzi. It is about a 50-50 split.

About half the paparazzi out there are people that have such extensive criminal records they simply cannot pass a background check to get a job doing anything else.

So they become paparazzi and to be fair about 50% of them are grateful for the chance to earn a reasonable amount of money in some cases even getting a great deal of money while getting to chase around and stalk celebrities all they want.

So to the first 50% of the paparazzi is simply a job one of the perks of the job being of course that they get to associate with celebrities and the rich and famous. For the remaining 50% they are in fact aggressive criminal paparazzi. They heed to no laws of God or man when it comes to making money by stalking harassing and intimidating and verbally and sometimes physically abusing celebrities and their bodyguards until they finally invoke the violent reaction they been waiting for and then they get the picture or video that makes them a great deal of money.

As we all know that sex and violence sells more than anything else. When you’re an aggressive criminal paparazzi you can kick a bodyguard as he walks by below the camera angle. Then within the camera angle get the bodyguards violent reaction to being kicked you have a video or photos that are going to sell and make you a lot of money.

The golden days of paparazzi photographers like Woody are long gone and will never return. The new aggressive criminal paparazzi use terrorist type tactics to intimidate and harass or even frighten their celebrity prey to invoke a violent response from the celebrity or the celebrity entourage so they can sell their picture for big bucks about a celebrity lashing out at a poor little paparazzi who is just doing his job taking pictures.

Several of the long-term successful aggressive criminal paparazzi use these tactics and use them very successfully, as they make a good living ruining other people’s lives they are the lowest form of life on earth, and someday when we have a Princess Diana level incident in America and one of our beloved celebrities is killed in a fiery crash caused by the aggressive criminal paparazzi, then and only then laws will be enacted making it illegal to take such actions.

Now a lot of people reading this are saying wait a second, there are already laws on the books to prevent stalking, reckless driving, harassment and intimidation tactics used on a daily basis by the aggressive criminal paparazzi. The problem is that they hide behind the First Amendment guaranteeing them freedom of press and the majority of the time the aggressive criminal paparazzi are organized, experienced, and smart enough to avoid arrest or prosecution.

One such case that should have been an eye-opener to America but in fact was not was when Arnold Schwarzenegger was run off the road by an aggressive criminal paparazzi.

He could of died of a heart attack as he was having heart related issues at the time. In fact, although it got a lot of publicity when all was said and done the aggressive criminal paparazzi involved got a very light sentence and was right back to work as a paparazzi a year and a half later.

Although it’s very sad to say but the facts cannot be ignored. If Arnold Schwarzenegger, a beloved American icon and legend, would have died that day as a result of the actions of the aggressive criminal paparazzi.

That might have been our Princess Diana moment here in America to change the laws forever to protect the general public from the aggressive criminal paparazzi no longer affording them protection under the First Amendment. Freedom of the press when they are in fact not accredited journalists and should not have that protection.

As long as the aggressive criminal paparazzi can hide behind the First Amendment they will simply become more and more aggressive.

As their numbers grow and grow like a pack of wild dogs getting larger and larger still going after the same small piece of meat.

Someday soon I fear that the aggressive criminal paparazzi will in fact cause the death of a beloved American icon once and only once that happens I believe America will wake up and placed strict regulations on the aggressive criminal paparazzi.

Once the aggressive criminal paparazzi are regulated and forced to go through background checks to be photographed licensed and accredited and be employed by a licensing credited news agency then and only then you will see a different breed of paparazzi.

As of today anyone can pick up a camera, in the case of most paparazzi probably stolen or borrowed from a pawn shop, and claim they are journalists and demand they be afforded the same protections as actual accredited journalists.

One such aggressive criminal paparazzi master manipulator psychopathic con artist and long-term Hollywood paparazzi I shall refer to him in this book as “R”, is not only a master manipulator psychopathic con artist he is a genius at manipulating people just to get that ever exclusive money shot.

Paparazzi “R” would hang around several of the Hollywood and Beverly Hills celebrity hotspots that myself and fellow team members of The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills had agreements with the owners or managers to provide celebrity bodyguard services. Paparazzi “R” also uses a small army of thugs, gang members, mentally challenged people, people just released from the state mental hospital, homeless people and anyone else that he could manipulate and get conned into doing his bidding. They act as scouts and call him whenever any of our celebrity clients showed up in any of locations and his army of Indians had under surveillance.

The current KING of the tabloid paparazzi world is also the KING of blackmailing and extortion as they play the following game, when trying to get a story.

Here is what they do:

They call you and say do you have a comment on a story we are about to print or can you tell us your version of an event ?

If you say NO COMMENT or if you refuse to help them on this story.

Then they start the blackmail game.

They tell you if you refuse to comment on the story or at least help them with the story, they will ONLY use the version of the event given to them by people that hate you and that version of the story will make you look horrible.

What is the difference between a rent-a-guard and a Navy SEAL or Special Forces Bodyguard ?

Here are the two protection protocol scenarios and different types of ones you hire of big, stupid, scary looking bodyguards to walk around with you as a deterrent. One is he provides no real level of physical security other than deterring someone who wasn’t serious about attacking you anyway. All anyone has to do is walk up to your body on the opposite side of your one bodyguard and stab you in the face, all he’s going to do is react to you being injured, he is not going to prevent anything.

There are two types of executive protection professionals or bodyguards in existence:

1. The first type of bodyguard is just for show. Their only qualification for the job is that they are big and scary looking. In reality they provide no real protection other than deterring someone that is NOT serious about attacking their client anyway.

This first type of bodyguard with no real training or qualifications other than their size do nothing more than provide a week shallow, paper type of empty protection. They provide a false sense of security to their clients and do nothing more than act as an empty scarecrow. Only the week uncommitted and non-motivated attacker is ever deterred by this first type of bodyguard.

The fact is if someone is motivated, insane, crazy, trained or willing to just walk up to you with a smile and stab you in the face, the only thing this type of bodyguard is going to do is react after-the-fact when it is too late to save his client’s life. History has proven that there are only two types of protection, one that is fake and is for show and the second that is for real.

I would call this a joke but there’s nothing funny about someone providing a false sense of security and no real level of protection against anyone who is dedicated to killing, assaulting or kidnapping you or someone you love.

Again, it would be easy to call this first type of bodyguard a joke but there’s nothing funny about someone providing a false sense of security and no real level of protection against anyone who is dedicated to killing, assaulting or kidnapping you or someone you love.

Again, it would be easy to call this first type of bodyguard a joke but there’s nothing funny about it.

2. The second type of bodyguard is highly qualified and not through one of those stupid private schools, but in fact has been trained and certified by the United States government, United States military, or a specialized law enforcement unit.

This second type of bodyguard highly trained and highly motivated will create for you a protective bubble anywhere you go. You travel and live within his protective bubble. He cannot do this alone and must be part of a larger team of executive protection specialists consisting of highly trained government, military or law enforcement trained professionals.

This executive protection bodyguard team will protect you within your custom made protective bubble. The protective bubble is a 360° boundary of safety that should be 100% under your control. The protective bubble can move with you as you jog, shop, drive, fly, watch a movie, go to a sporting event, dancing, drinking, or dining. You should always be within this protective bubble.

There are several keys to a successful protective bubble. One of those is excellent advance work. Advance planning and preparation prior to you ever arriving at any location is important. The bodyguards of your protective detail should already have been to that location prior to your arrival. They check the perimeter entrances, exits, bathrooms, and emergency fallback positions they can use as a safe room; such as a manager’s office with the deadbolt. The advance team should ensure that there are no surprises for the protective detail upon their arrival and departure from each location.

Another key to a protective bubble being functional and impenetrable is that every single member of your protective detail should have every inch of every location memorized down to the smallest detail. This is done prior to ever having to arrive or depart that location while they are protecting you. Meeting in good terms with the local owners, managers, concierges, maître d’ is, security guards, valets and even the waiters or busboys is a key element in any protective bubble.

They all become your eyes and ears to let you know if anyone is stalking you or staking out your location prior to your arrival.

The protective bubble cannot function properly unless everyone is on the same page. All the people listed above as well as local law enforcement, parking enforcement, tow trucks and other people that could impede or delay your egress or ingress. If they feel you are parked illegally, if they all don’t know that every time they see you they are to stay away from your vehicle and leave you alone. That level of cooperation greatly strengthens your overall protective bubble.

The most productive and cohesive way of building and maintaining a well functioning team including all the people listed above as well as your protective detail members and clients is by maintaining a clear and open level of communication.

You should set aside one cellular phone that only has one purpose. It is to receive phone calls and texts from the persons listed above to immediately inform you of anything out of the ordinary at any location you are about arrive at.

If everyone that is going to be on the inside of your protective bubble or the outside but near your protective bubble, or anywhere near any location that your protective bubble is going to travel through, completely and totally understands how a protective bubble functions (without of course giving away your secrets). You have a much greater chance of success of never having your protective bubble breached.

Any waiter that’s bringing food to your client can set it down on one of the perimeter tables on the edge of the protective bubble and you can then in turn place the plate in front of your client.

Although that may seem to be the extreme the fact of the matter is you will never have time to do a background check on every waiter and busboys that are going to service your clients tables. This is an easy way for potential perpetrator to attack, injure or kill your client by simply getting a job a few days earlier at the restaurant they know your client regularly attends.

No one should be allowed within 10 feet of the table you are dining at unless screened for weapons and other dangerous devices by your protective detail team.  There are no second place awards in a fight to keep your client alive.

The way you could accomplish this is by sending your advance team to the restaurant first, having your advance team reserve 4 tables with one table against the wall surrounded by the other three tables.

This creates a protective barrier that if anyone wanted to attack you they would have to breach the protective bubble that starts on the outside of the three perimeter tables that are surrounding the clients table.

An example of a mobile protective bubble is when you are driving in your car. If your car does not have bullet resistant glass and armor you should be in the center rear passenger seat.

Your protective detail should be seated behind you, to your left and to your right and in front of you because they are all wearing body armor.

If someone would attempt to shoot at you, the body armor being worn by protective detail should stop the projectile before it hits your clients body.

Another key to an effective protective bubble is no one outside the protective bubble having any knowledge of your exact arrival and departure times, ~period~ No exceptions ever.

Just because you explain to all those that are to be in or near your protective bubble how it works it does not mean they have any reason to know the exact arrival and departure times of your protective detail.

If you have done the proper amount of advance work at every location you are going to take your client to then the owners and managers will accept the fact that whenever you call and say we need four tables in 30 minutes they simply get the tables ready.

They fully know you may arrive an hour later and not in 30 minutes but it is extremely important to vary your arrival and departure times by at least one hour each time you take your client and their protective bubble anywhere.

When you get stuck in the rut of arriving at the same place at the exact same time you have now breached one of the key strengths of the protective bubble. You have become predictable to the enemy whether the enemy is just the aggressive criminal paparazzi or someone who wishes to ensure kidnapper or kill your client. Underestimating the intelligence gathering abilities of your enemy or underestimating the ability of the enemy to improvise, adapt, and overcome is a fatal mistake that can lead to your death and/or the death of your client.

While writing this book I understand that some people are going to read my book and think, WOW, that’s a lot of military, SECRET SERVICE OR LAW ENFORCEMENT TYPE OF terminology. Some of you will think I don’t need a Secret Service level, law enforcement or military level of protection I’m just the celebrity or I’m just the wealthy business person.

Whether you wish to recognize or not you may very well be in danger of being injured, kidnapped, or murdered simply because someone wants to be famous. The delusional, sociopolitical, psychopath type insane people in this world are not as predictable as you.

Some of them feel that they can become immortal or at least their name can become immortal by attaching their name to someone who is famous. They feel by murdering or kidnapping or just injuring you their name shall be attached to your name forever and thus they have achieved their goal of being immortal or at least

If you are in a position that hundreds of thousands or even millions of people follow your every move on the Internet, twitter, Facebook, the national news media, the local news media or the tabloid paparazzi websites or shows.

Whether you wish to recognize this or not, it does not change the fact that you are being stalked as you read this book in the social media on a regular basis.

There are two ways to deal with this potential threat. You can choose to ignore it and just hope it never happens to you. Making the sometimes final and fatal judgment of ill always just must be someone else and never happen to me. There are many dead celebrities, rich and famous people who felt it would always happen to someone else and never be them. They were rewarded with an early and horrific death for their stupid and dangerous assumptions.

You do not ask to live a paranoid or over protective life to be safe nor do you have to spend millions and millions of dollars to be safe. The facts is that for less than 10% of your yearly income, for much less money than you waste on frivolous things every year, you can be totally and completely protected. You can live your life with very clean, clear, crisp, invisible protective bubble.

You can live your life exactly how you want to live it feeling free to do whatever you want whenever you want to do it. To the average outsider looking in they will never even realize that you are inside of the protective bubble.  A truly successful and functional protective bubble should not look like an Abrams main battle tank, in fact the best protective bubble is one that is nearly unnoticeable, invisible and does not draw attention to itself.

With a few simple precautions and again spending less than 10% of your yearly income you can be totally protected and safe and still live your life exactly how you wish to live it, as long as no one can get closer to you than your protective detail bodyguards. You have greatly increased your odds that no one will ever be able to hurt you.