Khloe Kardashian Hopes Pregnancy Will Trap Lamar Odom In Unhappy Marriage

Khloe Kardashian Hopes Pregnancy Will Trap Lamar Odom In Unhappy Marriage

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have been married since 2009, and began talks about kids right away. In the last six months, Lamar has been pulling away from their marriage, preferring to party with other woman and leave Khloe home alone. He’s been skipping the events that are most important to her (never once visiting her on The X Factor set!) while she is a ruthless cheerleader for his career. Their relationship has turned into a one-way street. We previously reported that Khloe is a slave to Lamar, and her family is afraid she’s on the verge of losing herself entirely. Well a new report claims Khloe’s new plan is to get pregnant through IVF, thinking a baby will tie Lamar to her forever.

A friend reported to Life & Style, print edition January 14, 2013, “She wants to have a baby in hopes of saving her marriage. It’s clear Khloe and Lamar are having issues, even if Khloe doesn’t want to own up to it. She’s embarrassed that the perfect marriage she preached about isn’t so perfect.” Despite being the most honest Kardashian, Khloe doesn’t want to go through the publicity of a divorce—even though most of us would be relieved she got out of the abusive relationship! But Khloe thinks this is just a phase, and commented, “Part of being married is knowing when your husband needs your support. I have old fashioned marriage values.”

Unfortunately, Khloe refuses to recognize that Lamar has modern marriage values: namely those that allow for extra marital affairs and emotional abandonment. But Khloe is set on forcing their relationship to work. “If Khloe gave Lamar a bay now, she thinks it would really solidify them. It would create an everlasting bond. A baby would cement them.” But Khloe’s fertility woes are keeping her from getting pregnant. The insider explains that Khloe ‘hasn’t been off birth control since her wedding.”

Khloe’s been trying for three years and nothing to show for it. But her sister Kourtney Kardashianhas been urging Khloe to go back tot he fertility specialist.” Khloe thinks she’ll be perfect mom material, because she “literally raised [half sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner], and I make sure I’m still very involved.”  While Khloe insists that “having a baby is in God’s hands,” we think the answer might be even simpler: their marriage is a train wreck, and no place for a baby! Time for Khloe to move away from her cheating husband and find someone who shares the same values! Do you think Lamar would shape up if he had a pregnant Khloe Kardashian in his life, or would he just abandon her and the baby like he did with his first baby mama?

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