Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Marriage To Follow Breaking Dawn 2 Release?

Will Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Marry After Breaking Dawn 2 Release

It looks like everyone’s favorite “trampire”, Kristen Stewart is doing a bang up job of weaseling her way back into the arms and heart of Robert Pattinson. After screwing around with married director, Rupert Sanders, it looked for a few months there like the love story of Rob and Kristen was going to be permanently left behind with the Twilight series. Then came the rumors last month that the two had met and were working on reconciliation. A week or so ago a nice big U-Haul was parked outside of Rob’s Los Feliz home, adding to the speculation that the twosome are once again living together.

We told you yesterday here at CDL that Kristen is not just begging to be Rob’s girlfriend again, but she is now magically ready to be his wife, something she wouldn’t commit to until after sporking a married man and being labeled a home wrecker. She supposedly now is hoping to marry after the Breaking Dawn 2 release, in a winter elopement.

The once again happy couple was spotted out at LA’s Soho House the other night and a source said rainbows and chirping birds all but followed the couple through the door

“It was like old times,” the source says. “They were with a few other friends, two guys and another girl. They sat in the restaurant … which is decorated with really beautiful lights everywhere. It’s really romantic.”

I think it’s pretty easy to look happy together when you are in an amazing setting like Soho House, but what do you think goes on between them when watching television together and a cheating couple is onscreen?  I mean clearly there are some major trust issues here and waltzing down an aisle isn’t going to make Rob trust Kristen any more than he does right at this very moment. Or does Kristen want to rush to marry him now because in her mind, she’ll never cheat on her husband? Is she using marriage to try and force herself to be faithful? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

3 responses to “Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Marriage To Follow Breaking Dawn 2 Release?”

  1. Catherine says:

    I think “marriage” is forcing the issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are trying to work things out, but most of this gossip stuff is made-up garbage. If they ARE trying to work things out – Good. I was afraid it would be damn near impossible for them to put aside all this chaos and get to the heart of the matter. Cheating is NOT an unforgivable sin NOR does it necessarily mean that things should end. And even if they do… It still doesn’t mean that they can’t be BFFs!
    All this is OBVIOUSLY a publicity stunt but not necessarily one Kristen, Robert or ANY of their Twilight FANS volunteered for. Hollywood did this JUST to cause them PAIN so they could make money off the TEARS of YOUNG GIRLS! You KNOW these extreme Twilight obsessions were PREVENTABLE, and SO many Twilight Fans are STILL in emotional turmoil because of this Robsten breakup PR stunt. TIME to think about putting blame where it belongs – Stephenie Meyer’s BOOK PUBLISHER for their professional negligence in allowing Twilight to be published with SUCH an overly-addictive “writing style” toward young girls. [link removed]

  2. Why even make up these kind of stories? Marriage after an affair scandal?

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