Jennifer Aniston’s Bridesmaids Revealed: Picking Chelsea Handler Over Courteney Cox?

Jennifer Aniston’s Bridesmaids Revealed: Picking Chelsea Handler Over Courteney Cox?

Jennifer Aniston’s wedding is fast approaching, and many tabloids are reporting that it will be held right after the Oscars so they can deflect paparazzi attention from the ceremony. Now, we know that Aniston is a perfectionist when it comes to things like this, so it’s not really a surprise to hear that she’s picked out all of her bridesmaids.

And who is she bringing, you ask? Well, certainly not Heidi Bivens – unless she has a policy of inviting her boyfriends’ ex-girlfriends who were unceremoniously dumped and possibly cheated on. It’s not like the rumors don’t exist, and it just seems sanctimonious to keep harping on about your ex-husband leaving you for another woman when your current fiancé left his long-time girlfriend for you.

Either way, it’s doubtful we’ll see Bivens at the ceremony, much less as Aniston’s bridesmaid. That leaves Courteney Cox, who after ten years of filming ‘Friends’ almost every day and being best friends for even longer than that, should be guaranteed a spot on the list. However, the Herald Sun reported that instead of Cox, Aniston asked Emily Blunt [who is seriously friends with EVERYONE in Hollywood] and Chelsea Handler to be her bridesmaids. Supposedly, Aniston thinks Cox has ‘too much on her plate’ to be able to be her bridesmaid. Methinks there’s something else going on – after all, they really just don’t seem as close as they used to. Maybe someone doesn’t approve of Jennifer Aniston’s new boyfriend? They have seemed distant since Jennifer first got together with Justin Theroux, but again, we’re just speculating – maybe Courteney is really too busy.

While Emily Blunt on the list seems odd [actually, not really because like we said before, she’s friends with every single goddamn person in Hollywood], Chelsea Handler makes perfect sense. Handler truly was the only person who would go on the record to call out Angelina Jolie and defend Aniston – again, pot calling the kettle black much?

With or without paparazzi presence, it should be interesting to see what Aniston and Theroux doing for their wedding. However, let’s hope they get the privacy they so desperately want [cough, not really, cough].