Queen Elizabeth Hires Experts To Help With Royal Family Fighting

Queen Elizabeth Hires Experts To Help With Royal Family Fighting 0827

Prince Harry might be in the dog house but he’s only one of Queen Elizabeth’s problems at the moment. A few weeks ago the Queen dealt with a blood bath at Balmoral when her beloved corgis teamed up on Princess Beatrice’s pet terrier and roughed him up so bad with bloody bite marks he nearly lost an ear. The Queen is said to be so upset by her little monsters’ behavior that she’s actually called in famed dog whisperer and TV animal behaviorist, Dr Roger Mugford, to sort the group out.

If you’re a royal lover you’ve just got to love this story. First off, would you ever believe the Queen would watch television, let alone dog whisperer type of stuff? It’s almost too much! She’s always been ridiculed for loving and being kinder to her dogs than her own kids and this only makes it more evident! But let’s be honest, besides roughing up a terrier, what have those dogs done to disappoint her? Did they cheat on their royal spouses? Did they go to Vegas and feel up a naked chick while their 91-year-old grandfather was recovering in the hospital? No they did not. No wonder she prefers their company!

They might be her only solace at the moment. Word on the street is that a chick who watched Harry’s Las Vegas shenanigans will spill details that will make the nude pics look tame. The Queen and Prince Philip went to church yesterday with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles but Harry stayed behind on lock down. I wonder if they’re all holding their breath for the next scandal to break because it sounds like it’s going to be a doozy. The Mirror has spoken to the enterprising “model” and reports she has detailed accounts of Harry’s night. A spokesman for Bad Girlz PR said: “From what she has said, I think this may send some serious waves through the Royal Family and especially their security. I have several interested parties and I am confident that a deal will take place in the next few hours.”

Perhaps the Queen should hire someone to knock some sense into her grandson. The dogs will be all right in the end. They’re better trained than Harry that’s for sure. But this actually gives an odd sort of insight into the royal family. The Queen understands that when her babies act up they need to be disciplined and re-programmed and allows for outside influence. That doesn’t seem like the case for the bipedal royals. They are given a smack down, a talking to, but then left to sulk in their rooms. Do you think the royals go to therapists? Is talking to someone just as frowned upon in royal circles as it is in New Jersey mafia ones? I’m just saying… Prince Harry could use some helpful advice right about now.

Do you think more explosive news will come out from Prince Harry’s scandal or does it sound like it will be just more of the same?

Photo Credit: Flynet UK/FameFlynet Pictures