Sandra Bullock Cheating With Married Bodyguard Peter Weireter For Son Louis Bardo? (PHOTOS)

Sandra Bullock Cheating With Married Bodyguard For Son Louis Bardo? (PHOTOS)

It looks like things have gotten a bit complicated on the homefront for Sandra Bullock and her three- year-old son, Louis Bardo.  She used to be considered America’s Sweetheart actress but after being publicly humiliated by ex-husband, continued douche lord, Jesse James, Sandra has opted for a life away from the spotlight as often as possible. She has been raising her son in Texas alone with one of the best security teams around.

Her primary bodyguard is often in charge of Louis and has been photographed making the school runs, etc. It’s clear from photos that the two are extremely close, so close that Louis refers to him as “daddy”. Sandra hadn’t originally wanted her son to get attached but that’s a little tricky when you’re talking about a little boy who is desperate for love and role models.

Sandra Bullock Cheating With Married Bodyguard For Son Louis Bardo? (PHOTOS)

According to the latest issue of National Enquirer, after watching him treat her son so well, Sandra also has developed real feelings for the guy but of course there’s a catch – he’s married! I wonder how his wife feels about Sandra’s kid calling him daddy!  I also wonder what Sandra will do with this situation because she was once the woman who was blindsided (or that’s what we were supposed to think) by a cheating husband.  Will she be against infidelity when her own heart  and Louis’ are the ones tangled?

Should Sandra encourage Louis to call the bodyguard daddy?  Also, she has been notoriously unlucky in love, always putting her eggs in the wrong basket. Will this be just another example of her bad judgment when it comes to men?  Don’t forget, once upon a time ago there was something appealing about Jesse! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!