Cher Lloyd Supports Selena Gomez: Calls Lorde a “Knob” – Feminism Debated By Pop Stars

Cher Lloyd Supports Selena Gomez: Calls Lorde a "Knob" - Feminism Debated By Pop Stars

For those who have been following the Selena Gomez and Lorde feud, you’ll know that Selena has refused to rise to the singer’s taunts. It all started when Lorde dissed Selena’s Come And Get It single, saying, “I’m a feminist, and the theme of her song is, ‘When you’re ready come and get it from me.’ I’m sick of women being portrayed this way.” 

While she may not necessarily be wrong, Selena responded to Lorde’s comments in a very mature reply, saying, “I think she is super talented and I think it’s awesome. But I think at the same time that feminism and that specific thing is very sensitive because in my opinion it’s not feminism if you’re tearing down another artist. So that’s the only thing that I feel but you know, she’s young, she’s got so much talent, she’s gonna take over, she gets it, so I don’t take it to heart.”

Selena’s not the only one Lorde’s dissed, but she’s one of the few who responded to the criticism in an extremely mature and grounded manner. While she didn’t address the notion of Come and Get It being sexist or anything along those lines, she did say that tearing down another singer in public wouldn’t exactly constitute as feminism either – and she’s not wrong there.

And while Selena’s been extremely mature about her response, Cher Lloyd hasn’t been so calm. Cher praised Lorde’s talent, but then called her a ‘knob’ for criticizing Selena and other pop stars. In an interview with J-14, Cher stated, “Why does she have to go and do that? She’s doing so well, what a knob. Why would she do that? She’s sitting at number one. I think she’s going to eat her words, which she obviously already has, and I think for someone who’s gaining so much success so early, she should be considering herself lucky, it takes a lot of work.”

Well, Lorde’s not backing down and she continues to stand by her words, no matter how much backlash they earn her. I doubt Cher Lloyd will be the last person to criticize her, and if she’s not careful, she’ll make more enemies than friends in the music industry. Singers are notoriously sensitive, and criticizing some of the biggest pop stars in the industry today isn’t going to do Lorde any favors.

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