The Biggest Loser Season 13 Episode 5 Wrap-Up


Last night a whole new episode of The Biggest Loser aired, the fifth episode of season 13 and we recapped the episode. We have a wrap-up and some observations of the show and some questions.

Tonight’s show opened at the end of episode 4 just after the voting and Alison tells the Red and Blue team that they must all meet in the gym for an announcement.  Once they got to the gym they were told that the Aqua team was back for a weigh-in.  If the brother and sister team of Adrian and Daphne lost 50 lbs while at home for one month they would be let back on the ranch.  The duo ended up losing 60 lbs and were given a place on the ranch.  60 lbs in one month on their own were you impressed?  I was!

Do you dislike Conda as much as I do?  All she seems to do is complain and whine.  She really gave Adrian (returning Aqua team member) a hard time.  It seems Conda did not like how he was put back on the ranch, how he was too outspoken, etc. etc.  What do you think of Conda?

Immediately the women of the red team distrusted Adrian and targeted him to get him out the first chance they got but Mark and Buddy try to talk some sense into them.  Do you think the women are right to distrust Adrian?

When Bob first met with the black team he asked who had voted Gail out last week.  Bob was happy she was gone.  I don’t think it was appropriate of him to be so blatantly against a player.  I never really cared for the way he treated Gail. What do you think of Bob’s attitude this season?  He seems to have gotten nastier!

Will the former Aqua team be able to survive on the Ranch, or will their teams figure out a way to get them off the Ranch?

At the weigh-in were you surprised when Adrian only lost 2 lbs and Daphne only 1 lb.  Do you think the brother and sister team who had immunity were playing the game as Mark accused them?

In the end, it came down to Mark and Nancy.  The Red Team decided to vote off Nancy even though she had better numbers than half her team and is not as lazy as half the rest of her team.  What do you think of Nancy being eliminated.  I was hoping Conda and her attitude would be booted!

What did you think of the show tonight? Sound out in the comments and let us know!

One response to “The Biggest Loser Season 13 Episode 5 Wrap-Up”

  1. Bob Smith says:

    Conda does do quite a bit of whining and this time the producers asked Conda if she felt like she was being disrespectful; She argued that Dolvett was pushing buttons on purpose. Of course he’s pushing buttons! He’s trying to get to the bottom of what she hasn’t in the last 23 years. After a chat, Dolvett laid down the law and told Conda she has to figure out why she’s there and why she’s doing this. In my opinion this is a big step for anyone trying to lose weight. I just wanted to stop by and let all the fans of The Biggest Loser.