Angelina Jolie Took Brad Pitt On The Rebound After Her Affair With Colin Farrell

Angelina Jolie Took Brad Pitt On The Rebound After Her Affair With Colin Farrell

We always assumed that nothing but the purest of true loves tied Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt. The two have children together, seem on the same plane in terms of values, and know how to keep their personal lives and scandals on the down low. Their entire family is prepping for a white wedding. But a new report suggests that Angelina wasn’t into Brad until a breakup from playboy Colin Farrell put her on the rebound!

Perez Hilton reported that Colin and Angelina had a steamy affair while they were filming the movie Alexander, way back in 2004 before iPhones. They claimed that “she would even send him naughty voicemails and video,” and I’m wondering if they had a digital camera they passed back and forth, because the technology of the time did not allow for easy video sharing! They claim that “every week they were sleeping together, with her feelings for him growing stronger and stronger . . . it’s rumored that [Farrell] was sexing all the other ladies around too. And her emotions were NOT reciprocated.”

What’s a girl to do? Angelina turned to her next costar, who happened to be Brad while filming Mr. And Mrs. Smith. The rest is history! While I can totally buy the idea of rebounding with then-married Brad, I doubt that Angelina has any remaining feelings for playboy Colin. She and Brad have established a family together, and are both working towards humanitarian goals. Basically, she’s no longer dating just for sex!

It’s crazy to think that one of Hollywood’s most it couples—you could even call them the paradigm of it couples—started as rebound!  It’s like something from a movie . . . two people rebounding, never thinking that first relationship will turn to true love, kids, matching tattoos, and all the other stuff that goes with a fairytale romance! Do you think Brad and Angie know how they really came together?

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