Clint Eastwood Divorce: Sugar Daddy Dating Gold Digger Erica Fisher – Dina Ruiz Jealous

Clint Eastwood Divorce: Sugar Daddy Dating Gold Digger Erica Fisher - Dina Ruiz Jealous

The Clint Eastwood marriage saga continues. Even though his divorce to longtime wife and partner Dina Ruiz isn’t even complete, Clint is already dating a blonde girl that’s significantly younger than him.

Clint and Dina’s marriage seems to have taken a hit when both of them were linked to other people, Dina with Scott Fisher and Clint with Scott’s ex-wife, Erica Fisher. A new report from the National Enquirer claims that Clint is already starting to treat Erica with expensive gifts and lavish treatment, something he didn’t do with Dina.

A source explained to Radar, “He’s not only moved Erica into his Los Angeles home… [but also] he’s bought a brand-new silver Mercedes Benz that Erica’s driving around Hollywood. [Erica] has no job, no resources, no money… but almost every night, Clint takes her out to fancy restaurants and expensive dinners. And Dina says Erica’s even gone through her closets at Clint’s L.A. home after he told her to take whatever clothing she wants. Can you believe it? She’s even wearing Dina’s outfit!”

The source also adds that Dina cannot believe that Clint has become a ‘sugar daddy‘ and she’s apparently furious about how easily he’s being duped. Also, Dina has already tried to stop the divorce that she had initially started – she filed a motion to dismiss the petition for legal separation. I guess she’s finally started to realize that without Clint, she won’t have the fame, relevancy, or the cash.

So what will happen? Either Clint will stick to his guns and carry out the divorce, or Dina will get her way and Clint will be once again trapped in a loveless marriage with a woman who’s clearly using him. At least with Erica, he won’t have to worry about prenups, etc.

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