Bobbi Kristina Brown Gets Her Big Acting Break In TV Sitcom

Bobbi Kristina Brown Gets Her Big Acting Break In TV Sitcom

Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s rollercoaster of a life continues. Less than two months after she lost her Mom Whitney Houston …she’s landed a job on a TV sitcom. It’s the career break she’s been hoping for and it’s all thanks to family friend Tyler Perry.

The 19 year old will have a co-starring role in the second season of Perry’s TBS series For Better Or Worse. Bobby Brown‘s girl will play a daughter of one of the stylists at Angela’s salon. We’ll get our first glimpse of Bobbi Kristina on screen in July.

Tyler is a long time friend of the Houston family and he’s kind of taken on the role of surrogate Dad now that Whitney has gone. He let the family use his private jet last month when they needed to fly the Diva’s body across the country for her funeral. He also spoke at the service. He wants to make sure the teenager is given every opportunity to succeed in showbusiness. Bobbi has said she’d love to follow in her Mom’s footsteps and also plans to sing as well.

Perry is taking a risk on an unknown actress here. Bobbi appeared briefly in her Dad’s reality TV show called Being Bobby Brown but she’s been kept out of the limelight for much of her life. She’s spent a lot of time on film sets but that was watching her Mom. It will be interesting to see if the acting genes run in the family.

While Miss Brown moves forward new details are emerging about Whitney’s death. Celeb Dirty Laundry has it covered here Confirmed – Police Found Cocaine In Whitney Houston’s Hotel Room