Kate Gosselin Turned Into Child Protective Services For Abusing Her Children

Kate Gosselin Turned Into Child Protective Services For Abusing Her Children

Kate Gosselin is getting just what she’s been seeking all along, a boat load of free publicity. While it might not be the type of spotlight she was looking for, a new book written about her bizarre and alleged abusive parenting skills is putting her in the headlines today. This book’s author swears that what he’s written is the truth about Kate and he’s called Child Protective Services twice about the mother of eight to report her tendency for alleged child abuse when attempting discipline on her children.

Robert Hoffman, who calls himself “a friend” of Kate’s ex, Jon Gosselin, is now sitting on the explosive new book waiting for the courts to clear the way for it to go back on the shelves. It was originally available on Amazon, but two high-powered legal teams had it taken down pending a court decision. It is Hoffman who decided to stop the sale elsewhere until the court clears him of any wrong doing.

The book reads like a modern day version of Mommie Dearest as Kate trades in Joan Crawford’s wire hangers for a wooden spoon. Allegations of Kate “throwing” her young children into their cribs and “pulling them by the hair” are among the many horrific claims on the pages of Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.

If anyone had the displeasure of watching Kate in action on her last season of Kate plus 8 you were privy to the cross country RV trip with Kate, the kids and some friends. This was a woman unraveling and her behavior was bizarre at that time, with the cameras rolling. There’s no telling what she’s really like when the cameras shut down. Hoffman claims that the crew that filmed Kate plus 8 observed Kate’s questionable discipline with her kids. He also states that it’s been caught on camera by the film crew, but of course this never might it to the television screen.

Hoffman wrote this book using evidence from Kate’s personal journal, computer material and by doing interviews. He said he obtained some of the material from the garbage, but maintains that he did not break any laws for anything he has in his possession regarding the evidence backing up his claims.

As far as the Child Protective Services, Hoffman claims that in 2010 he called them twice and even handed over the evidence he collected to back his claims, he tells Radaronline in an exclusive interview. He was never contacted after that. He was told that they would look into it. While these investigations are usually kept under wraps, if they did investigate it is probably not something they would make available to the public.

Kate Gosselin is living through a new chapter in her real-life today, but this time she’s not just a mother of eight, it appears that this new book paints her as an abuser of eight. She’s not someone that would be handed a mother-of-the-year award before this new information surfaced, as many disagreed with her using her kids for fame in the first place. This can only strengthen the amount of disdain that the public already holds for this woman.

Kate Gosselin Turned Into Child Protective Services For Abusing Her Children

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  2. Grrr says:

    This is not a made up story.RH has the proof to back everything he’s saying up.He took a lie detector test and PASSED it.There are children being abused and yet no one is doing anything about it.TLC has stopped the book for now…they did not say that the claims robert is making are NOT TURE.The are saying Robert released “trade secrets”They are not protecting kates a ss…they are protecting their own.They knew the kids were being abused and did nothing to stop it.Kate Gosselin is a CHILD ABUSER. Read the book and make up your own mind.