Brooke Mueller’s Brother Scott Awarded Guardianship of Charlie Sheen’s Twins: UPDATE – Mother From Hell Brooke Gets de facto FULL CUSTODY

Brooke Mueller's Brother Awarded Guardianship of Charlie Sheen's Twins: No Therapy for Bob and Max

In what I consider shocking news, the judge has awarded temporary guardianship of Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen‘s four-year old twins, Bob and Max to Brooke’s brother Scott MuellerCharlie Sheen‘s ex wife Denise Richards initially agreed to take the boys into her home and raise them with her three daughters wanted the boys to have therapy because she felt they were a danger to her daughters.

When she went to have a sit-down with DCFS’ medical Director Dr. Charles Sophy to discuss the twins behavior Brooke was there and totally refused to let the boys get any help.  After all, if the boys start talking to psychiatrists who knows what tales they will tell about Brooke and her drug use.  So being the sorry excuse for a parent she is, she again put her needs first and refused to allow the boys any help at all.  Pathetic!

Denise had no choice but to tell Dr. Sophy and the DCFS that in the current situation she could no longer continue to care for the boys.  Now this sounds like a “no brainer” right?  The DCFS, judge and/or court should have ignored Brooke’s protests and let those poor boys get some help, but the system being the system decided to accept her decision and looked instead a new guardian.  Because that was the best decision for the twins right? WRONG!

The judge just awarded temporary custody to Brooke’s brother Scott Mueller and he will take custody of the boys this Friday.  The judge is also said to be impressed by Brooke’s progress and her commitment to stay sober and it looks like she could get custody back of the twins as soon as December 2013.  The judge in question has to be an imbecile or totally out of his mind.  Brooke has been in rehab 21 times and he thinks she is committed to being sober this time, probably NOT!   Brooke has proven time and time that the only thing important to Brooke is Brooke and her addictions.

Those poor boys are doomed, Brooke uses them as a meal ticket to get more $$$ from Charlie and the system has clearly let them down.  Shame on them!  What do you think CDLers, are you as appalled by this situation as I am?  Thoughts?

Update: DISASTER – The poor boys are moving back in with Brooke, the criminal junkie, with her brother as a babysitter – in effect giving the irresponsible mother from hell TOTAL and FULL custody – naturally Charlie is outraged – we all are!

The change of guardianship that just went down in the Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller custody war has just taken a radical turn — TMZ has learned Scott Mueller, the new guardian, and the kids will be moving in with Brooke.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ … the judge who granted the guardianship today felt it was important for the kids to stay in the same school. Scott lives far away in a beachside community, so the judge ruled he could move in with Brooke.

This is hugely significant, because the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services has NOT given Brooke full custody rights. DCFS felt it was important to gradually reintroduce the kids to Brooke, because of her drug problems. But now it’s as if she has full custody again.

In effect, Brooke is getting the kids back along with a babysitter.

This is amazingly horrible news – we hope Charlie can correct this miscarriage of justice and responsibility ASAP!