Elementary RECAP 2/7/13: Season 1 Episode 15 “A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs”

Elementary RECAP 2/7/13: Season 1 Episode 15 “A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs”

Tonight on CBS ELEMENTARY returns with a new episode called, “A Giant Gun, Filled With Drugs.”  If you have never watched Elementary before, the show stars Johnny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson in a modern-day drama about a crime-solving duo that cracks the NYPD’s most impossible cases.

Following his fall from grace in London and a stint in rehab, eccentric Sherlock escapes to Manhattan where his wealthy father forces him to live with his worst nightmare – a sober companion, Dr. Watson. A successful surgeon until she lost a patient and her license three years ago, Watson views her current job as another opportunity to help people, as well as paying a penance.

On the last episode Sherlock pursued Martin Ennis (Terry Kinney), an unpredictable criminal, before he striked again. During the investigation, Sherlock was forced to work alongside Kathryn Drummond (Kari Matchett), the FBI profiler who literally wrote the book on Ennis. Meanwhile, Watson faced eviction from her apartment

On tonight’s show Sherlock tries to find out who kidnapped the adult daughter of his ex-drug dealer, Rhys. Watson worries about Sherlock’s sobriety when Rhys suggests Sherlock was a better detective when he was using drugs.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s “Elementary” Season 1 episode 15 at 10 PM EST! While you wait for the recap, check out s sneak peek video and some pics from tonight’s episode below!

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A woman comes into her home, locks up and has a glass of water. There’s a knock at the door. She goes to peek out and it’s a delivery guy who says his van broke down and his cell is dead. He tells her if he misses his delivery, he’s fired and it’s his first day. He asks to be let in and she refuses and threatens to call the cops. Then someone grabs her and shoves a cloth over her mouth – looks like she’s been ethered. The guy wheels in a suitcase.

The delivery guy finds a cabbie to let him make a call.

Sherlock is telling a tale of how he solved a murder to a group. They sit stunned and then he says “My name is Sherlock and I’m an addict.” He took over a meeting and told them about a mongoose murder! Watson is surprised that he shared, but wishes it had been about him.

A naked guy comes dropping out of the bathroom and she yells down for Sherlock. It’s Reese. He tells him he still had the key from last time. He tells him Emily has been kidnapped. He says he got a ransom demand two days ago. Watson asks him to cover up before he continues. He drapes a towel and asks for a cup of tea. He heads into Watson’s room and she’s not pleased.

Sherlock explains Reese is his former drug dealer and his daughter Emily lives in New York. Nice – his drug dealing buddy showed up… Sherlock tells her Reese used to stay in her room when he was his drug dealer. He tells Watson he’s an ex-dealer just as he’s an ex-junkie. She says Reese is a trigger on a giant drug-filled gun.

Sherlock tells her that he does drum up the lure of heroin, but says he has to help his friend. He says his sobriety is on one plane and his friends on another. He tells her she’ll just have to work a little harder this week to keep him clean. Sherlock introduces Watson to Reese as his sober companion. Reese says he understands his being there is an issue and if they’ll watch the ransom video and can’t help, he’ll go.

The video says he has to pay without contacting the police or she’ll die. The kidnapper left a phone at her apartment for him to get to receive instructions. They want $2.2 million. She asks if he has that much and it turns out he stole exactly that amount from his Dominican suppliers. He has been living off the grid since then.

Watson asks why he doesn’t just pay the ransom. Reese says he’s only got $2,000 left. He lost $2 million gambling in the last 18 months. Reese says he didn’t know where else to turn since he can’t call cops or FBI. They’ve got 44 hours to solve it and Sherlock says that’s twice what he will need.

Reese shows Watson a photo of Emily’s mom who’s now dead while they’re at Emily’s apartment. Watson asks him how he’s so composed. Reese tells her that he delivered drugs to Sherlock at Scotland Yard once. He says he watched him figure out where a car bomb was from looking at a stain on someone’s shoe. He has total confidence in Sherlock.

Sherlock says the Dominican waited there for her smoking. He shows them a symbol that got smeared onto the wall from a Dominican nightclub on her captor. The knobs were wiped down. Watson asks how he knows she wasn’t at the nightclub and he says she had been jogging and a club that nice wouldn’t let someone in wearing sweats.

They head to the club and Reese cruises around hidden under a hat looking for familiar faces. Watson and Sherlock bide time. Sherlock said she seems grouchy, but he knows she’s not PMSing since he’s tracking her cycle. Ick.

Reese spotted someone in the VIP area – Renaldo. He was one of the ones Reese stole from. Sherlock follows a guy into the bathroom. He compliments the man’s tattoos and the guy pretends he doesn’t speak English. Sherlock busts him out as a DEA agent and tells him how he knows. He asks him where Emily is. He tells him he doesn’t want to jeopardize his operation, but just needs the girl. He tells Sherlock to piss off and Sherlock says he’ll bust him out to Renaldo. He punches Sherlock and then whispers in his ear as he continues to punch him in his gut. He tells him they haven’t kidnapped anyone – he says it’s the one crime in New York the cartel isn’t behind.

[10:42:25 PM] Rachel Rowan: Sherlock is grousing over breakfast, complaining about Emily’s lame twitter feed. He says brevity doesn’t defeat banality. He says her abductor may not have been cartel, but was in the nightclub before taking her. Watson wants to take him to a meeting and he says he needs to work the case.

Watson goes to get a bandage for Sherlock and he steals her bagel. She knocks on the bathroom door and Reese is in there. She is angry because he was smoking pot. She tells him that cannot happen again – she says he will not do drugs, won’t talk about drugs and won’t compromise Sherlock’s health or she’ll turn him in to the cops as a dealer. She demands he hands over the drugs and he giver her his stash which she flushes.

Sherlock tells her they have to go to a meeting that night because he found something on her twitter feed. She’d been writing checks to her stepdad Derek. Sherlock calls the cops who confirm that Derek is dead broke – lost all his money in the real estate crash. Sherlock says Derek has motive because he needs money and if Emily told him about her dad’s thievery, he may have taken an opportunity.

Watson goes to order them food. Reese tells Sherlock it must be hard to do his work without drugs (he just violated Watson’s demand) – he tells him making the connections must be hard – it’s like an art and artists sometimes needs drugs. Sherlock asks if he thinks he’s a better detective on drugs. Watson comes and asks if they’re okay and they say why and she says Derek is about to leave work and they’re just sitting there.

They follow him to an abandoned building. He brought groceries there with him and that seemed odd. Reese confronts Derek and demands to know where Emily is. Derek thought they were the housing authority come to kick him out for squatting. Watson tells Derek Emily was kidnapped and he’s horrified. He tells them to look around. He says he loved her and raised her. Sherlock asked if he’d been in a nightclub recently and he says no. They leave him there.

Reese is upset that he didn’t get to rough Derek up. The kidnapper phone rings and he says he wasn’t supposed to call the cops. Sherlock says he’s a friend not a cop and the kidnapper says they lost 12 hours. He also tells them he left something on their stoop. It’s a box with a woman’s finger in it!

Watson asks Sherlock if the finger is Emily’s and he says he confirmed it with fingerprints. He’s studying her severed finger for clues to her location. He shows Watson a burn on the finger – it’s a floral design from a decorative radiator. Under the fingernail there’s an Ethiopian stew – he tasted what was under her nail – ick! So he’s looking for an old building near and Ethiopian restaurant.

Watson asks how Sherlock is doing and he tells her he’s not on the verge of relapse. He does want her to check on Reese because he went downstairs and hasn’t moved. Watson finds Reese crying. He tells her how hard it was to see a piece of his daughter in a box. She’s brought him tea and tells him Sherlock is tracking clues from the box.

Reese tells her that the Sherlock he used to know would be working faster. She tells him she also believes in Sherlock. Reese leaves for a walk (is he out buying drugs). Sherlock is rewatching the ransom video that shows Emily bound and gagged. He keeps replaying it. He tells Reese when he comes in that the finger data didn’t give him enough information.
Reese reminds Sherlock of the Tinsdale case. It was a tricky murder case many thought was suicide. He reminds Sherlock that when he brought him some cocaine and he snorted it, he figured it out in a minute. He offers Sherlock a baggie of drugs and says it’s for Emily. He lays it on a table and Sherlock stares at it then picks up the baggie. He knocks Reese to the floor and tells him he doesn’t need it. Reese tells him he’s a pale imitation of who he used to be. He begs Sherlock to take the drugs for Emily.

Watson demands to know what’s going on and Sherlock leaves. She asks what he said to him and Reese says he only told him the God’s honest truth.

Sherlock sits on a street side bench and dials his phone. He calls his father! He comes back home and tells Reese that he’s going to have his Dad pay the ransom for Emily. Sherlock says his Dad agreed to pay it on condition of Sherlock running some errands for him which he’s sure involves clubbing seals or stealing candy from children.

Okay – real quick – here’s my theory. Reese kidnapped his own daughter or paid someone to or she’s in on it – not sure, but Reese is the mastermind. He came to Sherlock knowing he would get the money out of his Dad. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. Reese is the bad guy!

Sherlock tells Reese that he’ll make the transfer and they’ll release her. Sherlock tells Reese that given a little more time, he could have found Emily, but it wasn’t worth the risk to his sobriety. He tells Reese he will have a life free of him and after today, he’s never to darken his doorway again.

Sherlock goes to make the transfer, but realizes all is not kosher. Meanwhile, the DEA agent is at Sherlock’s door, but he’s not there. He tells Watson he has information about Emily that Sherlock needs to know right away. Sherlock calls Watson and tells her the drop was a trap and he’s being stalked by a group of men. He tells her it’s guys from the Dominicans. He tells her there’s only one person who knew that he was working the case besides them and she says the DEA agent just as he pulls a gun on her.

Turns out the DEA guy found out about the money Reese stole and then using cartel information plus government information, worked out how to get to him and use Emily to blackmail him for money. He didn’t know Reese had blown it all!
The Dominicans are after Sherlock who continues to elude them. He climbed a fire escape and broke into an apartment. He’s talking to the dirty DEA agent who tells him his friends (Watson and Reese) are alive for now. Sherlock tells him he’ll be there in a few minutes and they can chat. DEA guy thought the transfer was going to be coming from Reese’s account. That was important for some reason.

Reese, cuffed to the stairs, sneaks a knife out and tells her he’s got to save Sherlock. He tells her when they get loose to run for the door. Reese cuts their zip tie binds, she runs for the door and the DEA agent shoots Reese. Watson swings a chair at DEA guy and knocks him out.

DEA guy insists he doesn’t know anything about Emily’s whereabouts or her his kidnapping. He tells the cops he has been undercover and saw Reese today and thought he might be useful. He said Reese attacked him and he had to restrain him. He said he regrets restraining Watson and that he fired on Reese in self-defense.

The Captain tells him he knows his story is crap and that if Reese pulls through, he’ll back up Watson’s version. DEA guy says no jury will listen to a known drug dealer. The Captain pulls out a document saying he’s being offered protection from the cartel while in prison if he tells them where the girl is. Marcus says the cartel will go after him. The Captain say he thinks he wants Emily to die so no one can testify against her. Turns out DEA dude live in a pre-war building near an Ethiopian restaurant.

They get up to walk out and DEA guy calls them back in. Sherlock is waiting at Reese’s bedside when he wakes. He tells him Emily is safe and has been recovered. Reese asks where Watson is and he says she’s exhausted. Reese says she saved his life. Sherlock gives him an envelope of money to leave town. Emily comes in and hugs her dead.

Sherlock is gluing his bust back together – the one he calls Angus – that Watson hit DEA guy with. He confesses that Reese gave him cocaine and that’s why he threw him on the ground. She asks if he wants to talk about it and he tells her it’s a story better suited to a group setting. He asks her to accompany him to a meeting and they can eat dinner after. He even holds out her coat for her. Aww.

Okay, so my theory was bogus, but that’s actually a good sign. I love a plot that I can’t figure out!! See you next time mystery lovers. And PS – is anyone getting a vibe that Sherlock and Watson are secretly digging each other???