Michael Douglas’ Son, Cameron Douglas, Blames The System For His Addiction and Failures – Typical Junkie Loser?

Michael Douglas’ Son, Cameron Douglas, Blames The System For His Addiction and Failures - Typical Junkie Loser?

When Michael Douglas’ youngest son Cameron was first convicted for dealing crystal meth and being addicted to heroin, it came as a surprise to most people. Cameron has been in jail for the past four years, and he’s finally opening up about his predicament.

Cameron was sentenced to five years, but because he failed a urine test, that time got extended by a significant amount. Cameron explains that it was a mistake on his part, but because he’s stuck in a ‘cycle of abuse’, the justice system is flawed and should be adjusted to allow for that. He explains, “I’m not saying that I didn’t deserve to be punished, or that I’m worthy of special treatment. I made mistakes and I’ll gladly and openly admit my faults. However, I seem to be trapped in a vicious cycle of relapse and repeat, as most addicts are. Unfortunately, whereas the effective remedy for relapse should be treatment, the penal system’s ‘answer’ is to lock  the door and throw away the key.”

He adds, “I feel thoroughly blessed. I have a beautiful and loving family who has faithfully supported me every step of the way, believing in me and refusing to give up in the face of one bleak adversity after the next. However, through these obstacles and carrying with me this love, I have managed to build a strong faith, and I feel in the deepest recesses of my heart that there is a beautiful purpose hidden along this painful journey.” He goes on to explain that he hopes to find that purpose through everything he’s going through.

This is a tough case because on the one hand, people preach tough love to drug addicts, especially the criminal court system. If they’re negligent or lenient, people end up taking advantage of the system. At the same time, what Cameron says makes complete sense and for people who genuinely don’t have the willpower to recover on their own [and that’s a LOT of drug addicts, especially ones who are addicted to hard drugs], the system is flawed and doesn’t allow for any leeway.

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