Kris Jenner Divorce From Bruce Jenner Proceeds: Caused By Kardashian Family Crises

Kris Jenner Divorce From Bruce Jenner Proceeds: Caused By Kardashian Family Crises

Don’t you love how Kris Jenner turns up on television talking about how fabulous her life is and what a great time her family is having? Does she really think that a big smile and calm voice really makes people forget all the dirty details of the magazine headlines that jump out at them while waiting in line at the grocery store? The Kardashian family is in fact in a constant state of crisis and it’s not a situation that you or I would really want to be in.

First you have good ole Kim Kardashian who has an 8 week old new baby with hot headed Kanye West. If this guy has no problem physically lashing out at the press in public what do you think goes on behind closed doors? CDL told you earlier this week that Kanye accused Kim of calling the media to tip them off about Nori’s pediatrician appointment. Can you even imagine how that fight went down if Yeezy really believes Kim sold them out to the press? I wonder how much was smashed or broken!

Then there’s Khloe Kardashian’s marriage to Lamar Odom which appears dicier by the hour. After his second mistress came barreling out of the closet Khloe kicked him out yet again and this is clearly a situation that’s not about to disappear. Both Jennifer Richardson and Polina Polonsky have dished enough details for Khloe to realize it’s divorce time.

According to the Aug. 26th print edition of National Enquirer, even Kris Jenner’s teenagers are a mess as they share a beach house in Malibu unsupervised! Yep, for some reason Kris thought it was a good idea to allow Kendall and Kylie Jenner to go their own way for 3 months and they have partied hard. Neighbors have complained about teens passed out in the sand and beer bottles littered everywhere. Kris has also ignored the revolving door of bad boys that have spent the night with her underage daughters!

As if that’s not all bad enough you always have Kris’ personal life. Apparently her habit of all day boozing isn’t helping her talk show any as it is already bombing in a big way. It seems Kris can’t secure any real guests so she has spent the last four weeks resorting to begging family and friends to make an appearance. Kris’ marriage to Bruce is also kaput. He moved out into the peace and quiet of his own mancave but there is no official divorce in sight yet, mainly because Kris needs to hold off until she needs that drama to secure another season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Don’t you feel better about your own life when you think of the Kardashian Klan? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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2 responses to “Kris Jenner Divorce From Bruce Jenner Proceeds: Caused By Kardashian Family Crises”

  1. gossip26 says:

    Nothing is forever. Reality TV has proven to be the death of many a marriage/relationship. All their relationships will collapse. The only ones that may survive are Kourtney and Scott.

  2. Angel 2009 says:

    PMK’s need for greed and power is the basis for how this family is now imploding. Enjoy that bottle because it’s your best friend, Kris.