Siberia RECAP 8/19/13: Episode 7 “First Snow”

Siberia RECAP 8/19/13: Episode 7 “First Snow”

Tonight on NBC SIBERIA continues with a new episode called, “First Snow.” On tonight’s show The group hiking out toward the beacon faces death amid the treacherous cold, while the others search the abandoned and bloody producers’ camp, yielding some desperately needed food and clothing. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it for you, right here.

On tonight’s show when Johnny, Joyce and Daniel returned with news of the bloody scene left behind at the abandoned producers’ basecamp, Esther  was the object of an angry verbal attack by all the others who now feared for their lives alone in the wilderness. Sam found and kept Miljan’s century-old Russian diary and read aloud about a violent tribe of “Valleymen” feared by the original settlers and who still might be stalking the Siberian contestants; and a mysterious radio tower beacon appeared in the distance, promising hope of salvation.

On tonight’s show Plunging temperatures and withering hope, push some of the contestants to the edge of sanity, requiring one to be tied down while another’s life hangs in the balance. The group hiking out toward the beacon faces death amid the treacherous cold, while the others search the abandoned and bloody producers’ camp, yielding some desperately needed food and clothing. But the joy is short lived as the reality of an early winter sets in with the contestants now split into two groups each not knowing the fate of the other.Starring Joyce Giraud, Johnny Wactor, Sam Dobbins, Daniel David Sutton, Neeko O.J. Skervin, Irene Yee, Esther Anderson, Miljan Milosevic, Sabina Akhmedova, Anne-Marie Mueschke and Jonathon Buckley (host).

Tonight’s episode 7 of Siberia is going to be an exciting one that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s Siberia at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Siberia season 1.


The brave few that traveled the few miles to the light tower find only a well-crafted crash field. The remnants of a shattered plane are all around. Meanwhile back at the camp the rest of the contestants woke up to find themselves covered in engineered snow. Even the few people that went traveling woke up in snow.

Irene’s “leg wound” won’t do so well in the sudden freezing temperatures. They few people with her do their best to keep her warm by blocking off any and all drafts. Miljan suggest an alternative. He said they should put her out of her misery but the others argue Irene isn’t an animal. Well what else are they supposed to do. Anne Marie can say all the prayers she wants; that won’t help Irene.

Sabina returns to the camp with necessities. She admits she’s been hoarding food and supplies. At first everyone is angry with her until they realize they need these things especially now. The produces aren’t being as kind to them as they are to Sabina. Everybody but Anne Marie leaves to get more supplies. Annie had to say to watch over Irene. The woman that should have been dead already yet miraculously lives.

The contestants went to the abandon producers’ camp site where they find winter clothes all nice and packaged. Strange that…

Daniel, Johnny, and Sam and Carolina/Joyce are still traveling towards the tower. They decide to risk the snow and ice. At one point Sam nearly falls through the ice and drowns but is saved by the others. In order to stay warm they huddle together. Yet Sam proves to be the weakest link. They’re trekking still when he slip and hurts his foot from the fall. Usually people hurt their ankles or legs but not their actual feet during a fall. Sam is wearing boots.

His “injury” doesn’t matter or at least can’t matter. He can’t walk on it so the rest of the team has to abandon him. They try not to in the beginning. Then Daniel says he’ll stay with Sam.

It’s the day to get rid of all loose ends. Feeling frustrated Milijan waited for the rest of the guy to be caught up in the Doctor Messenger Box and the moment they are he goes into Irene’s cabin and tries to strangle her with a rope. Guess he loves her too much to watch her suffer from inactivity.

Anne Marie raised the alarm in time. Nico is able to protect the girls but he almost loses control and beats Milijan to death. Sabina stops him. Nico is worrying over what he might have done when Esther helps him open the Message box. Inside are supplies that all conveniently helpful for Irene.

Milijan was put in a separate cabin and Sabina tied him up. Still he needs water so Esther goes to give him some. The jerk spit it back in her face. Esther can’t get mad though because Milijan has something on her and he’s not afraid of a little blackmail.
Sam almost fell asleep. The worst thing to do in this weather. Daniel began to freak out begging for help from the cameraman when Joyce/Carolina and Johnny come back. They should have been long gone so how did they make it back so fast?

They’re able to find shelter and even start a fire. That’ll keep them alive for another day.

To end the episode, Irene has decided to stop acting sick. He simply couldn’t take lying down all the time. Esther helped her or better yet helped Milijan. She fed the sleeping pills to everyone else in the cabin. Buy only Sabina knows what she did. What is she going to do about it?