Lamar Odom being Sued Over Paparazzo Assault — His Life Continues To Fall Apart!


As if coping with the constant attacks on his drug addiction isn’t enough, now the paparazzo whose feathers Lamar Odom ruffled a while back is suing the NBA star for a hefty sum — after claiming he was assaulted and his camera equipment suffered a crazy amount of damage. The pap’s name is Stefan Saad and he seems to be following in a long line of recent paparazzi to sue aggravated celebrities for damages.

TMZ reports: Stefan Saad filed the lawsuit, claiming the NBA star assaulted him and destroyed more than $15,000 worth of camera equipment during the attack in the middle of a Hollywood street …all in an effort to avoid negative press. The lawsuit trashes the Kardashians and Lamar with gems like this — “The Kardashian clan has apparently come to believe that it is above the law, and has some exceptional privilege to disregard the rights of others.”The lawsuit goes on “The Kardashian clan are not only wealthy and attractive — but also deeply flawed.”

Do you think the Kardashian Klan and, by association Lamar, believe they’ve ascended to a point above the law? We’ve always thought the paparazzi-celebrity relationship was a crazy one, but the dynamics between the two groups continue to get more and more intense. At the end of the day, celebs can’t attack paparazzi; also, in the defense of celebs, paparazzi shouldn’t take things too far. Snap the pics. Ask a question. Then get on your way.

Image credit to FameFlynet

  • Jocelyn

    The whole thing really is so sad…

  • Angel 2009

    He going to continue to pay a high price (in many ways) for all of his decisions.
    Amusing how the plaintiff references K Trash and Kanye in the suit!

  • Sharmagne Weston

    Until he divorces Khloe, his life will continue to circle the drain.

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