Robert Pattinson Is In Love With Kristen Stewart According To Donna Scott

Robert Pattinson Is In Love With Kirsten Stewart According To Donna Scott

Robert Pattinson is “in love” with Kristen StewartDonna Scott, who appears alongside the 24-year-old superhunk in the recently released movie ‘Water for Elephants’ told America’s OK! magazine –“He obviously loves his lady very much.”

Robert has been dating his ‘Twilight’ co-star for around two years and while the pair have been quite coy about their relationship, Robert’s latest co-star has spoken about how smitten they really are with each other.

“He was so lovely from the very beginning, very open about sharing stories of his life and his family.  He loves his family very much.”
Although Robert is very happy with Kristen, Donna did admit to enjoying kissing the star in ‘Water for Elephants’.  She said: “I did kiss him.  It was wonderful.  It was very sweet.  My character’s bawdy, so it was a lot of fun to get to do that and I think his response to me being bawdy was genuine.  It was perfect.”
Is Donna saying that Kristen should be jealous?  It doesn’t come as a big surprise that Robert is smitten with Kristen, as he recently revealed he likes being in love.  When asked if he is romantic, he said: “I guess I am when I like someone, I like being in love with people and yes, I guess I am quite sensitive to things.  “It’s important to preserve any mystique you have and also I just don’t feel it’s anyone else’s business.”
Nice words Pattinson, but the Twilight franchise has made the most of the romance between Rob and Kristen.  Let’s see if the couple are still together a year after ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ is released.