Once Upon A Time Recap, Season 1 Episode 11 ‘Fruit of the Poisonous Tree’ 1/29/12

Once Upon A Time Recap, Season 1 Episode 11 'Fruit of the Poisonous Tree' 1/29/12

Tonight is all new episode of Once Upon A Time called ‘Fruit of the Poisonous Tree’ on ABC.  Stay tune as we live blog the show with up-to-the-minute details. On last week’s episode we got more insight on Snow White and Prince Charming’s relationship as the wedding approaches with King Midas’ daughter.   If you missed the episode read our official recap here!

On this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time Mary Margaret and David continue to grapple with their unrequited love, and Emma and Regina grow suspicious over a mysterious new stranger in town. Sidney (Giancarlo Esposito) is starting to lose any friendly feelings for Regina. He wants payback, which includes exposing Regina as a corrupt city official.

Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Snow White yearns to ease her breaking heart as Prince Charming’s wedding to King Midas’s daughter approaches.  We will learn more about King Leopold (Richard Schiff), who was the Evil Queen’s husband and Snow White’s father.

We will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details at 7PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us.  While you wait for the recap you can watch a sneak peek video of the episode here!

Tonight’s episode: Emma sees Henry riding his bike and he is headed to his fort. He is in a hurray because the storm is coming and he is afraid that his fairytale book will be destroyed. Emma asks Henry if his Mom knows about the fort. He says no – it is our secret. Of course Regina shows up and she is not pleased that Emma lets Henry plays at the fort because he could easily get hurt and she tells her it is time to be responsible.

Emma is having a coffee with Margaret Mary and she wonders how Regina found out about the castle (fort). Mary Margaret got a phone call and had to leave. Sydney comes to sit down and tells Emma that he has a way to get rid of the Mayor, Regina. Sydney is drunk he tells Emma that Storybrooke deserves to know the truth about Regina. He has been preparing an expose on her since she had him fired from the papers. Emma tells him to go home.

In the fairytale we meet a genie – it is Sydney!! – and someone has rubbed the bottle and he is coming out of the bottle like a good genie should. The person has awakened the genie and has three wishes. The King tells the Genie he has everything he wants so he cannot think of anything he wants. The only thing he wants is that everyone in his kingdom to be happy. The genie does not look happy and he tells the king he is fed up being a genie. The king makes the first wish to free the genie. Then the King tells him the second wish is that he wants is to give the third wish to the genie. The genie tells him he will never use the wish because he knows all wishes come with a price. He does tell the king that he does seek true love.

He invites the genie to come to his palace. He introduces the genie to his daughter Snow White and his wife Regina the Queen. Yikes!!

In Storybrooke Henry’s fort (castle) is being torn down and Henry is upset he tells Emma that Regina is having it torn down and his book is missing.

Emma tells Regina she took what Henry loves most. Regina tells Emma to learn her place or she will be gone. Emma calls Sydney she is in and wants the town to know exactly what Regina is.

Mary Margaret meets David – he has sent her a text message. He has made a picnic for her and tells her the wine is getting warm. They kiss. Nice.

Emma meets Sydney and ask what he knows about Regina. He says $50,000 is missing from the town coffers – he tells her Regina has taken the money. He tells Emma they need to find out what she did with the money and then it all crumbles for Regina. He tells her all they need is a crack in a mirror and it all falls apart. Sydney tells Emma – Regina is going to know sooner than later that she is on to her and wants to know if she is prepared for that. Emma says YES. Sydney tells Emma he use to think Regina was a different person.

Snow’s father, the king, is complimenting her and tells her each day he sees her he thinks of her dear departed mother and like her – she was the fairest in the land. Her step-mother Regina is listening and not happy – she can’t compete with the kings memory of his perfect first wife. Later the genie comes up to Regina and asks why she is not in a festive mood. Regina tells the Genie no matter how hard she tries to please the King she will never mean as much as the King’s first wife. The Genie tells her he knows about being trapped. He gives Regina a mirror and tells her so she can see herself the way he sees her. He sees her as the fairest of the land. Seems the genie is an evil genie – he is hitting on Regina.

Emma and Sydney are looking through records and find out that the records of three weeks ago when the transfer of $50k went through are missing. Sydney wants to get a warrant but Emma says she owns all the judges. Sydney says then they have to do it his way and not do it legally. Mary Margaret comes in and agrees. Emma wants to start by talking to her.
Emma asks Regina where the money went. Regina tells her to check the records – Emma tells her they are missing. Regina says they probably burned but she has nothing to hide. Emma tells Sydney they should leave and they walk out. She tells Sydney she has planted a bug – she is ready to do whatever is necessary.

The King calls the Genie and tells him he has reason to believe his wife’s heart belongs to another man. The Genie tells him that the Queen would never stray. The King tells him her diary tells him different. He gives the diary to the Genie to read. The diary does not name the person who gave her the mirror but says that she now feels love for the man who gave it to her. The King tells the Genie he realizes the Queen is unhappy but he never imagined she would betray him. The Genie tells him the Queen would never act on the feelings. The King tells the Genie he needs someone with his wits to discover who has stolen his wife’s heart. The Genie asks what will the king do to this man and kingy says that is private. He asks the Genie if he can find the man who gave the Queen the mirror?

Sydney is listening to the bug the put in Regina’s office. He plays something for Emma where Regina is going to meet someone to pay them off in the woods.

Emma and Sydney head out to find who the Queen is meeting. As they are driving in the police car the brakes go out. Sydney checks the car and tells Emma someone tampered with the brakes.

Mr. Gold shows up and says he is meeting Regina to sell her land. Mr. Gold has a suitcase in his hand. Mr. Gold tells Sydney to be careful emotional entanglements can lead people down dangerous paths.

The genie is eating an apple from The Queen’s tree. The Queen’s father comes to see the Genie and tells him that the Queen is locked up in the tower. He wants the Genie to give the Queen a box. He tells the Genie what is in the box can set the Queen free from her wretched life.

Emma and Sydney arrive at Regina’s office – Emma wants to find out why she bought the land from Mr. Gold. Emma breaks into her office, the alarm goes off and they start going through things. She goes on Regina’s computer and starts printing out all the documents pertaining to the land she bought from Mr. Gold. She also finds a ring of special keys and wonders what they unlock. She starts looking for Henry’s book. Regina walks in and asks Emma what she is doing there. Emma tells her a few kids broke in and they answered the alarm. Emma asks Regina if she wants her to go through her office but Regina tells her, her services are not needed. Regina does not buy the story.

The genie goes into the the tower where the Queen is being held and she tells the genie that her love for him grows each day. The genie gives her the box and tells her the box will bring her freedom. The Queen opens the box there is a  two headed Gibon viper that can kill with a single bite. She tells the Genie one small bite and she will be free from this life. She tells him she is sorry she cannot be with him, perhaps in another life. She goes to put her hand in the box and the genie stops her. He asks the Queen, ‘What if the King did not live.’ He tells her he would do anything for her He closes the box.

Henry is working writing the stories from the fairy tale book he lost. The motorcycle riding stranger walks over to him and Henry asks what he is doing in Storybrooke? He tells Henry he is a writer and Henry asks what he is really here for – he says ‘things’ and leaves.

Sydney and Emma are going through documents and see that Regina is building something for personal use. Sydney is glad they have Regina – but Emma is hesitant in exposing Regina because of the way they obtained the information.
Sydney takes out pictures and shows Emma that Regina had him follow Henry and Emma to the Castle (Fort) and she knew about them and that is why she tore the castle down. He says Regina destroys things that people love.

During a town meeting – Sydney gets up and asks to speak – Regina tells him to sit down. But Emma gets up and asks her to explain why she stole $50,000 to build herself a lavish home in the woods. She tells the town people Sydney was fired because he stood up to the Mayor. Emma calls her a thug and tells her people are afraid to stand up to her. Regina tells her she is right she is building a house, a playhouse. She tells the town she is building a playhouse so her son Henry and the rest of the children have a safe place to play. . She tells Emma – there you have it, you have exposed me, I hope you are satisfied. Mr. Gold is sitting in the audience shaking his head.

In the fairy tale the Genie says ‘forgive me’ and opens the box with the two headed snake in the King’s bedroom as he sleeps – and sets the creature on the king.

The Genie walks over to the bed as the snake bites the King. The Genie tells the King that he is the man who gave the mirror to the Queen – he tells the King just as he freed him – he must free the Queen. The King reaches for his hand and says ‘You are right, I should never have made the wish.’

Mr. Gold comes up and tells Emma – look at her ‘the queen of the castle.’ Mr. Gold tells her if she wishes to bring down Regina she will have to have a strong arm, implying him. Emma tells him, ‘no thanks.’

The Mayor takes Emma aside and tells her to stay away from him and stay away from Henry. She tells Emma it is not up for discussion, she does not get to see him unless she says so and right now she does not say so.

 Henry is in the woods at the new playground – Emma is watching from the car. Henry asks why she does not get out of the car and Emma tells him she cannot. Henry tells her he does not want to be apart, Emma tells him she will find a way. Emma tells Henry she will find his book. Henry tells her it is probably destroyed and gone and he wishes her luck. She drives way.

 The stranger in town opens a locked box by breaking the lock and there is Henry’s book or a copy of it.

Sydney is at the bar having a drink. He tells Emma if we cannot beat her, drink. Emma tells Sydney they were blinded by their anger. Sydney tells Emma there are lots of skeletons in Regina’s closet and now she has an ally. They toast. Emma tells Sydney they won’t be fooled again.

The Genie comes to see The Queen and tells her they can be together. The Queen tells him the palace guards found the snakes and since they come from his country they know he killed the Queen and they will never be together – he will be executed. The Genie starts to realize that the Queen set him up, that she fooled him and never loved him. After all, why did her father bring exactly those particular snakes. She tells the Genie she wanted the King killed for a long whole and he did it for her. She tells the Genie her use for him is over and she never loved him and they will never be together. He tells her there is one way – there is one wish left. He says he wishes to be with her forever, to look on her face. Then the magic smoke from the lamp – then you hear him screaming NO and he has been sent into the mirror forever. The Queen looks at the mirror and says , ‘it looks like you got your wish, you will be with me forever.’

Sydney meets with Regina and plays her the tape of the conversation in the bar he had with Emma. It seems that Sydney is working with Emma and has been all along, the rat is a double agent!! He tells Regina, ‘Everything Emma does, everything she says, you will know about it.’ Regina says, ‘I don’t know what I would do without you Sydney.’

That’s a wwrap for tonight – catch our wrap-up tomorrow morning!!