The X Factor USA Recap: Season 2 Week 2 ‘Auditions# 3’ 9/19/12

The X Factor USA Recap: Season 2 Episode 3 'Auditions' 9/19/12

Tonight on FOX the X Factor USA returns tonight with a whole new episode, ‘Auditions #3’ as contestants continue to audition for the judges in hopes of winning a $5 million dollar recording contract.  If you missed last week’s premiere episodes you can read our full and detailed recap Auditions#1 HERE and Auditions #2 HERE

Last week was premiere week for The X Factor USA and it was all that Simon promised, “like nothing we’ve ever seen before.”  Not only was there an addition of two new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato but there was a fresh new pink and blue color scheme which gave the show a pretty new facelift.  In addition behind-the-scenes footage made the show unlike any show of its kind.

Last week’s episode contained vocal theatrics, creepy people and the crazed Britney fan thrown in for good measure.  One of the most notable performances of premiere week was 13-year-old Carley.  She did a cover of “Feelin’ Good” by Nina Simone and delivered on every single inflection and every single note. A 13-year-old with this amount of talent is why shows such as The X-Factor were created in the first place – in order to find and nurture these young prodigies.  . All four judges gave her a yes and 4 out of 4. We concur and hand her the title of Best Audition So Far!”  

On tonight’s show the auditions will be moving to Greensboro, North Carolina and Kansas City, Missouri – which, according to the judges, will serve up some of the most “bizarre, suspect and awful” performance in the history of the US version of the show.  I cannot wait to see them!

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Tonight’s recap: Kansas City is the hot spot and the latest stop for X Factor auditions. We catch a moment between judges, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato backstage. They realize it’s L.A. Reid’s birthday and so Demi suggests doing something special. Britney offers to sing Happy Birthday when what Demi actually has in mind is getting him a cake. Demi’s face was actually pretty funny in the moment.

Rizzloe Jones is a white boy rapper that describes himself as Vanilla Ice plays in the backdrop. He keeps talking about how ready he is to rap for the judges. He gets onstage ready to freestyle and L’A looks absolutely horrified. He suggests he rap about X Factor and Demi asks him to throw in something about marshmallows. Good ole Rizzloe pulls it off, shocking the entire panel and lighting up the room. All the judges give him a big fat yes.

CeCe is kind of a trip right off the bat with weird cheetah print painted above her left eye. She’s singing her own version of Unchained Melody and Demi pulls the plug. She’s confused by all that’s going on with the eye thing and old school song. L.A. asks her what else she can do so she cracks out Christina Aguilera’s Ain’t No Other Man and absolutely kills the thing. She shocks everyone because she actually lives up to how much she hyped herself coming in.

Vino Allan has an amazing voice. It’s really gritty kind of like Joe Cocker or someone like that. All four judges give him a shot to make his 15 year old son proud.

D’Angelo Wallace has major attitude and is backstage slamming all four of the judges. You and I both know that this usually amounts to a guy that can’t sing, right? Right. He butchers a Chris Brown song until the whole panel gets up and walks offstage. D’Angelo later ends up arrested for stealing a microphone from the show!

Tate Stevens is an obvious country boy and a devoted family guy. He opens his mouth to sing and half of the audience stands immediately. I’m pretty sure this guy is already on the radio and I’m positive he will be in the future. Plus he is just so likable. He strolled out onstage and interacted like he had known the judges his whole life. L.A. tells him he is the best that they’ve seen so far.

Citizen is a hopeful future boy band that is as obsessed about their looks as they are their singing. They’re taking on an old En Vogue song that I happen to love. I was really hoping that they’d pull off Don’t Let Go and they did. The harmonies were really good. Simon, of course hates it but all they needed was the other three yeses to move on.

Diamond White is 13 and lives in a shoebox with her mom and she decides to take on This Is a Man’s World. Seemingly an impossible choice until Diamond opens her mouth and blasts the roof off the place. Of course she gets put through to boot camp.

Brandon Hassan is an 18 year old with a super bluesy, sexy voice that everyone in the audience fell in love with. Meanwhile Jeremiah and Josh sing their own song and L.A. really wants an opportunity to work with them.

Panda is a 40 year old black woman that is simply infectious. She sang an old Sam Cooke song and just sold it. She’s charming and hilarious and I’m pretty sure everyone will be happy to see much more of her.

Jessica Espinoza is excited and terrified to perform. She comes from a bad part of San Antonio and was raised in a family with a ton of financial struggles. She sings Nobody Knows by Pink and it seems to be the perfect choice for her. She’s another of those singers to take the stage here and actually use their emotions to propel their performance. All four judges loved her.

Tune in tomorrow night for more X Factor!