Kate Middleton Jealous and Afraid As Prince Harry Gets Serious With Cressida Bonas

Kate Middleton Freaks Out As Prince Harry Gets Serious With Cressida Bonas

Behind palace walls, Kate Middleton is freaking out over Prince Harry’s new love interest. Cressida Bonas is perfect on paper – blonde, aristocratic, half-sister to the girl who got away from Prince WilliamIsabella Calthorpe. Kate won’t be coping well at all if things get serious between Haz and Cress. How will Kate feel with having Cress walking around the palace halls – a constant reminder of the beautiful Isabella, the girl Will dumped Kate for the second he thought he had a shot with her? She’s the one girl who sends waves of panic through Kate at the very mention of her name.

Will did everything he could to snag Isabella, but failed. He’d fallen hard for her, but Isabella fought off his advances and said being affiliated with him would be too damaging for her and her acting career. Eventually he went back to Kate when Isabella just wouldn’t have him.


Isabella Calthrope

Kate was very aware of his obsession with Isabella and she was incredibly threatened by her. Isabella is drop-dead beautiful and would leave any girl in the shade”.

Kate accepted William back again but on the condition that he would not speak to Isabella again.”

Will must be seething, too, that his little brother managed to catch Cress when he couldn’t seal the deal with Isabella. After all, he’s the one who’s supposed to be king one day, right?

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Isabella Calthorpe

And Kate must also be worried that Cress is great friends with the Yorks – Kate and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have never liked each other because Kate’s always acted like she’s better than them. Kate’s even mean-girled them so much that Beatrice was once found crying in a bathroom after something Kate had done to her. Of course the cousins got their revenge when Queen Elizabeth decreed that commoner Kate must curtsy before them and other senior royals whenever Prince William is not around. It’ll be interesting to watch the family dynamics play out if Cress makes it to the altar and marries Harry. I think I hear Beatrice and Eugenie laughing on the Swiss slopes.


Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry